Samsung Galaxy S3 full firmware now available, time for all those ROMs and features to start spreading


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is about the most anticipated device of 2012, and it was only a matter of time before someone got a hold of all the new features it comes with. The guys at XDA Developers have managed to get the device’s full stock firmware, and it is now up for grabs.

Simply put, this is a gold mine for custom ROM developers. They will be able to take advantage of all software features, like Smart Stay and S-Voice. Devs are working on it as we speak, so let the fun begin.

We will also be able to extract all those .apk files. People have already extracted S-Voice and it is working with other devices. It does seem to have its fair share of issues, though. It should mostly work with other Samsung smartphones. Users can download it here if they are feeling adventurous.

If you want to download all 786 MB of Galaxy S3 glory, just head over to the XDA Developers thread and have at it! At least to look around until we start seeing it being ported to all other devices.

[Source: XDA Developers Via: Android Police]

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  1. Took ’em long enough, Sheesh! To think, the dang thing hasn’t even been released yet. Somebody’s been slacking. /sarcasm…

  2. I’m definitely getting the GS3

  3. 785MB?!! How much bloat must be in there??

    1. this is the intl version. no bloat there, pure awesome software to match that sweet hardware. iOS 5 is around the same size(4S anyways)

      1. I think he was referring to touch wiz in general but still.

    2. Dude. As tym goes on, software in a phone goes up. I’ve noticed the back-up for my pure stock phones have gone up. My HTC G2 was at lyk 300MB, and my E4GT is at lyk 500MB. With some data makes 1GB recoveries, but that’s to be expected.

      So this shouldn’t come to you as a surprise.

  4. S voice works on rezound

  5. How much is an unlocked version?

    1. $800+. I just took a sneak peek on eBay and saw them ranging from $780-$850 for the 16GB. I didn’t look high and low, so yea. It’s either a new phone or a new desktop.

    2. An unlocked GS3 with 16GB is available on expansys-usa for $694.99.

  6. Already downloaded and using some apps!
    PS – Voicetalk = S-Voice

  7. S-Voice is made by Vlingo. It is not that good. Don’t waste your time.

    1. Yes S- Voice is pretty bad you would be much better downloading Jeannie who is much more accurate and is available in the Play Store

      1. I’m a huge fan of Jeannie!

      2. Da, Daa, dat, da dit, daaa, daaa!

  8. This is why Samsung is one of the best Android OEMs, they work with the rooting community and never lock boot loaders, like Moto or HTC.

    1. The Samsung phone in my hand had a locked bootloader….

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