Facebook acquires Karma, let’s see if something good comes around


Well Facebook just seems to be on a roll lately. The Social Network is purchasing companies left and right, with the most recent including Instagram and Lightbox. But now they have decided to acquire Karma, a social gifting app.

Simply put, Karma allows users to connect to Facebook via their app and send people gifts. Why would Facebook want this service? Surely, Facebook could further integrate this service to create more revenue from gift sales. Karma states that the app will continue to run as usual, but now with a stronger backbone.

It seems like the Social Network is trying to get its hands anywhere they can, so we would not be surprised to see Facebook purchasing more services soon. Meanwhile, people are getting upset at the Giant. Interesting concept: We can cry and kick all we want, but we can’t stop using Facebook. And it is spreading its wings to other areas of the inter webs now.

[Source: Karma Via: Engadget]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. “We can cry and kick all we want, but we can’t stop using Facebook.”

    Wha? What kind of mindless drone are you, Edgar?

    1. LOL. I am not. What I mean is that Facebook is just too much to step away from. All of my friends and family are there… I would leave it if I knew all of them were in the other social networks. But at this point, I am kinda forced to stay if I want to interact with all of them.

      1. chuck norris don’t need facebook, facebook needs chuck norris

  2. It makes sense since instagram was making millions in profits. Oh wait, they weren’t. Zuck on that mr social network lol.

  3. Looks like their logo is a pentagram turned slightly to the side. interesting.

  4. I stopped using Facebook several months ago because I disagree with many of their policies and business practices, and I have yet to be smitten by the social network gods. We can stop using Facebook, your cell phone will still function without Facebook integration, so the arguement that keeping in touch is impossible without it is moot. The fact of the matter is that Facebook and other social networking sites are addicting to younger generations, and they are losing actual social skills and substituting the virtual experience for real social interactions… They should rename it “facehook.”

  5. Very interesting POV Edgar. I don’t understand how not using Facebook means you can’t communicate with friends and family, I don’t use ANY of the social networking sites, and have no problem talking/having real face to face convos with my friends and family. Actually its much more gratifying then my mom poking me on Facebook.

    If Facebook, myspace, Google plus is the only way you can keep up wih family, then our just out of touch with your family.

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