Apple files for injunction against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the US


This hasn’t been the best of weeks for the Android community. First, we had the import ban on the HTC One X and the Evo 4G LTE, then came the news of a ban on Motorola devices, and finally earlier today we were left wondering if the HTC ban is spreading to other devices after the “unforeseen issue” at T-Mobile with the Amaze 4G. To top it all off, Apple is now filing for injunction against Samsung in relation to the two companies’ legal tussle over the original Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The news comes just a couple of days before the May 21 and 22nd meetings between the two companies, which the court ordered to make them come to a settlement. If you want to know what caused this latest legal trouble, it’s related to that funny old design patent that Apple holds on a thin rectangular black screen, with the black bezel (also known as the iPad).


Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Good! Apple’s IP needs to be protected!

  2. You can get a patent on shapes and colors now?

    1. Yes you can. It last 90 years sadly if it also is copyrighted at the same time.

  3. Apple must be really worried about Android encroaching into their sales. Why else would they be doing this? When all else fails, sue the the other guy.

  4. Google needs to fight back…patent anything and everything they can, no matter how silly or obvious, and use any parents they currently have, then unleash litigation hell on apple, Microsoft, etc.

    It was nice to take the high road, but these jackwagons are leaving no choice but to fight fire with fire. Its time Google…go crush them. Do SOMETHING.

    1. Hell yeah!
      Someone needs to put a stop into this crazy B.S. that Apple is displaying… Google definitely has the power to crush Apple and their games, and I can’t wait until that day comes.

    2. Nothing to do with Google. Let Samsung sue, if they have any patents to sue with, which in this case they don’t.

      1. Really? Nothing to do with Google, you say? So if Samsung and HTC weren’t running Googles Android OS, would Apple still be pursuing them in court so strenuously? Would Microsoft?

        1. The patents used in this case are hardware related, so therefore nothing to do with Google.
          Also if Android were clear of possible patent litigation then MS and Apple would not have a leg to stand on.
          I agree that patents can sometimes be a pain, but they are there and will be enforced if possible, it is a practice all companies would employ,

          1. With all due respect, you are missing the point…I realize that the patents in question here are hardware related….what you don’t seem to realize is that it is Apple’s and microsoft’s inability to compete with Android, or their lack of desire to be number two to Google, that forces them to sue.

  5. I want to file a patent for breathing and walking.. or has Apple already patented those?

  6. Shut up I pad sucks anyways ,apple is scared of android that’s all and they know that android is innovative haha,you morons carry that poopie iOS since the first iPhone lol,garbage man!!!

  7. OK this is crazy, I am sick and tired of hearing Apple or Microsoft trying to stop the Compition. If Apple would make a phone that dose not rely on 2 year old technology, Plus charge a high price for anything having to do with the apple brand. And Microsoft would design a phone system application developers would want to back. These two company’s wouldn’t have to fear Motorola, Samsung or HTC. Sorry A, M but Android Rules “” ,it’s open, customizabl and way more advanced. ANDROID OWNERS ARE NOT SHEEP, WERE THINKERS AND INDEPENDENT. Sorry Apple the world is not going to follow you around on a leash. By the way, The Droid RazrMaxx, Galaxy SIII and HTC One. Blow anything Apple makes out of the market.
    ANDROID User Brian

  8. Google needs to step in and prevent the manufacturers that chose to use their software from being targeted by Apple. Something MUST be done or Android will start dropping in sales when they can’t get their products across the border. (wouldn’t have a border problem if they manufactured in the states ;) )

    1. Why should Google care. Even Larry Page said – ‘I believe Android was very important for Google. I wouldn’t say it was critical.”’.

      1. He said this in the beginning of Android as a platform. It is now one of Google’s best tools to keep being an advertising company like they are. Why should they care? Because if they are going to keep developing more Android versions less manufacturers will want to use it if they are going to get sued.

      2. Lost money is lost money. Just because the ban on these devices won’t destroy the company (that’s what “critical” would mean) doesn’t mean it has no effect. It hurts Google’s bottom line. Just because it won’t bring the company under doesn’t mean it’s not worth caring about.

  9. are you trolling ten 80p or is that sarcasm? WHY. DOESNT GOD JUST SUE APPLE? THE BITTEN APPLE IS HIS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY! Everyone would laugh if Toyota sued Honda because they made wheels just like Toyota. APPLE NEEDS TO STOP THE STUPIDITY AND COMPETE IF THEY HAVE ANY CONFIDENCE IN THEIR PRODUCTS.

  10. Apple has seen the consumers start buying and preferring the Android products, they are very worried about the technology that Android is constantly pushing and they are still with the same old song. They are discussing maybe increasing the size of their screen, DER, wake the [*] up. This shows what their meetings must be like. DON’T BE SCARED HOMIE.

  11. As always, F Apple. F Ridiculous patents. F the patent office(s) for granting them.

  12. Well I do remember Google putting in a patent for pull down notifications. When that’s finally approved they can get apple for patent infringement.

    1. But they won’t. As right as you are about notifications, Google have still yet to take on MS and Apple directly, why??
      My guess is the effect t it would have on Google should MS and Apple pull support of Google from their platforms. Sure it would be lawyer time, but its a nuke that they have.

      1. MS and Apple would not legally be able to prevent just Google from putting software out for their devices.

  13. PHANDROID HEADLINE: Google Sues Apple and Microsoft on 2000 Patent Litigations

  14. I just replaced my MacBook with a PC so glad this was the last CrApple product I had.

  15. Google, samsung, htc, sony, and all the others dont need to do anything…Its the entire industry and courts, that agree’s with all these insanely stupid patents…..The entire patent system needs to be reworked because its one big fail…It doesnt protect shit, and it can destroy competion in a way it wasnt ment to do….

  16. 50% of Apple’s monster profits must come from their monster suing…

    1. You’re thinking of Microsoft. Apple doesn’t sue for royalties. They sue for bans, which if you ask me are much more horrible.

      1. Apple doesn’t sue for royalties, they sue because they are scared. When you have the same damn phone for 4 years and your competition is constantly pushing the technology, desperate companies due desperate things. Apple is slowly loosing customers to Android. This is a trend that will constantly happen as the customers buy and update their contracts with their Carriers.

  17. Palm had icons and touch screens LONG before Apple even got out of their financial slump.

    There were screen customizations for Pocket PC phones long before iphones came along.

    HTC had slide to unlock BEFORE Apple.

    Why doesn’t Apple sue them… because they can’t.

    Apple believes they invented and created everything including mp3 players.

    Interface? Yep, Apple has done a fantastic job cleaning that up but they were late to the party, for sure… and not as incredibly new or different from anything currently available.

    Yes I believe Samsung copied Apple’s style of interface… to a degree. Samsung should come up with something else and avoid the hassle.

    Were Steve Jobs alive today, he would probably be facing some serious questions that would undoubtedly make him backpedal his boastful claims.

  18. How about instead of people calling upon Google to end the madness by joining the madness they instead ask them to use their money and general clout to lobby your government to overhaul the patent laws. These laws are being miss-used to protect business models, stop competition and make money which in turn is stifling innovation! I’m all up for protection of IPR but come on, swipe to unlock and all these other weak ass patents are just bull!

  19. Here we go again.


  20. I wonder if Samsung’s tablets & phones were anything but black or white in color if Apple would be able to pull the whole “it looks too much like mine” bullshit?

  21. I agree that this just proves Apple is scared. In five to ten years Apple is going to go back to owning a small marketshare. Frankly, I hope they fall apart completely. Apple has not been innovating or moving forward, at all, for the last five years, since the iPhone was first released.

    I basically have no love for Apple. They’re tax evaders and stifle innovation and competition.

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