Chili’s offers free Android phone with online purchase [Deals]


If you like to eat at Chili’s, today might be good day to place an order. The chain is offering a free Android phone (alas, with a new 2-year agreement required) if you spend $25 or more while placing an order online. They have also launched a mobile app, but it’s only available once you get the new phone, at which time they’ll text you the download link.

[Chili’s via Android Central]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Anyone know what phones, just curious, won’t get one though, no free phone offered by a restaurant could be free

    1. Well the phone has a motorola logo on it so that could be an indication

      1. Why even bother responding Mohammad?

    2. Here’s a link from the ad page that lists the phones:

      I’m not sure if those are the only phones they let you get via this deal or if those are the “featured” phones and any Android Phone from is free game.

  2. The one pictured is a DROID 2, possibly the global version.

  3. Lame idea. Carriers are giving lots of phones free so its just a gimmick. Looks like Droid 2,3 or 4 unless its gsm version….milestone or some shit

    1. It’s a Droid 2. Possibly Global. But either way, not even worth the $25 you have to spend on Chili’s awful food.

  4. What device provider

  5. Oops saw my typo, i meant to say no free phone could be good, but i see the droid bionic is listed, but it’s still too good to be true, something smells fishy and it isn’t Nemo :D

  6. I would never sign up with any of the “mayor” carriers, the only mayor thing they have is the rates.. Buy a cheap unlocked and get a prepaid unlimited plan.

  7. Uh is it me or did they forget to post how much the plans are?

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