Motorola updates ICS upgrade roadmap, Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX scheduled for Q2


Motorola has update their upgrade schedule for devices in the US giving us a better idea of when to expect Android 4.0 for a range of smartphones and tablets. Motorola Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX owners will be first to see the official version of Ice Cream Sandwich along with the WiFi + 3G Motorola XOOM tablet this quarter. With Q3 approaching rapidly the update shouldn’t be too far off.

Most other major devices are expected to receive their upgrade to ICS next quarter, with the Droid XYBOARDs, Atrix 4G and Atrix 2, and Droid 4 and Droid Bionic set to receive the update in Q3. The adjusted timeline also confirms that the Droid 3 and Droid X2 won’t receive an upgrade to Android 4.0, which comes as disappointing news for owners of the handsets that were released within the last year. For everyone else it will soon be time to start anxiously refreshing your system updates screen in hopes that a nice, chilled dessert will be waiting for you.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Q2 = June 30th, 11:59pm Hawaii time! Lol!

  2. Absolutely embarrassing that the Droid 3 won’t get ICS, the support life of that device was, what, 4 months? Pathetic. I almost talked my wife into getting one, good thing she didn’t

  3. We’re halfway through Q2. They better hurry.

  4. Motorola blows. The X2 has good specs and a good screen, and yet the atrix is getting it..

    1. Its simply because the X2 and X3 have 512mb of Ram while the Atrix has 1024 double the ram.

      1. Well, there is no X3. Made me want to quit reading your post from there, but I continued anyways, and was absolutely amazed at your math skills. Ha.

  5. Gimme my ICS (Xoom), Motorola! Ok I’m done. I’ll continue to wait till June 30th… then when it doesn’t come out in Q2 I’ll wait some more. Or maybe not and just root the damn thing. [sigh]

  6. OK I panicked and pulled the trigger for a Razar Maxx when I heard about the loss of unlimited data.

    So this is EXTREMMELY good news!

    1. I would have waited for the Maxx HD

      1. Why? It probably will not even come before unlimited data plans are eliminated. It was released to China yesterday, but there is no guarentee it will even come to Verizon. I’m thinking of doing the same thing, especially due to the new import ban on Motorola.

  7. Still evaluation for European Atrix.. Motorola is truly something special.

  8. Motorola Bionic Q3 2012 in other words not going to happen.

  9. Um, where’s the Motorola Photon and Electron? Promise not kept!

  10. Part of why I bought my Xoom ‘Family Edition’ (mz505) over its competition was the promise of an ICS upgrade within a reasonable amount of time.

    It was disappointing enough when you finally said it would be 2nd Quarter — more than six months after ICS first came out. Now you’re saying 3rd Quarter? Seriously?

    Not likely to buy another Motorola device. I’m hoping Google comes out with a Nexus tablet and does this right.

  11. Droid 3 owners have every right to be upset. Nice piece of hardware, but you never know when it’s going to restart itself! Not putting ICS on that phone is a disgrace. Motorola and Verizon should be ashamed, though I’m sure they’re not.

  12. I’m glad they specified a year, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  13. Then, we will all B#$%@ and Gripe about when are we getting Jelly Bean. I agree with the complaints about the vendors slow response time. Maybe when multiple devices and carriers get a true Android experience device they will see that we don’t want their differentiater (Blur, UI, etc.). However, none of us are going to be satisfied. Someone responded that they should have waited for an HD version. Had they waited for that, the next greatest “feature” or “update” would have been announced and then they should have waited on that. Get what you want today. Not what you want it to be tomorrow. Then, when and if it does improve, it is ice cream sandwich (I meant icing) on the cake (or maybe Jelly Beans on the cake).

  14. Since Motorola will not provide the ICS update which the Verizon sales rep promised us would be available “for sure, as soon as Google releases it !”, when we both bought our Droid3’s together on the last day unlimited data was available last summer, I consider Verizon and Motorola in breach of verbal contract. Knowing that any remedy is unenforcable in any practical way, we will give minimal consideration towards doing any further business with Verizon or Motorola, once we have met our current contract obligations, since at least Verizon through its paid reps, has lied to us. I despise companies that lie to their customers in order to cheat them, and that decribes Verizon behavior in a good number of situations. They may not care, but they are destroying their business one customer at a time.

    Motorola might still release or leak way to unlock the Droid3 bootloader, or someone might figure out a way, so this fine hardware might someday get an operating system that takes advantage of its real capabilities, like really using the second core.

    Motorola and Verizon, liars and cheaters. This is all about pushing people off 3G to 4G which is a benefit to Verizon.

  15. Ok the hell with Motorola. Atrix Bionic and DROID 4 came out a year before the RAZR. how the hell the RAZR gets ICS first? when us ownsers the first three phone ATRIX/BIONIC/DROID 4 gets our ICS 3QT. Last time you screw with us MOTOROLA time to change phones. I’ll be getting the XPERIA iON when it’s available

    1. How could the Droid 4 have come out a year before the RAZR when it was only released this February, 3 months ago?

  16. IPhone in my future

  17. I’ll gave nothing to do with Motorola!!! Too many problems with original Droid, loose keys on keyboard, touch screen would act wacky when charging.
    No thank you Moto!!!

  18. The fact that devices like D3 aren’t getting ICS has nothing to do with VZW. Vzw only slows the process. The D3 only has two real differences from D4, LTE & RAM. The fact not together ice cream sandwich to that phone is all motives decision and has nothing to do with verizon, motorola better get their act together or they will continue on the downward spiral. This is a lot apple fanboys make fun of android users is because a wii and do not support devices like they should unless they are top tier high sales volume devices. The D3 wasn’t. I cannot even recall seeing a commercial for that particular phones, this is all on motorola they simply wanted to put idevice out to hold them over until the d 4 with LTE dropped. Pitiful. What’s that is devices like the htc rhyme with lesser hardware in the incredible 2 with lesser hardware will get the update while moto has dual core phones that will never see it and will be originally sold on gingerbread and die on gingerbread

  19. My 4G wants something cold n sweet!

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