David Beckham hocks the Galaxy Note for Samsung in latest Olympics tie-in


What do David Beckham, the Olympic anthem “Bugler’s Dream,” and the Samsung Galaxy Note have in common? If you answered “a newly leaked advertising tie-in for the upcoming Olympic Games to be held in London,” well, you’d be correct. Samsung teased the new TV spot on its Facebook page earlier today, but the full ad subsequently leaked to the internet, initially appearing on Twitter.

Along with the ad  Samsung is teasing something for March 22nd. We’re likely looking at another Olympics-related event rather than a device or software announcement. Samsung is playing a large part in sponsoring the London games this summer, so expect plenty more ads like this to be in our future.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Unless Beckham sold his Galaxy Note to a pawn shop, I think you’re looking for “hawks” instead.

    March 22nd? MAYbe you meant a different month?

    1. You beat me to it.

  2. And Beethoven cries.

  3. Unless I’ve gone totes deaf, that was “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s 9th, NOT “Bugler’s Dream.”

  4. …aaaaaand its been taken down by Samsung.

    1. It wasn’t worthwhile anyway. It is a 13-second set up for Beckham kicking a ball into a drum head display. The video cuts before the impact with a teaser about what happens next . . .

      Next, Samsung has youtube take the video down, and various users repost it. It is guerilla marketing with the smaller guerillas feeling they are getting back at Samsung by reposting the “censored” video.

  5. He probably took the money Samsung gives him then sells it and went back to his shitty iPhone.

  6. Galaxy Note LTE now with Ice Cream Sandwich!

  7. too bad it wasn’t for a galaxy note on other carriers

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