Android 4.0 arrives May 21 for Amaze 4G at T-Mobile, Sensation 4G gets ICS today


T-Mobile has updated their support pages with an exact date to expect Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC Amaze 4G. Previously the update was pegged as coming sometime in the next couple of weeks. Now users can look forward to Android 4.0 (but only Sense 3.6) on May 21st.

In related news, the upgrade to ICS for the HTC Sensation 4G should begin pushing today, just as promised. Any owners of the T-Mobile handset receive the prompt to update yet? You can manually pull the software by navigating to the “About phone” menu under Settings and checking for any new software updates. Let us know how things work out!

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Got it early this morning… Like it so far, with one exception, I now have to go deeper to turn off GPS than before… Not a huge deal, I suppose, but I liked having that toggle being located on the general settings screen…

    1. No you dont. Go to your App Drawer–>Widgets–>Power control. BOOM! You can place that widget anywhere you want and then turning your GPS on/off is just 1 touch away. God, I really love Android. So personal and customizable

  2. I “upgraded” to ics on my Sensation today. What a disaster! The phone has been rebooting for half an hour so far, and is unresponsive. Keep getting “force stops” of Facebook, so I try to uninstall. No luck, because the phone restarts before I can. Any time I try to do anything, the phone restarts. Terrible. Terrible.

    1. You need a new battery.

      1. Thanks Chris. I picked one up at the 7-11 and that solved it.

        Okay, so I solved it by finding a app on the SD card which had a conflict. Not sure which one.

        Good luck to everyone who gets the update.

        1. Glad you got it sorted. I was serious about the battery thing, though. HTC’s stock charge-remaining-controller-chips inside the battery sometimes go bad, or sometimes the contacts need cleaned. Putting a piece of wadded up paper under the battery is a quick fix if you ever have that problem. Like I said, glad you got it sorted, I just felt the need to explain in case someone having that issue might see this comment. :)

  3. What about samsung galaxy s2!!!!

  4. I updated mine today and it is working great so far

  5. After about 40 minutes of downloading, extracting, and installing. Just a few hiccups with txt messages not loading after a reset was fine, facebook has forced close twice on me I sent HTC some feedback no biggie! Clean look nice animations been waiting for this for a while! WIN -___-

  6. Oh, The rooted
    didn’t make the ICS update.

    1. Easily solved. A rooted (but otherwise exact) copy of the rom is already available at you-know-where. Works perfectly, I installed it earlier today. I’d been waiting for the TMO upgrade because the Sensation antennas being the POS they are, I wanted to be sure I had a TMO-optimized radio, and I’ve yet to find any problems at all (other than another POS, namely Titanium Backup, which utterly failed).

      1. Thanks for help.
        I unrooted according to this article – actually installed stock 2.3 rom.

        And successfully installed ics.

  7. I need help. I upgraded from 2.3.4, now it keeps rebooting, or it gets stuck on the stick together screen…or it gets to the unlock screen but freezes and then turns off…ive taken the battery out, and restarted nothing is working…only once was i able to get to unlock successfully but once i got to the point to make a call if froze and now this keeps happening.
    help, thank you

    1. You may have a conflicting app. I did, and had similar results. I had something on my sd card, and knew it by removing the card. I am not sure which app it was, perhaps “Box”?

      1. how do i get to the app if my phone wont start…what is box

        1. so if i take my sd card out it should work?

          1. It might, if the offending app is on the sd card. Good luck.

          2. Does anyone have any suggestions that may help me…its still just rebooting, i got it to make one phone call for 10 seconds but then just froze and restarted again…i can’t get this to work, i removed the sd card but nothing has gotten better…

  8. Other than Facebook and a few other applications not responding, ICS is nice.

  9. I did the update last night & for the most part it’s working fine except instant messaging won’t load. I just get the Please Wait screen. I’ve rebooted several times & even removed the battery but no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  10. It took a long time but it’s working now.

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