Galaxy S III gets unboxed on video a few weeks ahead of launch


The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III is only a few weeks away, but this unboxing video is enough to cause anyone eager to own the new Android superphone to lose their patience. The above video comes to us courtesy of Italy’s HDBlog and features the retail version of the Galaxy S III. For good measure the phone is compared to several other recent Galaxy models as well as the HTC One X and HTC One S. While it doesn’t reveal much about the phone we didn’t already know it gives us a good idea of what to expect come launch day. So who is picking one up?

[via AndroidandMe]

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  1. The main page photo with the dandelion wallpaper looks like one hell of a busted screen.

    1. I was thinking the same thing haha.

  2. I want

  3. This phone is so ugly…brushed aluminum.. it looks cheap.

    1. Mi scusi? Che in alluminio spazzolato sulla sembra a buon mercato?

      1. hahaha, that’s funny!!! wait what?

    2. I agree. Cheap plastic phone with a bootleg siri

      1. That will ship with a S4 Dual Core not a Quad. No faster than a One S

      2. LOL

  4. Haven’t seen anything about it that makes me think it’s worth trading in my Gnex for.

  5. Looks extremely cheap next to the one X I think looks wise the one X got it beat by a country mile, that camera IMO also looks cheap.

    1. Yeah….

  6. is that black or blue?

    1. Its pebble blue–but its super dark (something the press photos from the unpacked event don’t make clear at all)

  7. This is a bad ass phone and blows away the Nexus and the HTC X1. The Nexus is flagged with signal issues, no storage and lousy camera. This phone has the best specs of any new phone this year. How can you judge a phone by looking at it on a video. That is ridiculous not to mention assinine. I have my order in for the 32 gb blue model. My new 64gb sd card is going right in this thing and then flash a kernel and off to the races. The Samsung phones are the best for hacking and the devs will have a blast with this phone. The Roms will be plenty and this phone will be fun to own.

    1. Cool story bro

  8. Looks good. Can’t wait to sell my note for this. i just sold my sensation for $300 and got a unopened one s on cl for $400. good pick up if you ask me. so i ran a quadrant test and got a 4927!! with this kind of score it won’t matter what processor comes in it, they are both more than capable. i’d rather have the 42mps though!

  9. Hahaha. It does get a little bizarre with all those slow-panning closeups.

    1. He also handles them ever so gently.

  10. need

  11. Got damn that phones ugly

  12. im so torn between EVOLTE and this


  13. Got a decent tax refund this year that easily covers the S3. Yeah, i’ll get it about launch day :-)

  14. Come to PaPa, even though you will be the dual-core version in my neck of the woods.

  15. Hopefully Verizon gets this before they get rid of unlimited data for their grandfathered users.

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