Sony Xperia S to receive update to Ice Cream Sandwich in late May/early June


Sony’s latest Xperia offerings aren’t lacking in style, and they are serviceable in the hardware department as well. If there is one area that easily falls under the “needs improvement” column it’s that devices like the Xperia S shipped with Android 2.3 and no quick plans to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. Now a representative posting at the official Sony forums is shedding some light on when the flagship model will receive its share of Android 4.0.

The Xperia S can expect to see ICS sometime between late May and early June, which fits within the original Q2 2012 timeframe given by Sony. The company has been fairly transparent about the update process for other devices, and will hopefully be more forthcoming with details as the time draws near for the Xperia S to see its upgrade. It shouldn’t be much longer now. We’re halfway through May and time isn’t showing any signs of stopping.

[via The Verge]

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  1. I am so glad that Apple creates the hardware and software for my devices. That way, when the next OS revision comes out, I’ll get it on the 1st day of it being available and NOT have to wait for a manufacturer to release lists of a day in the future when I MIGHT get en update.

    1. CORRECT! but the question is that would you rather have one phone with specific hardware (screen size, battery life, processor….) or would you rather have an array of hardware options. For example, if you like big screens go for galaxy note, if you prefer light phones galaxy nexus, if you prefer heavy and premium feel phone go for HTC, and I could keep going on and on and on :P

    2. I’m so glad my phone isn’t locked down and I can actually change what I don’t like.

      1. You phone came with root access out of the box? Damn… which phone was that?

        1. I don’t need root to change the home launcher, the text messaging app., the keyboard, the music player, the video player, the web browser or any number of things.

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