Nova Launcher 1.1.3 now available from Google Play, WidgetLocker updated to version 2.2.5


Nova Launcher has a new update headed our way, bringing several new features and enhancements to the homescreen replacement software. The update to version 1.1.3 brings even more customization and a few new gesture controls, including rotate clockwise, rotate counterclockwise, and double-tap for Prime users. Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Unread counts via TeslaUnread (Prime)
  • New Gestures: Rotate Clockwise, Rotate CCW, and Double-tap (Prime)
  • Support for selecting icon from Go Launcher icon packs
  • Set default screen by dragging checkmark on preview screen
  • Hide scroll indicator
  • “Reverse” wallpaper scrolling mode
  • Animation/Scroll speed preferences
  • Show Recent Apps Nova Action
  • Support for Cyanogenmod nightlies “Launcher” setting
  • Misc fixes

Also receiving an update is WidgetLocker, which gets a bump up to version 2.2.5. Some changes stem from the update to NovaLauncher such as Go Launcher icon packs, but there are some other tweaks as well. The full list:

  • Unread counts via TeslaUnread (Supports Gmail)
  • Support for selecting icon from Go Launcher icon packs
  • Fix rotation issue on some devices
  • Fix tint issue on some devices

Both can be found in the Google Play Store today. Hit up the links below to download.

Google Play Link: Nova Launcher

Google Play Link: WidgetLocker

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  1. Tried it for awhile, but on occasion there was a slight lag of 2-3 seconds for the screen to redraw when hitting the home button. I think the app needs to persist in memory.

    1. This is not an option for ICS.

    2. Yeah, I still prefer apex launcher.

      1. I used to prefer Apex Launcher, it worked great on my old G2, but on the GNex, Nova is great.

      2. Why?

        Apex is basically a copy of Nova. Nova releases new update, Apex reverse engineers and updates their app, Apex adds some extra settings that do nothing useful **cough** persist in memory.. and this seems to be ongoing.

        1. I am actually not big on modifications. I mostly keep my Android experience clean and efficient. For this reason, I prefer to focus on how the launcher performance is. In my experience Nova is faster, but Apex is smoother. To make it clearer, Nova moves faster but with less fps. Apex is normal, but with much smoother transitions.

        2. For every one that down voted this comment of mine… I would love for you to prove me wrong.. try ;)

    3. Interesting that I got down-voted. I simply told the truth from my experience. It really does lag 2-3 seconds on occasion (in my case on a Galaxy Nexus.)

  2. WidgetLocker just got a second update, 2.2.6, to fix an FC some users were experiencing.

    1. It’s always good to see developers so involved with patching updates when issues happen. Thats awesome that you posted a patch within the first hour of public release and I’m sure only moments after they were reported. Up vote from one dev to another on that one!!

    2. absolutely love widgetlocker! by far my best app purchase

  3. Nova is easily my favorite launcher on ICS. Prime owner here – great work TeslaCoil!

  4. No tablet scrolling.effect still?? That’s my only reason for not buying

    1. Prime does have this as an option called “Tablet”.

      1. Where?? In prime when I purchased it a moth ago it didn’t have it. Don’t wanna purchase again

  5. Widget Locker is one of only a few apps I consider absolutely essential. If and when I ever get ICS, I will try out Nova just because it is from the same developer.

  6. When I try to get Nova Launcher I get the message saying it’s not available on my device. My device is rooted but running stock GB on Galaxy S2 aka Epic 4G Touch. Any ideas?

    1. Did you root or reinstall the stock ROM? Also, just to check…can you install from the web play store? (doubtful but worth a shot)

      Your on Gingerbread which is not supported. You need ICS.

  7. I really like NovaLauncher. I’ve been using it almost since it first came out in beta. The prime features make it even better. I used to be a big LauncherPro user on my Incredible, but sadly, that developer seems to have vanished and the project has died.

    Kevin appears to be very active in developing his software and has been very responsive to issues as they have arisen. NovaLauncher takes the stock ICS launcher and adds many of the features I enjoyed with LP, making it just about perfect. I can’t imagine ICS without it.

  8. ugh I feel like a n00b, how the hell does the clockwise/counter clockwise swipe work? I tried left finger then a circle with the right, nothing. I tried thumb with my index finger, nothing. I think I did it once, but I sure don’t know exactly. Help? :D

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