ASUS teases the PadFone and it’s varying capabilities [Video]


Despite having been first announced a long, long time ago, and despite the fact that we still don’t know when it would release, the ASUS PadFone has managed to maintain a decent amount of buzz. After the recent news regarding it’s amazing battery life, ASUS has also chosen to post this video, demonstrating it’s various capabilities.

So, are you still interested in grabbing one when it finally hits store shelves?

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Hope it sells well, will be looking to purchase this kind of thing on its third iteration.

    Asus is quite innovative, they came up with the eeePC and now this.

  2. Wow this looks great. I want. I doubt it comes to the U.S.but one can only hope

  3. Release on Verizon or US CDMA carrier along with worldphone (GSM+ transmit/receive) capability & no extra fees from carrier for a dual device…

    ,,,Wouldn’t it be nice?

    (Prolly a pipe-dream tho’…)

  4. Seriously? wow, phandroid. This happens way to often. This was just posted by your coworker last night. Embarrassing.


  5. Didn’t really want one until I saw this vid. 102 hours of battery life!

  6. Asus, please start using styluses with active digitizer like Samsung.

  7. I would’ve bought this in April, and I’d probably still buy this in June, but by the time it’s released the processor and phone/tablet screens are going to be second rate. I really wish Google would choose Asus as their designer/manufacturer for this year’s Nexus and they’d debut the Android/Chrome “JellyBean” with an S4 Pro, HD screens and find a way to interconnect uSD cards in the phone, the tablet and the keyboard for mass storage. This is the future of mobile, it’s just not quite there yet.

  8. The one big bad for the PadFone – for those of us in the USA – is that it is a GSM phone and the majority of US networking is CDMA. Only AT&T and T-Mobile run GSM networks in the US. Unless one of them picks up the PadFone, or we can buy it unlocked from overseas and make it work on ATT or T-Mob’s networks, we may be be eating the rest of the world’s GSM-networked dust on this innovation.

  9. Heh, if AT&T gets it they’ll probably charge two tethering fees. One for the tablet, and another for the keyboard dock….

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