ASUS releases official Padfone demo video – are you getting one?


The ASUS Padfone is arguably the most innovative device of CES (it even got a price for it). Just how far will it get, though? ASUS has definitely managed to build a great reputation for itself, in the Android community. But if you aren’t already anticipating this release, ASUS is hoping to change that with the latest demo video, which displays all the awesome features the smartphone/tablet/netbook provides.

All in all, the device seems to offer some great functionality and unified ecosystem. The fact that is is manufactured by ASUS also means that it will probably be getting updates in a very timely fashion. Something that has become a huge deciding factor when picking an Android device.

We still do not know if/when this device will hit the US, but it is nearing its International launch. If you would like us to send you a notification when it goes live, don’t forget to sign up for it in our Phone Guide. But tell us, are you hoping to get your hands all over one of these?

[Via: Android Police]

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  1. Anything with ASUS on it lasts forever….I have a motherboard and 2 of their TVs and they have stood the test of time…and I keep the TVs on standby all the time…..they have a great reputation in the pc gaming community *use to be in it* ….its not no lg bullshit that’s loaded with problems…or Motorola that never gets updates or samsung that have everlasting gps problems and has their POWER BUTTON ON THE SIDE OF THE DAM PHONE…WTF!!?!?!?!?!?!?….or htc that actually has good phones but its just htc sense …I like sense but I would like an option to get rid of it…Asus is good shit….like spaghetti or baseball ….or grass…yea I like grass….especially in my sandwhich….. …… ……..

    1. I Used To Think Jersey Shore Was Ruining People’s Minds… But Clearly, I Was Wrong.. Thank You James Flamez, You Proved Me Wrong.

    2. I think the power button on the side makes much more sense. It’s much easier to press when you’re holding it. When it’s at the top you have to reach around and tap it.

      1. I have had a power button on the side of my old Acer Liquid. The problem about this solution is that you unintentionally hit the power button when you operate the volume rocker which is on the opposite side.
        It is nothing I would consider a deal breaker in a phone, but I definitely prefer a power button on the top.

  2. I’m sick of all the coverage on the “Padfone”, it’s a silly gimmick and I won’t be wasting $700+ on one. The tablet costs the same as 10.1″ that are fully functional without sacrificing your phone to give it life.

    If I was silly enough to get one of these, my nephew wouldn’t be able to play on my tablet while I make a phone call.

    1. This is actually untrue. As you know ICS is an amazing multi-tasking mobile operating system. Using the “cool” stylus as your phone or a bluetooth headset you could easily make a phone call and allow your nephew to play games or even surf the web. One very great thing is having one service plan to pay for.

      1. Not if its a CDMA device you cant surf and talk at the same time. Thats one downside to the tech.

        1. That’s generally true, but not absolutely true. SVDO protocol lets you talk and surf just using CDMA, the Thunderbolt for example has that. But it’s not widely used in favor of CDMA plus 4G for talking and surfing. Within a few years, 4G will be most everywhere.

          1. Wouldn’t be surprised if ASUS uses LTE with this device which would mean they wouldn’t be using SVDO as far as I am aware.

        2. The one big bad for the PadFone – for those of us in the USA – is that it is a GSM phone and the majority of US networking is CDMA. Only AT&T and T-Mobile run GSM networks in the US. Unless one of them picks up the PadFone, or we can buy it unlocked from overseas and make it work on ATT or T-Mob’s networks, we may be be eating the rest of the world’s GSM-networked dust on this innovation.

        3. Not true….I can talk and surf the web with the VZW G-Nexus. I can also take pictures and send them via text as well while talking on the device…

    2. IIf your sick of the coverage, ignore it. Nooones teling you to read it. I was sick of all the Galaxy S III coverage when noone even knew anything about it yet but never complained. The padfone has hardy had any news about it since it was announced a year ago. Let people that are excited for it be excited. Maybe ASUS will see that people want it and actualy release it in the US off contract. If your not interested, thats ust fine. Some people are.

      Where’s this $150 fully functional 10.1″ Tablet your talking about? Would LOVE to get my hands on that.

      Not everyone wants or has the need for other people to play with their tablet and or phone. Other people know how to use bluetooth.

      Me? I refuse to pay for a tabet data plan, am not always near a wifi hotspot and would rather not drain my phone battery while im not using it for anything just so i can tether to my tablet. The device may not suit your needs, but it suits mine just fine.

      1. Not exactly 150 but http://mp4nation.net/catalog/eken-t10-101-capacitive-android-403-tablet-hdmi-1024×600-p-667.html
        or http://www.pandawill.com/notebook-tablet-pc-mid-c438/android-os-c306.html?size=16
        No 3G thou

        Thou i’m still interested in Padfone as i can always just buy the phone and it can downgrade to a tablet when i change my phone next time.

  3. Yep this looks sick I may get an unlocked version if it works on Tmoile or Att.

  4. this is most definitely going to be a dope product. especially for the highly productive members of the android community. agreeing with the facts that ASUS outs stellar hardware and android is by far the industry’s most functional OS, how can you loose? I for one give a standing ovation to ASUS for their work and the conviction they have for it.

    Also, if one argues that iOS has better apps, all i can is say that dev’s who don’t realize that Android’s tremendous growth, amounting to a the current lead as 61% of the nations mobile space, leaves exclusive apple dev’s to be just as unsavvy businessmen as they are likely unsavvy of computers. Simply put, Rovio makes 2 times more on android than ios with just ads on its apps.

    Also, just saying, i’m not biased at all. I love android, but i’m no fanboy. I’m solely a fan of functionality. when is first played with wp7, loved its cleanliness and uncompromising straightforward answer to functionality. but all in all, android is better. i’m not gonna take the trouble to sync things that take as long as it does a jailbreak release. no need to be apart of this massive Asch experiment. i care about way more things done, in as way few steps with less time. I don’t need a shallow and polished framework that can’t do as good as it looks, and as i’ve always said, my phone is my bitch, not my friend.

    1. Clearly you are biased, as am I – but making statements like “exclusive apple dev’s to be just as unsavvy businessmen as they are likely unsavvy of computers” is just ignorant. Developing apps for iOS is vastly more profitable for the vast majority of people. The extra hassle in porting to Android will usually not yield enough money to make it worthwhile – hence, they don’t do it.
      Sure, there are success stories like Rovio that buck the trend, but on the whole they are the exception rather than the rule.

    2. Let’s not forget the double purchase for ipad and iphone due to the ipad version.

  5. I hope it’s successful. I’d love to get a second or third generation padfone. At the moment I have the GNex and a transformer so it makes no sense.

    1. it pretty much highlights that we’re going to start seeing a lot of competition in the smartphone/tablet/laptop hybrid category.

  6. Wow. This thing is killer.

  7. if this gets a really good development community it may be the replacement to my nexus s. provided it has att bands…

  8. So glad Asus is giving me an alternative to the Nexus series. They sold me with how quickly my Prime has gotten updates (if recent history is an indicator it may be faster than the Nexus series since Asus apparently has people who take this seriously.) I only buy Asus motherboards and often video cards, and after so many years swear by them. I’m so happy they seem to be as good at tablets and phones.

  9. How may $$$ needs to be shelle dout for the entire package – Carrier services ?

  10. Been waiting since it was announced last May… Still waiting for any news about a US release or atleast US compatible 3/4G bands..

    Preferably with 850 MHz and 1900 MHz. ;)

  11. TAKE MY ¥ NOW PLEASE!! I’ve been waiting for this thing to come out somewhere in a form that has US and Japan 3G bands intact. (don’t care about LTE at this point– Wifi is everywhere when I need to go really fast.)

    Since I live in Japan, I suppose a Taiwan vacation is really easy to take…

  12. was planning on getting a new sony phone, but this whole “two devices, one data plan” is really selling it to me! mmmhm

    1. Yea, it’s working out great for us Atrix owners…

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