May 11th, 2012

After uncovering a YouTube video on ASUS’s channel claiming that the soon-to-be-released ASUS Padfone’s battery was capable of up to 102 hours of use when in laptop mode, the folks at Engadget decided the numbers were a bit too good to take at face value. They went straight to source and got the slightly more realistic answers they were seeking. Turns out the original figure was based on 2G talk time.

When it comes to 3G service and browsing the web, the hours add up to significantly less, but remain impressive. In laptop mode (which provides the device with additional battery support from both the tablet and laptop docks), the Padfone is getting 14.1 hours of continuos 3G browsing. The number was deduced from ASUS’ own in-house testing. In its other various mode? The with a WiFi connection, the Padfone got 2.6 hours of continuous browsing in phone mode, 10.7 hours in tablet mode, and 17 hours in laptop mode. For 3G ASUS measured 2.1 hours in phone mode, 8.9 hours in tablet mode, and the aforementioned 14.1 hours in laptop mode.

Still, these numbers represent an ideal lab situation. Will actual real world use amount to less (or more) longevity? We’re itching to find out.

[via Engadget]

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