ASUS Padfone battery goes 14.1 hours in laptop mode during real world tests over 3G


After uncovering a YouTube video on ASUS’s channel claiming that the soon-to-be-released ASUS Padfone’s battery was capable of up to 102 hours of use when in laptop mode, the folks at Engadget decided the numbers were a bit too good to take at face value. They went straight to source and got the slightly more realistic answers they were seeking. Turns out the original figure was based on 2G talk time.

When it comes to 3G service and browsing the web, the hours add up to significantly less, but remain impressive. In laptop mode (which provides the device with additional battery support from both the tablet and laptop docks), the Padfone is getting 14.1 hours of continuos 3G browsing. The number was deduced from ASUS’ own in-house testing. In its other various mode? The with a WiFi connection, the Padfone got 2.6 hours of continuous browsing in phone mode, 10.7 hours in tablet mode, and 17 hours in laptop mode. For 3G ASUS measured 2.1 hours in phone mode, 8.9 hours in tablet mode, and the aforementioned 14.1 hours in laptop mode.

Still, these numbers represent an ideal lab situation. Will actual real world use amount to less (or more) longevity? We’re itching to find out.

[via Engadget]

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  1. In phone mode only 2.1 hours on 3G :P That’s really really short!

    1. Im guessing that’s browsing using the tablet with sharing the internet via the phones hotspot? If not, yes thats incredible short.

    2. Try running from site to site as quickly as you can on your phone’s browser for 2 hours straight. See what results you get.

    3. Wouldnt you use the tablet for prolonged web browsing? I can understand quickly looking things up on the phone but for prolonged use I would use the tablet/keyboard which would give you much better battery life then the phone by itself.

  2. Verrry interesting!!! This is something that has been in the waiting for a very, very long time!!!

  3. whats up with the stickers on her? new trend?

    1. commercial henna

    2. She comes in the box.


  4. This is all well and good, but it doesn’t help anyone if it’s NOT AVAILABLE (in the US)! I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but: quad-core, NFC, Verizon. Waiting for the PadFone 2.

  5. I was really excited about this concept but without LTE its DOA for me. Padfone2 better hurry.

    1. With LTE the battery would be DOA

    2. LTE is stupid just a marketing gimmic. If you are ATT HSPA+ is way fast enough for anything you possibly could need to do. If 21MBPS is to slow then you probably should not be doing it.

  6. The chick in the picture kinda looks like Jessica Alba >.>
    EDIT: the Asian version

    1. Nice try chick in picture..

  7. Do we have a nice phone “Browser benchmark” for comparing battery life across Android phones?

  8. Whats with the stickers on that woman.

  9. I’m still waiting to hear about a variant with US compatible 3G freq bands. Until then this is useless yo me. I held off on the Note for this, but refuse paying 1k for an edge only device. :(

    1. It works with ATT, and maybe tmobile. Any other 3g bands in the US are useless.

      1. It works with AT&T and T-mo for voice and edge only according to ASUS’ own website. They say the padphone uses 3G bands 900/2100mhz
        AT&T uses 850/1900
        T-Mo uses 1700/2100 (if the device only supports 2100mhz without 1700mhz, 3G will not work)

  10. I like the hybrid concept, but How many $$$$ need to be shelled out for this at the minimum !!

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