LG LS970 Leaked For Sprint – Quad-Core S4 Processor, 2GB of RAM, HD Display and LTE


The leak streak continues on Sprint and no — it’s not another mid-to-entry level device. This time, we have the LG LS970 making it’s way to the Now Network in the coming months and boasts the highest specs we’ve seen on a device to date.

The boys over at Brief Mobile were able to get an image and detailed specs for the LS970, known internally as the “G” — but launching possibly under the Sprint branded “LG Eclipse 4G LTE.” LG knows full well that they have to raise the stakes if they hope to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S3, and raise the stakes they have. First thing you’ll notice is the device is sexy. Dead sexy. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I’d even go as far as saying, I prefer this backside over the GS3’s (just sayin’).

But besides its wicked good looks are its almost scary specs. Whereas most devices launched/announced this year found themselves equipped with the dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor, the G will arrive on the scene with a beefier APQ8064 chipset. This is essentially the quad-core version of the dual-core S4 we’ve been seeing lately, and has a souped up Adreno 320 GPU for even better gaming performance. The LS970 will also come with a 4.67-inch 1280×768 LCD display (IPS?), 13MP rear/1.3MP front facing cameras, 16GB of internal storage, 2,100mAh battery, measures in at only 8.6mm thick and features compatibility with Sprint’s upcoming LTE network. The icing on the cake? The LS970 will come with an ample 2GB of RAM, making all your multitasking dreams come true (leaked 16Gb of RAM is in gigabits).

I don’t know about y’all, but after reading over all those specs, I’m in desperate need of a cold shower. The LG LS970 is due for Sprint during the 4th quarter of this year. What do you guys think? Could this phone be enough to change your perceptions of LG? Will the LS970 will find its way into your pocket?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. nexus please have that s4 :D

    1. by then it would prob be outdated lol

      1. The Nexus line haven’t really been using top of the line newest processors the last two iterations. The S4 is probably within the realm of possibilities. Would be helpful too since a lot of manufacturers are picking up these S4 chips, less time having to work on drivers for the next iteration of Android.

  2. I’m not waiting that long for a phone, by that time.. there might be the Galaxy Note II, with either an A15 Dual-core or Quadcore

    1. Right. By the time this LG comes out in Q4, there will be phones with OMAP5, A15 Exynos and many others with S4 pro.

    2. Correct me if I am wrong, but if I am not mistaking I believe Qualcomms latest S4 is based off of the A15 architecture. And this would be the quad core version of it… If it came out now it would be absolutely revolutionary, but even if it launches in December, mark my words it will still be top of the line.. at least spec wise, LG will prob mess up the software.. haha

  3. I’d like to see this phone possibly…

  4. dont care. If you ever want a software update you probably shouldnt get this phone

    1. Samsung used to have a bad reputation, now they have one of the best.

      Maybe LG could turn that around as well?

      1. Better Android suppliers, more competition so we win – always welcome by yours truly.

      2. But LG’s UI is still the worst.

        1. Agreed. Best argument for a root replacement, ever.

          1. How is LG’s dev support? That would be another worry..

          2. Cyanogen supports some, not others.

        2. their new skin isn’t to bad and is much better than what is on their current devices. Check out the hands on with the 4x hd and you will see

          1. performance wise, their skins have always been really bad.

        3. HTC Sense was terrible as of 3.x but is actually pretty awesome as of 4. Who’s to say LG won’t demonstrate similar improvement?

          1. Because LG’s UI was NEVER any good

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  5. Damnnnn it has killer specs!

    1. If it were any other company (other than that fruit company) I would buy it in a heartbeat, but LG has horrible track record and a history it needs to erase. I don’t think I’m ready to jump on the LG train just yet but specs like those sure are tempting!

      Great step in the right direction LG! I wish you the best of luck, we could always use another competitor!

    2. The specs are getting a little too nerd crazy. My SGII is already fast enough. Most just want a phone that lasts 2 days on a charge. Is OK to keep putting out killer Superphones but I wish phone makers would also focus on a line of power user phones that focus on battery life and radio quality with reasonable performance rather than a focus on more performance than most need.

  6. all those specs, yet it will still run terrible

    1. It’s not what you know, it’s what you think you know.

      1. EM, you are so wise.

    2. It’s really over for other non-Samsung Android manufacturers. One would notice that Samsung don’t even have a specs page for GS3.


      Just check how S Beam is a feature listed, but not the quad-core SoC.

      They did not even mention the clock speed of the cores or did not even bother to mention that they have the most powerful GPU in the mobile now. Nobody is going to make billions from spec pissing contest.

      What were the specs for iPhone4S?? Why did it sell 37million units in a single Q? These S4 or quad or RAM is never going to sell you millions. Samsung is smart enough and is moving away from spec pissing contest. They are clearly concentrating on software and features.

      1. word. It’s about marketing, and telling people what they want to buy. Plus, people want phones that just work, not phones that they have to bring to XDA to learn how to fix.

        1. so u changing ur mind yami951? u said “all those specs, yet it will still run terrible” at first, are u changing ur mind after hot_spares post?

          1. umm no, Rich. you’re good at quoting though, too bad you can’t read. here’s a quote..what i said is people phones that work..so, that means not a LG. people buy iphones because they work, thats why they sold a ton. samsung is getting better about telling people what they want (s-voice and all the other features of the gs3) and they aren’t so much focused on having a 200 core processor to try and make their crappy software work.

      2. I don’t know man. It seems HTC is holding up pretty well with its one series

  7. Ugly to me. Reminds me of my og Droid for some reason and as much as I loved it for two years, I hated its ugly looks

  8. Lol never thought I would say this but I might buy this lg phone

  9. But its a LG? I will never have my lovely hands touch a LG phone. #pass

  10. That is going to be a Monster! If I weren’t a Samsung fanboy, I’d pick this up!

  11. I stopped reading at LG.

    1. yeah but who knows, this maybe their fresh new start. does anyone know how the gpu in this thing performs?

  12. Q4 is like 10 years from now in the cellular phone world…

  13. I wonder if all that hardware will be enough to overcome LG’s poor handling of software… After the G2x, I don’t know if I can bring myself to touch another LG device no matter what they put in it

    1. Thats funny, I thought the g2x’s software was fine, but the hardware had a lot of quality control issues. But then again, I only kept the phone for a few days because of huge light leaks…

  14. The specs are awesome but with what software. why have those specs and nothing pleasurable to run it on. Oh wait, you can root and jelly bean should be here. specs are reaching a stable flat line and it is coming to software. sgs III is showing that. I’m sure apple will do the same. HTC has somewhat stepped there with the One series. there won’t be anything after quad core for a long time. it’ll just be more efficient ones. software is the key now.

  15. Man, that is epic specs… But with LG UI? That’s a turn-off.

  16. The specs are good, and as long as the specs work solidly, cyanogen will make this phone a contender….we all know LG won’t. All the bloatware and buggy UI, thank the lord for rooting.

  17. I’m throwing money at my screen, but nothing’s happening

  18. Why for Sprint? Make the unlocked version first you idiots.
    Oh wait, this is a leak. Let’s stop speculating…

  19. Ok…Verizon sure is going at getting new good phones…seems like Sprint is getting all the good phones…suddenly…Verizon seems to just be coming out with mid rang phones and phones that look like other phones of theirs with the same tired screen size…hope they got somethings good coming up…

  20. Blablabla i don’t care unless it has no bigger than 4.0″ screen and has amazing battery life. Specs meaningless anymore.

  21. It’s not as impressive as it sounds, in Q4 (October) there will be phones based on S4 Pro and Exynos 5250 with Cortex A-15, next generation GPUs and 2gb of RAM as the standard for processing. Whatever HTC and LG produces with the S4 Pro will have to compete with Sasmung’s Galaxy Note 2 and iterations of the Galaxy S3 with the Exynos 5250. Q2 phones will be crushed by Q4 phones, it’s not even worth buying this gen IMO.

    1. And Q2 ’13 phones will crush Q4 ’12 phones and Q4 ’13 phones will crush all that come before.
      By your logic then, noone should buy a phone because something better will come along.
      What’s wrong with buying the right phone at the right time by the right person?

  22. dare I dream that us cellular might see this phone sometime before the end of 2013

  23. if this phone came out on T-Mobile today, I would buy it. But just like many of you have stated, by Q4, these specs may be the norm, so maybe not worth it. Omg,but just hearing these specs, I came a little lol

  24. Hi CHRIS, that`s why I`m not upgrading with anther Dual- Core 1.2 GH.
    I`m willing to wait for something worth it. Which for sure it`ll come in the 4Q for sure.

    1. Holding out for the quads? I don’t have the same patience as you =p

      1. I do understand how do feel, but my SGS II Epic Touch, still kicking real good. Where I live I do have some 4G service, so I’m okay.

  25. I would love to see these specs on an HTC device… But LG still scares me when it comes to Android.

  26. I just googled “LG VS970” (since LG likes to make the same, or very similar, phones for different carriers only varying the prefix letters of the model number) and found screen replacements for that model number. The screen dimensions seem to fit, so I wonder if this is an indication that a Verizon version will be coming along as well. Something for the rumor mills…

  27. This has killer specs, I wonder what the devices will be like in summer of 13, I chose to use sprints early upgrade in December for the Epic 4g Touch, I had a feeling U.S wasn’t getting quad core this year or till late 2012

  28. faiLG. Don’t touch em, until they prove they can release a handset that works properly, and that they are prepared to support properly.

    1. i lol’ed @ ‘faiLG’ — thanks!

  29. 16mp camera and 2mp front please! 2500 battery too.

  30. You’re creaming your pants over the BACK of the phone? Seriously? The first thing I notice about this phone is it’s an LG. The second thing I notice is it’s the same oblong, sharp-cornered bad design as most other LG phones. The third thing I notice is that the phone was evidently specified to such a level as to provide a smokescreen for the usual LG shortcomings. I’ve looked at the picture of the back of the phone, but I still can’t say I’ve noticed it, particularly. It’s plain black with a shiny black strip.

  31. Holy Shit, that phone is a beast

  32. The spec is a BEAST. Adreno 320 ??
    Wow an actual phone I’m considering outside the Galaxy S III

  33. Sounds awesome except for the funky screen resolution. 16:9 aspect ratios only please. Funky resolutions get less support for games, and less support for themes and other fun things in roms as well.

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