Samsung’s official Galaxy S3 accessories are looking nice


Hot on the heels about that upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3? We are sure many of you are, and if you need something else to get excited about, Samsung has just released a set of images displaying some of the flagship’s official accessories. These include a “C-Pen” stylus, a nice flip-cover case, a holder (and extra battery charger) and the WiFi Display Hub.

You may notice that the Wireless Charging Kit is missing, which does not come as a surprise to us. The accessory is rumored to be delayed, and it could launch as late as 4 months after the device’s release. But the rest of the accessories seem very neat and convenient.

The C-Pen looks rather bulky, but we suppose Samsung has its reasons. It would have been great if it was more like the Galaxy Note’s, and it could fit comfortably in the official case. Because no matter how large the stylus is, we will be losing it.

The holder doubles as a stand and an external battery charger. And if you want to display your content in the larger screen, the WiFi Display Hub will let you output all your media via HDMI.

Samsung has really gone all out with this device’s accessories. Surely, the experience should be very fun. We only have a few weeks until the device is globally launched, so start getting ready! Are you getting the Samsung Galaxy S3?Which accessories are you guys purchasing for it?

[Via: Slashgear]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. That flip case, although unpractical is perfect to hide the hideous phone you purchased! Seriously the phone is so ugly..

    1. I jut laughed so hard Cody..That was perfect..BOOM

    2. LOL. You can even hide the screen, as it has a whole for the speaker.

  2. So unlike the Galaxy Nexus accessories, will these actually, you know, come out?

  3. Can the desktop thing charge a spare battery? That’s super important to me!!!

  4. Personally I dont like the case as would have been better if it flipped down or up rather than to the left side.

  5. Yep! The desktop charger also charges a spare battery! Yayyy!!! That’s an absolute must!!!
    I’ll probably eventually get 2 if the desktop chargers, hopefully their not outrageously priced!!! Something like this really shouldn’t be more than $20. Manufacturers never make these things with built-in speakers for some strange reason.

  6. …and i bet one or MAYBE two of them will ever make it to market. Man, Samsung is terrible when it comes to releasing accessories. Great at announcing them, terrible with actually getting them to market.

  7. If I would be in the market for a smartphone, I would definitely get this one with the desktop charger if it comes with a spare battery at a reasonable price. I just got the VZW G-Nexus in Dec and it should work for me for the next 2 years, until my next upgrade.

  8. Here’s an interesting tidbit about the flip cover!!!

    The Galaxy S III Flip Cover is a lovely beast in that it connects to your Galaxy S III by replacing the back cover of the smartphone altogether. Your new back cover then is connected to a flap which sits on top of your device and protects its screen.

    1. They better patent this before Apple makes one and trademarks it as the “iCover”. It’s a brilliant idea.

  9. This phone is globally released so the accessories will have a huge market. They would be crazy not to release the acc. right away. I would hope the charging acc, fliip case and the pen will be ready, I want them all. I also hope the 64 GB phone is also ready, that is the bad boy I want. I like keeping a bunch of Movies on file just in case of a long lunch break. Yah, give me the phone please…………………….

  10. Why wait cause the One X is already out you say?

    Cause the One X has a NON-removable battery that’s why!!!!! People need an extended battery, can’t do that with the One X.

    1. That is really a non issue for me but the 16gb hd on the other hand is a joke.

      1. Remember that you get 50 gigs on dropbox and a micro sd slot which the one x does not have

        1. Not to mention a 64gb uSD slot, seriously, who needs internal memory at that rate?

      2. They ruined that phone when they sent it to market with 16 gb of memory and no sd-card. Pathetic. Try accessing your files when you have reached your data limit and there is no wifi to be had. The Carriers just love charging for extra data. I will never buy a new phone with those kind of specs. Too bad a great phone ruined.

    2. I’ve never needed an extended battery on my phone. SOME people need an extended battery, A LOT of other people don’t.

      1. I didnt need one and I had an Evo 4g!

    3. “People need an extended battery, can’t do that with the One X.”- not normal people with productive lives, smart phones are supposed to accentuate your daily life style, not be the focus of it.

  11. Not everyone is looking to get a device with no sd card slot for expansion or nonremovable battery…and the HTC One X has neither of those features…

  12. The external charger with a spare battery chatge slot has been standard in Korea for over 10 years now….I never understood why it wasn’t globalised properly…its a must. Especially for smartphone users..

  13. The case/cover is the same as the one designed for the Note.

  14. Unlike most, I enjoyed the design of the S3, but I might be getting the flip case; it’s a really sleek and sexy design. And by replacing the back cover, it’ll look really uniform.

    That, and the Wifi Display hub or whatever it is for my non-Wifi TV.

  15. @chris @vinny why would you be that bothered about the phone’s internal storage? The SanDisk ultra sd’s are now stable at 64Gb (mine is great) with 128GB versions expected very soon and link2sd there’s virtually no limit to the the phone.

    We’re not iphone users after all ;-)

  16. Lol the Samsung posts always seem positively biased. “New Galaxy S III accessories look NICE,” as opposed to them just being available. “Galaxy S III benchmarks obliterate the competition!” Like really? Lol. And even in this article about the stylus he says “but were sure Samsung has their reasons.” As if Samsung is this god company incapable of mistakes. I promise Samsung has gotten a lot of undeserved hype, which is why so many are unsatisfied with the new galaxy.

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  18. People need an extended battery, can’t do that with the One X.”- not normal people with productive lives, smart phones are supposed to accentuate your daily life style, not be the focus of it.

  19. incoming calls time this type of covers becoming disturb…… because this phone is big size….. try to go to ear side, and discover it………

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