Galaxy S3 May Not Have Wireless Charging Kit On Day 1 – Official Accessories Could Launch 4 Months Later [Rumor]


For those of you that have your hearts set on picking up the Samsung Galaxy S3 on day one and taking advantage of one of the key features of the device — wireless charging — you may have to wait. According to a mobile accessories retailer MobileFun, the official Samsung accessories shown off during their unveiling last week, wont be made available until months after the actual release of the phone.

The UK is all set to launch the Galaxy S3 a little later this month, with a US release shortly thereafter, but apparently accessories like the wireless charging station and docks wont arrive until sometime in September (about 4 months later). Samsung doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to coinciding accessory releases and device releases simultaneously. You may remember back when the Galaxy Nexus was released, there was the whole “car dock” dilemma that heated more than a few G-Nex owners.


Chris Chavez
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  1. Too bad. It was the only feature of this rather homely phone that I found at all interesting. I’m not at all interested in the SIII as an upgrade for my T989. It’d be a _very_ small step up. Either a Note or wait for next generation.

  2. Samsung got LG’D ….

  3. Kind of like the 3 pin dock for the gnex..

    1. Exactly. Bad move IMO. I think most are more apt to buy an accessory with their new device, MONTHS later.

      1. yeah, hopefully it;ll come out soon, I can’t wait to have this thing setup on my desk =)

        1. If you’re talking about the Galaxy Nexus’ dock, it’s available now.

  4. No that the phone has been announced with all the positives, and the negatives will slowly follow. They will release the wireless charging 6 months too late and 6 times what it should cost.

    Looks like I am sticking with HTC

    1. Yeah you stick with htc…oh yeah that’s right there is no wireless charging for htc. All good then no waiting for any accessories :)

    2. Yeah you do that
      Wait….htc don’t have tech like wireless charging so you won’t need any accessories at all! All good then ^ ^

      1. Actually, the Rezound does…

  5. The style of the phone , the charging dock really remind me of the palm pre! What could of been great .

  6. I’m STILL waiting to see the GSM GNex car dock. :-/

    1. Do GSM GNex form factors not work with CDMA GNex accessories?

  7. I don’t know why people are so critical about the design of the S3!!! It’s just fine! I’m just happy Samsung made the battery & memory removable & expandable!

  8. I can wait it out. By the time the wireless charging kit is for sale, it will be time for my upgrade anyway.

  9. Typical of Samsung. Always late with the package. And, as usual, I will wait until I can see the accessories before buying the phone. It is, after all, a package deal.

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