May 12th, 2012

Samsung finally announced what could be the most anticipated smartphone of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Check out our hands-on first impressions). Some love it, some not so much, but we are sure that it will probably be one of the top-selling devices of the year. And if you live in the US and are already convinced that this is the one, you can now pre-order it straight from Expansys.

This device is the international, unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3, which will work with both AT&T and T-Mobile. The idea of being one of the first in the US (and world) to have this device is surely enticing. The price to pay is not very friendly, though.

Expansys is selling this bad boy for a tough $694.99. Yes, the device will probably be almost as expensive in the US, even a couple months after its European release. But for a couple or few hundred dollars, it might be worth it to wait until it reaches America, this summer.

We still do not know what the carriers will do to this bad boy, and you may end up preferring the international version. Also, the US variants are likely to not get updates as quickly. If you would rather keep the original Galaxy S3, have some extra bucks to spare and want the device as quick as possible, you may as well head over to Expansys and pre-order this beast now.

[Source: Expansys Via: Talk Android]

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