LG Optimus 2X not getting Android 4.0 until Q3, 2012


Getting devices updated to Android 4.0 has not been the smoothest of tasks. Google’s newest version of Android is arguably the biggest software leap we have seen in our favorite mobile OS. But while other manufacturers are already catching up on updating their older devices, LG is going to take a bit longer; at least with the LG Optimus 2X.

This information happened to go under every blog’s radar for a couple weeks – LG Singapore’s Facebook page has recently posted that the main leader in Tegra 2 smartphones will not be getting its Ice Cream Sandwich update until Q3, 2012. After being set for a Q2 roll-out, this update seems to have been delayed for unknown reasons.

The LG Optimus 2X hasn’t necessarily had the best history. The device was plagued by multiple bugs and random reboots when first released, and for a while, it was uncertain if the phone would even get Android 4.0. This could be simply another bad story to add to the device’s list, but we certainly hope these issues don’t get extended to other devices.

Te list of devices to get the ICS update during Q2 also included the LG Optimus 3D, LG Optimus LTE and the LG Prada 3.0. All of which are very popular smartphones. Do you think these will see the same delay?

[Source: LG Singapore (Facebook) Via: Pocketnow]

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  1. “not be getting its Ice Cream Sandwich update until Q3, 2012”
    You are being very optimistic if you think LG will have it ready by then, when you think of all the delay they had for gingerbread.

    1. Yeah… that wasn’t the smoothest either…. We will see if they can keep their word…

  2. Makes me want to get the Optimus LTE2, not.

  3. To be fair, the development community has kind of let us down on the Android 4.0 front as well. By the time stable builds of ICS hit MOST phones kind of like where Cyanogen 7 was, there will be new ICS phones already out that you’ll want to buy.

  4. I’ll believe it when I see it LG. I’l believe it when I see it…

  5. Once, there was a guy who made a big mistake; he left his G2x plainly visible on the dashboard of his car.

    Somebody broke in and left three more.

    1. Yes its was me. :-)

      Yes it was me. :-)

  6. Lol and LG wants to be the next Nexus. What a joke.

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