Does Your Optimus 2X Randomly Reboot or Turn Itself Off Every so Often? [Issues]


Looks like one of the best dual-core smartphones on the market is causing a major headache for users. A massive thread at XDA has been going on since March 18th with users detailing a freezing and random shut off issue that’s been plaguing their LG Optimus 2X. Even users who claim they aren’t rooted and haven’t modified their devices whatsoever are reporting such cases.

The thread at XDA is 33 pages long with over 30,000 views so it’s clearly common. How common, we’re not sure, but we’ve certainly reached out to LG to see if they know what in the heck is going on here. We’ll let you know what we come up with and hopefully a fix will be issued before too long. [Thanks Mike!]

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  1. LG hasnt made a quality product in years. Im sure that plays a big part in this.

    1. Although all 5 androids that I’ve owned randomly rebooted, force closed and froze. They were htc and/or samsung, currently htc. I think it’s an android thing, they still haven’t stabilized their software. And frankly, until “force close” no longer exists as a message, it’ll remain unstable. My iPhone 4 has never so much as hiccuped, and there is no such thing as a force close.

      1. A “Force Close” happens within an application when it doesn’t catch an exception. In that case, there’s nothing the application or Android can do to fix it. Most of the blame for FCs should be given to the dev, not Android. (Note: I am a hobbyist Android dev and speak from experience.)
        That said, some of the blame can be put on the the fact that Android has to support a lot of different hardware configs and manufacturer customizations. Seeing as the iOS has very few configurations, it avoids some of the FCs/”unexpected exits” that Android apps can get.

        1. Not an Optimus but my non-rooted Droid X turns off/reboots regularly, it’s so bad I’m seriously reconsidering my commitment to Android. I know it’s probably the skin, but what am I supposed to do, I’m not super-technical and don’t have the time or the inclination to mess around with rooting. I’ve tried uninstalling nearly every app to see if that helps, but alas no. I actually miss my Blackberry!

      2. Maybe I am just lucky.. I have had the myTouch 3g for 15 months.. I have had a few incidents of apps crashing, but never requiring a reboot.. as to freezes.. after the Froyo update, when I first turn the phone on, it does take a loong time (in comparison to 1.6) to get to where I can scroll through menus, but after that initial bootup everything is fine.. I know it’s blasphemy to say, but in my case the OS version update really didn’t do that much for me that was “positive”.. it looks nicer, but the longer boot kind of sucks.. I guess I prefer stability over “having the latest and greatest”… I think Android would be better served if we got away from worrying about version upgrades, and more on improving the version that came with the phone..

      3. Ummm… Android OS doesn’t force close. Buggy applications are force closed by the operating system. This is standard technology that most modern operating systems have in one form or another. If an application wasn’t force closed, it would remain in non-functioning state in the system’s memory using up valuable resources until the device was completely rebooted. This is what force closing of apps is for. If you’re going to go seeding flame bait in message forums, at least know what you speak of.

      4. Your iPhone 4 doesn’t but many others do……


        And all those people can’t be crazy. No system is perfect. I had a 3g that was a mess.

        Yes my Droid and Droid X on occasion would force close apps, however, the second or 2 it took to start them right back up did little to deter me from the extremely positive overall experience.

  2. Had my phone for 5 days now and not had any problems of this nature

    1. It’s intermittent. There are people reporting nothing for 10 days, then all of a sudden finding this issue. I myself had the phone on charge for no more than 30 minutes before it happened to me.

  3. The G2 had this issue at first, too. FIxed in an ota update or flashing a different rom.

    1. Unfortunately, users are reporting the same issue with custom ROMs too.

  4. My stock vibrant turns off randomly sometimes.

  5. My wife gets turned off sometimes, been trying to return her for years.


    1. did u try a factory reset:)

  6. If i come to phandroid tomorrow, and it still has these POS popup ads, I am abandoning the site for good. Have some class, guys.

    (just chose the first story to comment in)

    1. The bills gotta be paid son! Their servers, staff, & lights don’t pay themselves. If you feel the need to leave..i say go for it! :D

      1. I’ve been reading Phandroid for years now. Ever since the G1 (1.1). I am all-for advertising, but tastefully. I’m a reader that actively clicks on ads to help support the sites I visit. And as a developer, I fully support ad-based revenue models.

        I simply believe that these popup ads are intrusive and unnecessary, and I’m not alone. I stomached them for a while now, hoping it would just go away. I believe that Phandroid would like to know when, and why, they are losing long-term, devoted phans.

    2. Don’t let the door hit ya in the ass

    3. I haven’t seen any ads here with Ad Muncher installed.

  7. It happened to me as well after 3 days

  8. Have had one random reboot and one screen freeze in 4 days of use. LG has done a bad work here and as far as I’ve read, some people have returned them and received new ones with the same problem!

  9. it’s LG, so it bound to be happen haha

    1. sony ericsonn is worse

  10. Dual core and skins FTW :)

  11. I have O2X for about a week, no crashes yet :)

  12. nothing with my…

  13. Mine switches off every single time I charge it and wont switch on again without removing and replacing the battery

  14. i’ve had it for a month now.
    so far i’ve had a few freezes, but those where all caused by unstable CPU speed/voltage settings when i was playing with an overclock kernel.

  15. My Optimus T had similar problems, and in addition would randomly unmount and remount the SD card. All of this was fixed by changing out the SD card to one with better speed/timings.

    Of course the Optimus T and 2X are similar in name only, so who knows if the problems are related.

  16. My sometimes freezes … Black screen.
    The only way is to remove the battery and turn it back on again.

    We hope to be a problem in systems software and not hardware …

    1. Hard reset key combination would be volume down + power button.
      Does that work? (At least you wouldn’t have to remove the battery.)

      1. In that situation the phone practically unresponsive. After a minute I pressed
        again thepower button and touch keys are illuminated, but the screen has not

        2011/4/8 Disqus

  17. I’ve never had an LG product so I don’t know their history, but could this be a result of the UI that’s on top of Android? Should G2x owners expect the same thing even with stock android on there?

  18. I guess I am lucky with mine – no crashes or problems since two weeks.

  19. wtf this is good to hear, waiting on purchasing the phone in the next week from TMO lol

    1. Yes, but is this related to the LG skin over Android? Thankfully we won’t have that to deal with.

  20. Same prblem here …

  21. No rebooting on mine.

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