Week One TegraZone Anniversary Contest: What’s your favorite TegraZone game?


Are you guys ready for the first week’s TegraZone anniversary and Player’s Choice Awards contest courtesy of NVIDIA? We know we are. If you aren’t in the know, NVIDIA’s just hit their one-year anniversary with TegraZone and they’re holding a Player’s Choice Awards! You can also snap a photo of the QR code directly below.

You’ll get the chance to vote for your favorite games in three categories, including best graphical game, best gameplay, and best overall game. With your vote, you’re entered for a chance to win one of 7 Transformer Pad TF300 prize packs. More details on that specific contest are here.

But there will be three more chances to win a prize pack with the good folks of Phandroid! We’ll be holding a contest every week for the next three weeks, with three prize packs to be given away in all. The first contest starts today so you’ll want to read through the bottom for more details.

  • Up for grabs today (May 11th, 2012) is one ASUS Transformer Pad 300 prize pack. The prize pack includes the ASUS Transformer Pad 300, a special NVIDIA themed JAMBOX by Jawbone, a keyboard dock compatible with the Pad 300, and a wireless controller. Running the latest Android™ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the ASUS Transformer Pad is a value packed tablet that with multi-color style, and productivity with expandability when connected to the mobile dock. With a 1.2MP front and 8MP rear auto-focus camera with large F/2.2 aperture and exclusive office software, staying connected and productive has never been easier.
  • To enter, simply submit a comment telling us your favorite TegraZone game, and why.
  • Only one entry per person allowed.
  • The entry period will expire at 12:00am Eastern on May 12th, 2012.
  • The winner will be chosen at random.
  • If we can not get in contact with you within a 24 hour time period, a new random winner will be selected. This will continue until a winner is determined.
  • If you don’t use real contact information, we can’t send you real cool stuff!

And that’s all there is to it! Why don’t I start off by giving you guys an idea of what my favorite TegraZone game is? It’s only the first game to set the 3D GTA craze. That would be Grand Theft Auto 3, and it’s  not just because there’s nostalgic value packed into such a cheap download.

If I tried to play GTA 3 on my old PS2, it would look downright insulting on an HDTV. The TegraZone version is high definition, has just as many, if not more, particle effects, great draw distance and I can’t take my PS2 on the go.

It’d be great if we could get all the PS2/Xbox versions of Grand Theft Auto on TegraZone, but the Liberty City whirlwind is more than enough for me at this point. Get started in the comments section below!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Shadowgun Tegra + Unreal = Awesomeness

  2. Shadow Gun. Because it has shadows and guns,,,,

  3. GTA3 is (well would be, if I had a Tegra-powered device) my favorite game in the Zone!! Why? It’s GTA man…do we really need another reason?? Seriously?

  4. Going with Shadowgun as well…

  5. ShadowGunTHD and Dungeon Defenders for sure! Unreal at it’s finest!

  6. Shadowgun… because it would probably look even better if I got to play it on a Tegra device instead of my GNex, and I don’t have a Tegra powered device to play any other game on it.

  7. Shadowgun, because it is freaking beautiful!

  8. GTA3. I just love running around causing mayhem.

  9. I gotta say Shadowgun as I love FPS games and this one takes the cake on mobile devices!

  10. Fruit ninja thd is my favorite because it completely upgrades an already awesome casual game!

  11. GTA 3. It’s a classic.

  12. Personally, I would definitely choose Dark Meadows: The Pact. Besides the AMAZING graphics, I just have always loved games with a darker tone. Oh, did I mention it’s free?

  13. GTA3!!

  14. Shadowgun THD!!! Amazing Graphics and great gameplay:)

  15. ShadowGun. I love the action

  16. Fruit Ninja THD… cause its the only one I’ve played for any amount of time

  17. Shadowgun. love the gameplay and graphics

  18. GTA 3, love the gameplay.

  19. Have to go with GTA 3. Awesome game and even better since I can play on the go.

  20. For me it’s Samurai II: Vengeance. No explanation for why I love this game would do this justice but I’ll try. I just love everything about it from gameplay to visuals to just about everything else. It could also be that I have this obsession with Samurai themed games :P

  21. I recently bought riptide for my Nexus phone it as much as I love playing that game on my phone, I think a tablet would be amazing. Also, I saw videos of Tegra 3 owners playing the same game and the effects and graphics are stunning.

  22. I really enjoy shadowgun. graphics are badass and the gameplay is great

  23. GTA 3, because it was the first GTA game ive ever played !

  24. I’d have to go with GTA3 as I missed out on it during the PS2 run of GTA games! By playing it on the android platform – I get to feel up to date on a game I had always wanted to play!

  25. Dark Meadows – the graphics, hands down.

  26. I love Fruit Ninja… I get really high scores in arcade mode and love beating everyone else who tries. Booyeah!

  27. Fruit Ninja because everyone can play it.

  28. Sprinkle because it’s nice, simple, and playable for short runs of time, stoppable any time.

  29. Zen Pinball HD. I really enjoy a good pinball game.

  30. Dungeon Defenders for me. Shadowgun is very impressive, but Dungeon Defenders takes it for not only looking good, but providing an original gameplay experience and decent touch-screen controls.

  31. I was skeptical about GTA from TegraZone/tablet (having played almost all installments from pc to console versions) III but it was real nice how they brought the experience over… good stuff

  32. GTA3 For me, Shadowgun was pretty good but GTA3 brought back some nostalgic gameplay from the good ol PS2 ;)

  33. GTA3 is my favorite, pretty blown away when I first saw it. Riptide is also a great game, fun to play over and over!

  34. Shadowgun. Excellent graphics, good gameplay, easy to get into and out of.

  35. I’d have to sat it was Dungeon Defenders. Besides the whole swords and sorcery aspect, it wowed me the first time I fired it up on my tablet. It amazed me how far technology has come since the days of the Atari. :-)

  36. I love Shadowgun it reminds me of gears of war and the THD Graphics really look good

  37. Shadowgun – because it’s pretty and it was made with Unity, which I also use to develop games!

  38. They all look great. I would love to give Shadowgun or Dungeon Defenders a try.

  39. gta 3. Nothing beats world gameplay.

  40. fruit ninja for me. Its just so addictive.You ever do that thing where you suddenly realise your playing a game and don’t recall starting it. That’s me with fruit ninja. Its killed many a battery on my phone.

  41. ShadownGun b/c of the Great graphics

  42. i really want to try gta, it looks great with the update

  43. I’m going to go with Shadowgun… Graphics = A+, Gameplay = A+. Reminds me a lot of Gears of War(which I can’t play due to lack of Xbox)

  44. The two best in my opinion are riptide and shadowgun but since i have to choose shadowgun wins it because of the console like gameplay aswell as the graphics.

  45. The two best in my opinion are riptide and shadowgun but since i have to choose shadowgun wins it because of the console like gameplay aswell as the graphics.

  46. The two best in my opinion are riptide and shadowgun but since i have to choose shadowgun wins it because of the console like gameplay aswell as the graphics.

  47. The two best in my opinion are riptide and shadowgun but since i have to choose shadowgun wins it because of the console like gameplay aswell as the graphics.

  48. The sad thing about “tegra” is that whenever they release a chip of some sort its immediately beaten or tied… ahem *dual core s4* ahem *exynos*

  49. Shadowgun. Great graphics and all around one of the better shooters for android.

  50. The two best in my opinion are riptide and shadowgun but since i have to choose shadowgun wins it because of the console like gameplay aswell as the graphics.

  51. Sprinkle was my choice. It was a simple game with great graphics that was a great brainteaser to solve the puzzle. I remember having to install the Nvidia drivers to spoof my phone to thinking it was a Tegra chipset so that I could play it when it first came out.

  52. I choose GTA III for the nostalgia. It was the first game I got for the PS2.

  53. GTA 3. Nothing sweeter then trying to master the Dodo on a tablet and smartphone. :)

  54. I’m going to go with something most here probably won’t – Sprinkle. Graphics are well done, simple game play yet can be challenging.

  55. I’d have to say FruitNinja THD because it’s the only one on the list I’ve actually tried, and I’m more of a casual gamer to begin with

  56. can’t say that I have one favorite, because I still play so many of the tegra games I own, but right now Demolition Inc has my attention. It has exploding cows! And we all need more cow bell…

  57. Sprinkle THD. The water physics are just great, especially for a mobile platform

    1. Showgun because its fun

  58. Shine Runner! It’s just good old-fashion redneck fun.

  59. I didn’t even know there was a GTAIII game for Tegra! By default, that would be my fave! I LOVE making mayhem in a moral vacuum! (Also would be fun to do terrible things while playing a bus, knowing old ladies would be watching over my shoulder. ;-) )

  60. Dark Meadow: The Pact for the graphics. Who thought you can find yourself consumed by a game on a tablet device. Controls are intuitive. All around amazing.

  61. fruit ninja because it’s addictive

  62. Shadowgun is the only one I’ve actually played, and It wasn’t even my phone I played it on. Definitely a great game though.

  63. GTA III. Nothing better than one of the best GTA games on a mobile device.

  64. GTA3 all hands down. Best gameplay in my opinion. :)

  65. Shadowgun is the best game. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is awesome.

  66. Riptide GP because it reminds me of wave race and has such fluid controls.

  67. sprinkle

  68. Hands down GTA! It’s an awesome game.

  69. Easily GTA III. It’s a classic and I enjoy the madness.

  70. Sprinkle is my favorite, I really enjoy the fun graphics and the physics involved.

  71. I vote for the pinball HD game!

  72. Siegecraft THD by far the best one i have played.

  73. Riptide. It has the best controls for a mobile device, if I can get my Dualshock to work with the other games it would be a lot harder to decide.

  74. riptide! Keeps both me and my 3-year old son happy on long flights!

  75. Shadowgun for the smooth gameplay. Would live to play the Tegra 3 optimized version…

  76. Sprinkle! I love the physics and it’s really fun! :)

  77. I have to go with Riptide. It’s simple to operate and has great looking graphics.

  78. Princess Pundt is awesome. Mainly because it keeps my son more busy than other games.

  79. ShadowGun is a personal fav of mine. I love shooting in games.

  80. I have a hard time choosing between GTA 3 and Shadowgin, they’re both awesome

  81. I like Dungeon Defenders. It’s an interesting take on tower defense gameplay

  82. Shadowgun for the great graphics.

  83. Grand Theft Auto III – big fan of the series

  84. Shadowgun Its the best by far FPS on the market..

  85. Grand Theft Auto III easy. Loved it when I was kid on the PS2, still love it on my phone. One of the best games ever, in my opinion.

  86. Fruit Ninja THD – it keeps my 9-year-old daughter occupied when I let her borrow my tab.

  87. RIPTIDE GP.. I like wave runners

  88. My favorite Tegrazone game is Dungeon Defenders THD. I love the awesome multi player combined with awesome lighting affects and great RPG leveling and weapon upgrading. Thanks to phandroid for putting this on and good luck to all other entrants.
    May the odds be ever in your favor!

  89. Fruit Ninja THD, because I enjoy murdering fruit.

  90. Shadowgun is my choice–it completely changed the way I look at mobile gaming and graphics. Really cutting edge stuff.

  91. Shadowgun

  92. Sprinkle. Only one I have

  93. I am a proud Taiwanese, and I support Asus & NVIDIA! Thank you phandroid.
    I’d play the Riptide GP as it looks so smooth and has awesome graphics

  94. GTA III Looks great and plays great!

  95. Riptide (THD if you must need the acronym). The original and the best.

  96. I just like the simple action of fruit ninja

  97. i would have to agree with Quentyn Kennemer. I just have such a nostalgic feeling for GTA3.

  98. Shadowgun kicks FPS butt! :)

  99. It has to be Shadowgun, just for the way the game and graphics move along!

  100. ShadowGun i love 3rd person shooters and this one has some amazing graphics

  101. Sprinkle is my favorite, It’s just a really fun game.

  102. GTA III is by far my favorite. Not only is it a blast, but it brings me back to playing it on my ps2.

  103. Shadowgun. I’m not even a fan of the genre, but this game *completely* changed the way I look at what a tablet game can be and how it can perform.

  104. GTA III

  105. sprinkle.

  106. Sprinkle. The physics are amazing, as well as the graphics.

  107. Gotta go wtih GTA. Can’t beat the classic. I remember playing the original GTA with the overhead view back in the day. I was OBSESSED with that game! lol

  108. Sprinkle. That game is FUN!

  109. Definately GTA III. I remember playing that on my PS2, and got frustrated when I’d crash and have to run to try to find another vehicle before the cops would get me. LOL It was always a good frustration, and it’s nice to have that again on my handheld. :)

  110. Defenitely GTA III. It’s such an awesome game and it’s just wonderful that in almost 10 years a top notch PC game is running so smooth and beautiful on mobile devices. The game itself is just epic too.

  111. Shadowgun has great graphics but, GTA has better game play. Great to support the games that don’t use a “freemuim” model.

  112. Zen Pinball. Great game and who doesn’t want to be a pinball wizard?

  113. ShadowGun, great game play and graphics. Would love to play this on the 300!!!

  114. I think shadowgun is the best game on the tegra 3. its so much fun to play the game even though i dont own a tegra 3 tablet. lol :}

  115. SHADOWGUN! best T3 graphics i’ve seen so far!

  116. shadowgun for sure!!

  117. It has to be Shadowgun. Beautiful game (and fun of course).

  118. Vendetta online is the best game in my opinion. The graphics are awesome and the game play is simply magnificent. You can become anything you want because it all depends on how you play.

  119. My favorite Tegra game has to be Shadow Gun. It was really cool to see how far mobile graphics have come, and it was even cooler to see them amplified on the amazing Tegra 3 processor. Say what you will, but the TegraZone optimized games like Shadow Gun (and others) are the reason why the Tegra 3 is a great processor to have.

  120. Riptide! Because jet skis are rad!

  121. My favorite tegra game is Fruit Ninja THD >.> might not be as flashy as the other games but when i launch the game i turn into a zombie sitting there for hours just slashing fruits hell i don’t even like fruit but for some reason that game is addicting even for me and i suck at it lol

  122. Def shadow gun. I the graphics look great and it runs great

  123. I love the Graphics and game play of ShadowGun

  124. Grand Theft Auto 3 for me as well. Mostly because I’m not really the gamer-type but I love the GTA series. Wandering around and killing strippers is a great time.

  125. Shadowgun by far is the best.

  126. I’m sure I will get flamed a thousand times, but I love Zen Pinball. I love pinball and since I can’t afford a real machine, it really hits the spot. My only complaint is that you have to buy additional tables but I guess it could be worse.

  127. GTA 3 is my favorite. Just what I want from mobile gaming. Mindless entertainment.


  129. Shadow Gun is a great game with really nice graphics

  130. Samurai II Vengeance
    Graphics Style and setting is amazing…makes me remember one of my favorite games: Okami

  131. shadowgun THD is awesome

  132. Sprinkle because I love the graphics and how fluid the play is!

  133. ShadowGun is my rockin’ fav because of the great graphics

  134. My favorite is Samurai II: Vengance. We need more hack/slash games.

  135. Shadowgun because of the graphics and it’s fun

  136. Shadowgun is my favorite game, the graphics are awesome.

  137. Shadow Gun. Amazing graphics and gameplay.

  138. My favorite TegraZone game would definitely be GTA3 because I never actually got to play it during its original run due to strict parents. But now I get to experience the refined graphics, fun gameplay, and over-the-top violence that my 13 year old self was forbidden from enjoying!

  139. Pinball HD, because it’s slick and sick.

  140. Would have to say GTA 3 as well bc the HD graphics and solid Gameplay.

  141. Shadowgun is great for the graphics and the game play.

  142. Shadowgun is visually stunning an has several hours of exciting gameplay. With the effects provided by NVidia, the game is completely immersive. I hope a sequel is on the horizon, because Shadowgun is my favorite TegraZone game!

  143. GTA III as it’s the only one I’ve played. :P I’d like to try the hockey game though. Loves me some hockey.

  144. Shadow gun, such a sick fun game

  145. Shadowgun THD for graphics, GTA3 for gameplay and overall awesome factor

  146. My favorite is Shadowgun. I’ve had low expectations for mobile games, but this one sets the bar.

  147. GTA III all the way. That’s a classic.

  148. Riptide GP – An awesome game. While having beautiful graphics, this game gives you the control and challenge any game should provide. GTA III is defiantly up there but I wanted to comment about another really great game.

  149. Dark Meadow. It looks to be something new, a nice take on the horror genre. I can’t wait to play it!

  150. GTA III because it’s extremely fun to play.

  151. I like demolition thd because it’s close to burnout, my favorite racing game!

  152. Another vote for Shadowgun. Great graphics and smooth action

  153. GTA 3, expect I do have problems with the controls sometimes

  154. Dark Meadow, because it’s a little creepy :-)

  155. Shadowgun is awsome!

  156. Gta 3,it has awesome graphics and my usb xbox controller connected to my thrive the controls are great

  157. That’s easy. Glowball…why you say? Shiny things and physics:)

  158. Shadowgun is my current favorite. Great graphics and a blast to play.

  159. Dark Meadow fo sho

  160. Galaxy On Fire 2 because it came stock on my phone haha.

  161. Fruit Ninja THD.
    Fun. Entertaining.
    Not too intense like others.
    A great time killer too.

    Multiplayer: playing games with others is more fun than playing alone.

  162. Definitely shadow gun. Started a while new era of gaming on Android.

  163. GTA III. Even after beating the game I never got tired of playing it. I can’t think of another game I could continue to enjoy long after the missions were over.

  164. Shadowgun hands down. Although that new Dark Meadow game is pretty awesome too.

  165. I’m a shadowgun fan too! Graphics are Awesome. Gameplay smooth!

  166. Grand Theft Auto 3 . Good Graphics and great game play.

  167. Shadow Gun ftw! It’s addictive! It has amazing graphics

  168. ShadowGun for the impressive graphics. Xbox is falling behind mobiles!

  169. Riptide GP – super fun racing by the makers of the new Hydro Thunder on 360.

  170. Wow, I’m suprised not to many people are saying Sprinkle! I love it because, most of the games i’ll actually play on my phone are arcade style games that are short and can just be picked up and played. The other reason I like it is because the water graphics are just awesome. :) Puzzle games ftw!

  171. Shadowgun is my top game. It has excellent graphics, great gameplay, and just general awesomeness.

  172. GTA III. Come on, you get to kill hookers!

  173. Samurai II: Vengeance has been the best fun and always challenging from start to bloody finish!

  174. Shadowgun hands down graphics are amazing

  175. GTA III. It’s a classic!

  176. Shadowgun, without a doubt.

  177. Shadowgun for me :)

  178. Shadow gun is my favorite

  179. Grand Theft Auto III is my fave too. Gameplay graphics look sick and it makes me feel like I have a mini PS3 in my hands, when I play during my commutes. And as with all GTA games, I love doing the missions, as well as exploring the neighborhoods!

  180. My favorite tegrazone game is Shadowgun because of the superb console-quality graphics!

  181. Madfinger`s “SHADOWGUN“ is my fav..Hands down. Because Bouty Hunting was never so much fun.

  182. Vendetta Online for sure. This is a true MMO and getting a chance to work with that on a tablet would be one hell of a thing.

  183. zen pinball thd 4 shure love the movement… siegecraft thd also but zen #1!

  184. GTAa III!

  185. GTA III. I like killing and plundering all while sitting in chrurch.

  186. Dark Meadow: The Pact…nice to see Unreal Engine 3 on Android. (Although Vendetta Online is a long time favorite, and cross platform).

  187. Shadowgun
    Amazing game play, voice acting and controls are simpler…
    excellent imagination for the VI…exploding spiders :) robots :)
    Samurai 2 Vengeance missed it by a whisker :) the controls are slightly difficult…the same goes with GTA…controlling the character and his actions is slightly an issue…

  188. Shadow gun duh. It looks awesome and it provides a rush I didn’t think possible on a mobile

  189. ShadowGun. Because it made it seem like you were playing a consule game on your mobile.

  190. Grand Theft Auto III. It’s one of the best games ever created.

  191. My favorite is Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave. So many great hours in that game, and such awesome gameplay! I played it a lot on PC as well, and being able to bring it everywhere on my Tegra2 devices, is simply amazing!

  192. GTA3 – because of the history and the memories.

  193. Riptide GP. I love a good racing game and it was a long time ago it was a water racing game. The effects are really good, it looks great and it plays great.

  194. Gta III rules. So many memories. Speeding over the bridge with the cops on your tail. Ha great times.

  195. DEFINITELY ShadowGun! Graphics and gameplay are both AWESOME!

  196. Vendetta online is my favorite! I like space games.

  197. Mass Effect 3. Gives me a constant orgasm even when I just think of its name.

  198. Riptide, its a fun game but im also a sucker for pretty water.

  199. Grand Theft Auto III because it is an absolute blast playing it on a tablet!

  200. Pinball THD it is. Because I like to bounce those hard balls and juggle them around for my personal pleasure. No homo intended

  201. No one’s mentioning Galaxy on Fire 2? Am I the only one with a worthy jedi mind? really?

  202. Dungeon Defenders. OH You don’t fuck around with my dungeon. No you don’t, bitch

  203. Shadow Gun it has the best looking graphics

  204. Shinerunner would be my favorite I’m not big on games on a cell phone and that game is simple and fun

  205. I would totally have an opinion if I actually had a Tegra device.

  206. GTA III is my favorite game too!

  207. GTA3 is so good.

  208. I miss GTA III. I wish I could play it again.

  209. Sprinkle. I am a kid inside

  210. I am looking forward to playing Shadowgun on my new Transformer Pad 300 that I am about to win!

  211. Shadowgun. Can’t beat a FPS.

    1. Shadowgun is a Second Person Shooter. N.O.V.A. is a first person shooter, because you cant see yourself.

  212. Have to go with Dungeon Defenders. Haven’t played any others

  213. Riptide, because it was the first game that made me think ‘wow ‘ these things could actually work for decent gaming. And also acting as inspiration to create adecent enough room for my tablet to be able to play it!

  214. Shadowgun. Awesome graphics!

  215. GTA3. Full desktop game on a phone or tablet.

  216. As I only have a smartphone and no tablet, Fruit Ninja. I’m sure I could like one of the other games more if I didn’t have to play it on my G2X.

  217. gotta be shadow gun!

  218. Probably surprisingly, my favorite is probably Hardwood Solitaire. It’s visually stimulating and has lots of different variations. Great game.

  219. I like Shadowgun cause the graphics are amazing

  220. My current favorite is Sprinkle. It’s fun, has great graphics, and can be challenging. I play it on my Galaxy Nexus, but it would be great on a tablet!

  221. siegecraft! Kills time and battery! :[

  222. GTA III. too fun!

  223. Fruit Ninja THD – Love to chop fruit!

  224. Shadowgun, as it makes me think I’m on a more advanced platform.

  225. Angry Birds. Only because its the only game that I know of for Android, oh, and fruit ninja, but I’m more of a fan of blowing up pigs, than slicing fruit.

  226. Sprinkle! Great graphics and physics, and easy to pick up while still offering some challenge.

  227. It’s a terribly boring choice but it’s Zen Pinball THD for me. This is the best pinball game I’ve found yet; great gameplay, graphics, tables, and the nostalgia factor is huge.

  228. riptide GP. cool effects and slick controls :)

  229. The only game I’ve played at any length is Sprinkle.

    Downloading Dark Meadow now; it looks to be a bit more interesting.

  230. Shadowgun as it far surpasses any other game I have played to date.

  231. Grand Theft Auto :)

  232. Wow got to say Shadowgun , the graphics are just mad for a phone. ! Dark meadow also looks amazing !

  233. Shadowgun by far due to the stunning graphics on a mobile device

  234. I would have to vote for monster madness as my favorite game. It’s my favorite because it is just too awesome a game. I would have never imagined that gaming on mobile devices would be as good as it currently is.

  235. My favorite would have to be sprinkle

  236. GTA III is a great game

  237. I’m going to go a little left field and say Princess Punt. It’s this amazing blend between angry birds and Japanese rpgs, complete with leveling up your heroes

  238. GTA 3 is my fave, I have both for PC and the PS2. love the PC version much more..

  239. I vote for Fruit Ninja THD. But it’s not like I have any other choices since from the list that is the only one I have playes. So there… at least I am honest :-P

  240. Fruit Ninja, it’s easy to play and to have fun.

  241. I love Fruit Ninja!!! It is an excellent distraction, and let’s face it…it’s the closest I will ever get to being a real ninja. :)

  242. GTAIII, it’s a full console game that works well enough on mobile.

  243. Shadow Gun for me. It has been one of the best shooters I’ve played on a tablet while also having a good story line to it.

  244. GTAIII is my choice cause of the high level of entertainment it offers.

  245. Love GTA III!

  246. GTA III: it’s THE classic for sandbox games, although I’d like to play all the sagas (from GTA1) in tablets too :)

  247. My. Want more tables. favorite has to be Zen Pinball. I did not even like pinball before this

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