SaskTel launches HTC One V, free on three-year contract


With phones like the HTC One S and HTC One X already hitting the market, it is easy to overlook the baby of the One family. The HTC One V might not pack the same power but it does include all the same Sense 4 functionality and packages it in a design that harkens back to classic HTC offerings. The handset is now available from Canada’s SaskTel and residents of the Great White North can pick it up for free on a three-year contract. Those not looking for a commitment can snag the One V for $269.99 outright. The One V features a 3.7-inch display, 5MP camera and 1GHz single-core Snapdragon processor, making it a desirable option for anyone seeking a budget Android device.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. Ouch! Locked in for three years for that?!?

    1. it’s a 3-year contract but I think they can still upgrade after 2 years. still, it’s a long time to be with that one lol

  2. Should be free on a 2 yr contract. For 3 yrs they need to give you 100.00 cash back.

    1. $100? try $250. I wouldn’t even take $100 to have a free phone for 3 years no matter who or what phone, even if it was an iphone which I could resell to get an android phone free.

  3. 3 years? Think back to what device you had 3 years ago. Me? The G1….Laughable by this weeks standards.

  4. Not even with a barge pole would I touch that.

  5. Anyone willing to take this on a 3 year contract needs taking outside and shooting

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