Will the North American Galaxy S III feature both Exynos and LTE? Google ad seems to say so


OK, maybe we’re relying a bit too much on advertising for the latest scoops these days, but if you can’t trust those trying to sell you product by all means necessary, then who can you? That was a joke. You can never trust a marketing campaign to relay the facts as they actually are, but that’s not stopping us from at least humoring the content of a recent Google ad for the Samsung Galaxy S III on Rogers.

While most information has us believing that the North American version of the Galaxy S III will feature a Snapdragon S4 processor in order to avoid LTE radio issues, the ad claims that that phone (on Rogers at least) will ship with an Exynos chip while maintaining the same 4G connectivity. The use of the words “new Exynos processor” suggests we’re dealing with the quad-core version unveiled alongside the GS3.

Still, it wouldn’t be earth shattering to learn that a marketer has supplied us with the wrong information, whether intentionally or not. We’d say take this bit of info with a pinch of salt. Then file it away under “maybe” or even “wishful thinking.”

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. I would take that with a grain of salt lol

    1. Yes one huge grain of salt lol.

      1. Sea salt

        1. Pulled from the bottom of the sea with a full moon shining down.

  2. Seems unlikely, but even so the S4 is still more than enough power for whatever I’ll be using my phone for.

    1. I want either Exynos 4 Quad or Exynos 5 DUO . S4 is so generic :D

    2. I think these processors are powerful enough now to finally quiet the processor gripes.

      For me the GS3 and its 4cores is more about depth of capabilities more than it is speed and raw power.

  3. I could not care less if the U.S. S3 variant DIDN’T have Exynos, as the S4 is more than capable. I also wouldn’t even care much if LTE didn’t make it, because I don’t use huge amounts of overpriced data – when I need fast & unlimited I just use free WiFi instead, and will continue to do so until cell data is priced better.

    The one thing about the U.S. S3 variants I do care about, and am eagerly awaiting leaks for, is the physical form redesign. The international “Bar of Soap” design is not quite fugly, but it isn’t pretty either. I can’t stand the physical home button either. I want it either all-capacitive, or completely button-less ala the sexy GNexus. So, basically, I just want a prettier S3, with or without Exynos & LTE.

    1. dont worry. the US carriers will be glad to remove that home button for you… and replace it with their logo.

    2. I can live with that button (though I don’t much like it either) as long as I get the Exynos processor. I don’t much care whether or not I get LTE either. Not a big deal for me.

    3. Jason,

      Did you go to BHS? I knew a guy by that name in High School…dude had epic hair.

      On-topic: Would love to see on-screen keys for the US (or at least VZW) variant.

      1. Sorry, nope. Went to WHS almost 20 years ago.

  4. Why not to use a separate LTE chip on the GS3 with Exynos processor?

    1. Battery life. IIRC, the separate LTE chip is what’s kept the pre-S4 crop of LTE phones from having decent battery life, absent a massive battery pack like the MAXX. The S4’s proven itself quite capable in the battery and performance category, so it stands to reason that Samsung might use it for North America in the short term as they prepare their own LTE SoC for the future.

  5. If it is indeed 4G LTE AND Exynos… well then that phone my friends is certainly the business, no matter how much black it lacks in the bezel (wtf was that decision about?).

  6. Samsung is working on their own LTE chip for Exynos. Or they can use new Qualcomm MDM9615 3G/4G chip that can work with non-snapdragon processors. But that will arrive much later this year, at least for US, maybe in phones like next Nexus or refreshed GS3. So I think they will use S4 in the first US variants of GS3.

  7. I hope this is correct or someone may be getting a call from the FTC. Of course this is only Rogers so unless we see a U.S. telecommunications company advertising the same I doubt the FTC has much power.

    1. US FTC has no jurisdiction on a Canadian company selling products and services only to Canadian residents.

      1. Did you read my whole comment? Specifically the part where I mention a U.S. telecommunications company?

  8. OMG. This would be AWESOME if it were true. It would really be the phone of the year. But I hope they change the design and build by then, too,

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