AT&T’s HTC One X has been rooted, bootloader remains locked


AT&T has made it clear that there are no plans to offer an official bootloader unlock forits HTC One X, but that hasn’t stopped the industrious folk of xda-developers from successfully rooting the device. Nothing usually does.

The bootloader is still in lock down, making it all but impossible to flash custom ROMs onto the handset, but root is not without benefits. Users with superuser access can clear the phone of AT&T bloatware with an app like Titanium Backup and gain the ability to overclock the One X’s dual-core Snapdragon CPU. From what we are seeing it is not too difficult a process to perform, either. Head on over to the source link below for the instructions and more info.

[xda via TheVerge]

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  1. S-OFF this Bad Boy and We all Fly

  2. AT&T blows

  3. Don’t custom roms pop up for bootloader locked phones anyways? or is it only after the devs find tricky work around the system?

  4. Ask tony stark to remove it!

  5. They have to do a work around.

  6. “making it all but impossible to flash custom ROMs onto the handset”


    Custom ROMs CAN be flashed onto phone with locked bootloaders, as long as you have root and a custom recovery.

    Custom KERNELS and RADIOS cannot be flashed onto a device with a locked bootloader. That’s all it stops you from doing.

    1. According to the sources at XDA, you can’t use this to install a custom recovery yet, and you therefore can’t use this to install roms.

      The information in the article seems perfectly cromulent. -.^

      1. +1 for cromulent. :)

        Motorola devices have locked bootloaders, but there is a “2nd init trick” used to work around it, and even give a recovery mode (initated from a booted state only).

        Not perfect and often a major pain, but the world is full of potential tricks.

        My guess is that someone will figure out how to S-Off or work around the lock. HTC might even leak a method, behind their customer AT&T’s back.

        HTC to AT&T: “Huh ? What ? How do you know one of YOUR employees didn’t leak the trick ?”

  7. Um…doesn’t the htc one x run a tegra 3 quadcore and not a dual core ? I thinks you got your htc one mixed up with the s not the x

    1. AT&T and Sprint versions run on the S4 Krait which is a dual-core CPU SoC.

      1. Tell us something we did not know?
        If you are saying Quad-core > Dual-core cuz of the cores, you fail.

        1. Why don’t you read the comment that I responded to? That will help you fully comprehend why I said what I said. Imbecile.

  8. One x on at&t is dual core

  9. I myself will only buy phone that can be custom rommed and if HTC will be difficult for end users the. I will never buy HTC. Why the carriers have that much pull to the manufacturer I do not know

    1. You can flash custom roms on a phone with a locked bootloader.

    2. Because in the US the carriers are the real customers, not the end users.

      In countries where there is not a culture of credit (ie subsidized phones) and where consumer protections against monopolies are stronger, the end users are the customers and the carriers tend to be more commodity phone & Internet pipes and offer better prices with no contracts.

      IMO this is a case where the “flavor” of capitalism is good for large corporations and not so good for most people.

  10. What do they care what you do with a device you paid for? Shame on att.

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