Sprint Exec Confirms HTC EVO 3D Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolling Out In June


In an interview with Sprint posted earlier today, the folks at Engadget casually went over some highlights for the HTC EVO 4G LTE and HTC EVO V. But not only that, they were also able to gain some valuable intel regarding the ICS update for the EVO 3D as well. During the interview (around the 6:30 mark), Sprint’s VP of Product David Owens let slip that June will be the lucky month Sprint intends to rollout Ice Cream Sandwich onto the EVO 3D.

Up until now, we’ve heard no official release date from Sprint (although, we received tips that the rollout will unofficially begin this month) on exactly when EVO 3D users should be expecting Android 4.0 to rollout for their devices. EVO 3D owners will not only be able to enjoy an updated firmware but the new features in Sense 3.6 as well. Not much longer, guys!

[Engadget | Via HTC EVO 3D Forums]

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PSA: If You Wear Blue Jeans, Stay Away from the White HTC One X (Black X Is Okay)

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  1. Wow. Just in time for me to have the Evolte….

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I will skyway have the One X by then

  2. So, we the owner of the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, we`ll have ICS update on February 31 next year according to Double S ( Samsung and Sprint)……

    1. The epic touch has over 30 ICS leaks. The latest leak is 4.0.4 and almost final. Rumor has that it will be release on May 21st

      1. Thanks, but I don’t believe both Samsung nor Sprint. But that’s good news.

      2. And if memory serves, there were numerous Gingerbread leaks for the original Epic at least 2 whole months before it was officially released. Point being, the number of leaks available means pretty much nothing in regards to official release.

        1. This is different. The epic wasnt as big as the epic touch. The epic leaks had many bugs and the latest epic touch have no major bugs except some really minor bugs.

  3. Which seems bitter sweet now …
    I’m rooted with MeanROM AnthraX pulling
    5014 on quadrant. Just saying I might as well wait for the meanROM ICS version. One thing sprint taught me, how to wait…

  4. I had to come back and post … what do you guys think about this guy from Engadget? pins in his face, tongue, and ear. Hair cut like a Mohawk. dog collar, pretty crappy clothing.
    Maybe i’m getting old but this guy is just gross!!

    1. That’s a woman, which somehow makes it worse.

      1. Yes its Myriam from Endgadget, and she is a woman.

        1. a woman? dear god my eyes!

          1. You are nasty. Everybody is unique. You may be gross according to some.

    2. my eyes

    3. i’m not too concerned about what the people look like, i just care about my Evo3D getting the ICS update.

    4. Who cares as long as she asks the right questions and communicates it well. Why should it matter to you, you guys don’t live together so what is the point ?

    5. I see where you’re coming from, but I think that all should be secondary to (or maybe not a factor at all depending on) how well a person performs his/her job.

  5. i got sick of waiting…I flashed ViperROM’s ICS and its awesome.

  6. Yaaay! can’t wait!

  7. Well that’s good I guess

  8. What about the GSM version? My little cousin has one he uses with T-Mobile. Is that one getting ICS??

  9. Awesome. I think the EVO 3D has been one of the best kept Android secrets for a long time now (owing NOTHING to 3D). And, due to it’s robust specs, it’s got a lot of life left in it (despite being on the, errr …., end-of-life list ).

  10. I have to say I think that’s the point. She doesn’t want people looking at her as pretty object, she wants you to listen to what she has to say, and If she wasn’t a cool person she’d probably go tell you to poke out your souless eyes so you can be more like Joan Rivers… Blind,old, and judgemental, at least she is very funny and entertaining which you are not…I’m just saying, oops sorry would have worked a lot better than the rest of these posts… morons…

  11. On a logical note, great to here been waiting for this, I think I’ll take it OTA stock and deal with bloatware eliminate mission on my own. Thx for info.

  12. July 4th and still no ics for my evo 3d

  13. since upgraded to ics, my HTC 3D evo couldn’t installing new aplications anymore, and couldnt update old application, internet network was good and i could open my opera mini n my email. Would you like to tell me why?

  14. 2Day is July 9 and still no ICS update for my Evo 3D …..a lil annoyed with sprint =:(

  15. july 12th still no ics or sense 3.6 my evo is dead to me

  16. Just received ICS this morning in Milwaukee for EVO 3D!

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