New Image of Sprint’s Samsung SPH-L300 Leaked – S4 Processor, NFC and Android 4.0.4


It was only yesterday, a “user agent profile” for what is believed to be Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S3 variant (SPH-L710), leaked all over the interwebs and now today — we have this. No, that’s not the Nexus One. What you’re looking at in the above image is the SPH-L300, a mid-level device from Samsung that looks to rival the HTC One S on T-Mobile.

Other than the clear design departure from anything we’ve seen from Samsung — or any other manufacturer for that matter — the SPH-L300 will come with the snappy Qualcomm S4 dual-core processor, 800×480 resolution display, 5MP camera, 4GB internal storage, 1GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC capabilities and running on Android 4.0.4. Oh, and because we’re talking about Sprint here, you can expect Google Wallet to come pre-installed as well.

You’ll notice the capacitive buttons are along the bottom aluminum area of the phone. The strange/sexy(?) looking device is said to be launching on Sprint in the very near future and if I had to guess, will debut at around $100.


Chris Chavez
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  1. Looks like a Transform with a makeover. No me gusta.

  2. too much bezel, looks like an optimus s

    1. The Optimus has twice the amount of bezel. LG has cleverly proportioned the black and the plastic areas to make it look smaller.

  3. Holy bezel batman!

    1. My thoughts exactly! The thing needs GPS radios at both ends !

  4. Quad core gs3

    1. Yeah, it gives claim to either an A9-quad with LTE, or the Exynos A15 w/lte. Because it’d be pretty weird having the S III, and this rocking the same processor.

      1. Good point!

  5. For the win

  6. 480×800 w/ 5MP cam, how does that even begin to rival the qHD display and camera capabilities of the One S?

    on a lighter note, it’s nice to see everyone’s releasing phones with one of the best (if not the best) dual-core processors on the market

    1. qHD is only a few pixels more than a WVGA -_-

      1. ….yea, i got a little ahead of myself. *epic facepalm*

        1. you didnt. qHD looks much better than wvga and its definitely more than a few pixels

      2. qHD is 35% more pixels than WVGA. That’s nearly the difference between 720p displays and qHD (50%). That’s more than “a few pixels”, especially on a 4 to 4.3 inch screen.

  7. Looks horrible. Like something Huawei would have made.

  8. reminds me to much of the Moment…..

  9. So much bezel

  10. It’s so depressing that mid-range devices completely blow my phone out of the water now.

    I need to upgrade.

    1. i think the same thing and then i use my nexus s and realize that its speed rivals even a stock galaxy s2 at times. i don’t need the newest phone as long as mine can run smoothly for my purposes.

      1. You mean Galaxy S since nexus s and galaxy s are the same thing…

        1. yeah basically! in fact i just compared my nexus/galaxy s running aokp with my brother’s galaxy s2 running aokp and they were almost the same speed. obviously ram limitations caused a little bit of a difference on the older phone.

          1. my wife has the nexus s 4g and it’s not even remotely close to as fast as the epic touch, I’m not saying the nexus s is slow. What sgs2 are you comparing it to?

          2. im comparing it to a galaxy s2 on att! im sure there are other factors involved but my point is that older phones can last a long time with custom software.

          3. Skyrocket or the normal s2 with the exynos?

            Sent from my Galaxy S II

          4. normal s2 with exynos

  11. This looks like an ugly HTC phone.

  12. Cool!! Resembles the Nexus 1. I still think that was the best looking phone.

    1. yeah… I think I can agree to that.

  13. Lets just hope and pray Sprints version of the Galaxy SIII isn’t FUGLY like that.

  14. It looks decent… I thought it might be Sprints variant of the S3 :-(

  15. Hey! For $100 this is a well specced smartphone. Really? How much could one hope for with such a cheap price tag. If it gets someone into the smartphone world, with Android 4.0, and an S4 processor then yippy for that person!!!

    1. wtfreak… 100 dollars? for the s4? wow

      ps – didn’t read the article all the way lol

      1. Debuting at $100 on a contract.

        Words of advice, if you’re gonna spend 2 years with a phone, don’t skimp out on the phone itself since you’ll be paying 80% of its cost monthly anyways.

  16. When you consider the One S has a qHD screen, the 8mp Imagesense camera tech, and 16GB of storage…it is in no way “rivaled” by this Samsung. This phone is decidedly mid-range. The One S is a high-end phone trying it’s best to masquerade as mid-range. In fact, the only phones in the US with better screens are the One X, GNote, and GNex. The One S matches or beats all 3 of those phones in every other aspect.

  17. Samsung, quit using that 480×800!!

  18. What happened to the battery cover on this guys sgs2? Lol

  19. mid-range devices now equipped with S4 Krait processors. Wow!! :)

  20. it’s like htc and samsung had a baby.the top looks like samsung’s and the bottom is from htc.

  21. Reminds me of the Samsung Moment actually. http://www.android.com/devices/images/device/samsung-moment/large/0 And with it being as thick as it is, it’s possible this one does have a keyboard as well.

  22. so [*] sick of the menu button on samsungs… man, WTF, it’s 2012.

    1. So they should get rid of the menu button, forcing you to use an onscreen button in older apps that do not have a built in menu. And the onscreen button will only be the menu button?

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