May 9th, 2012

Buyer beware. Seeing as how the HTC One X is a hot ticket item, and sales for the device will no doubt go up now that the Galaxy S3 has been demystified, a lot of Android users are looking towards the X for their next smartphone purchase. HTC was kind enough to offer the One X in 2 colors — both black and white versions — and you may have wondered to yourself which color you planned on picking up. But before you do, you should know: blue jeans and a white HTC One X do not a happy Android make (as documented by a user over on Reddit).

Because of the matte finish found on the One X’s polycarbonate casing, the white version is picking up grime faster than a night out on the town with Lindsay Lohan. This has been mentioned in a few reviews online, and it’s even alluded to in HTC’s user manual for the device — but I just wanted to make sure all of our readers were aware. If you simply must have a white HTC One here are a few suggestions to keep you white One X looking like new:

  • Wear white jeans (cut-offs, preferably)
  • Keep an open ziplock baggie in your pocket
  • Stock up on alcohol wipes
  • Buy a form fitting case (not white)
  • Get the black HTC One X

It should be said that while most of the dye from jeans will come off with a bit of Windex (seriously, Windex is great for everything), it will not completely remove the dye and over time, it will add up, making your gleaming white device a little.. dingy. I’ve noticed this “problem” and even mentioned it in my last case video. Light colored materials with a matte surface aren’t always the best idea.

Will this influence anyone’s decision on buying the white version of the HTC One X? I can tell you this —  it’s definitely changed my mind. Black it is.

Thanks, Corey!

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