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PSA: If You Wear Blue Jeans, Stay Away from the White HTC One X (Black X Is Okay)


Buyer beware. Seeing as how the HTC One X is a hot ticket item, and sales for the device will no doubt go up now that the Galaxy S3 has been demystified, a lot of Android users are looking towards the X for their next smartphone purchase. HTC was kind enough to offer the One X in 2 colors — both black and white versions — and you may have wondered to yourself which color you planned on picking up. But before you do, you should know: blue jeans and a white HTC One X do not a happy Android make (as documented by a user over on Reddit).

Because of the matte finish found on the One X’s polycarbonate casing, the white version is picking up grime faster than a night out on the town with Lindsay Lohan. This has been mentioned in a few reviews online, and it’s even alluded to in HTC’s user manual for the device — but I just wanted to make sure all of our readers were aware. If you simply must have a white HTC One here are a few suggestions to keep you white One X looking like new:

  • Wear white jeans (cut-offs, preferably)
  • Keep an open ziplock baggie in your pocket
  • Stock up on alcohol wipes
  • Buy a form fitting case (not white)
  • Get the black HTC One X

It should be said that while most of the dye from jeans will come off with a bit of Windex (seriously, Windex is great for everything), it will not completely remove the dye and over time, it will add up, making your gleaming white device a little.. dingy. I’ve noticed this “problem” and even mentioned it in my last case video. Light colored materials with a matte surface aren’t always the best idea.

Will this influence anyone’s decision on buying the white version of the HTC One X? I can tell you this —  it’s definitely changed my mind. Black it is.

Thanks, Corey!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. LOL

  2. Nice zinger on Lohan haha.

    1. Hahahahahahha ummm ok

  3. What’s is the obsession with how a device looks?

    Do your parents know about this?

    1. I think you forgot the /s, because it’s kinda hard to tell from your question.

    2. I’ve always believed that technology and art go hand-in-hand. Design is always a deciding factor for me whether it comes to phones, cars, computers or girls. I must be really shallow T_T

      1. This might explain why Chrysler is still in business.

      2. Also, it reminds of the Simpson’s episode where Lisa make the Lionheart Lisa doll, only to be overshadowed by the new Malibu Stacy doll only because it has a new hat.

        You’re a marketer’s wet dream…..Make is shiny and with a new hat, and the gullible will buy it.

        Welcome to America.

        1. As opposed to what? Leave designs unfinished with all of the beauty of a Soviet tractor?

          And make personal remarks about anyone who doesn’t share your Eastern Block sense of asthetics?

          1. Eastern Block? Welcome to 1947……

          2. Thanks, I prefer the present.

    3. Not sure what parents have to do with a grown man’s choices on phone color.

      1. If my children valued form before function, I would be greatly disappointed.

        1. If your children learn that form follows function that would be something.

  4. alluded to, not “eluded” to
    edit: not alluded, but hinted at

    1. Thanks for catching that. :)

  5. Can we stop using the word “poly-carbonate” and just fricken say plastic?

    1. No. It’s more than plastic.

    2. Plastic makes you think water bottle.

      Polycarbonate makes you think… toughness (riot shields are made of the same stuff).

    3. Poly-carbonate is different than plastic.

      1. A plastic material is any of a wide range of synthetic or semi-syntheticorganic solids that are moldable. Plastics are typically organic polymers of high molecular mass, but they often contain other substances. They are usually synthetic, most commonly derived from petrochemicals, but many are partially natural.

        1. (geology) any deformation caused by a sustained force

  6. Odd. I wear jeans every day and have no marks.

    1. Depends on the color and how many times you’ve washed ’em. My dark blue Levi’s stain up anything in my pockets and I’ve washed them countless times..

      1. It even depends more than just how many you’ve washed them, but simply on the type of jean.

        find the discussion.

  7. Design is never a deciding factor for me unless it’s pretty much going to be shown off. As long as my tv has a great picture, as long as my computer is fast, as long as my phone has what I want and does what I want comfortably, I don’t care what they look like. Other than any of them being pink maybe, but you get the picture. The way I see it, if I wanted pretty, I’d be buying apple products.

  8. YAY, IT’S MY TIP!

    As i’ve been following the news on the One X for the last # months. I’m pretty sure I am gonna get it. Now I’ve just been trying to figure out where I’m gonna find $200 bucks to burn, and which color to get.

    I think i’ve figured out which color I’m gonna get now.

  9. Lana Del Rey and Blue Jeans hahaha of course

  10. Use a case with a holster. Never have a problem with that kind of stuff and my battery lasts longer thanks to it.

    1. heh case with a holster. You’re one of those people….

      No wait.. what? An old timer wearing a holster phone and thinks by doing that the battery lasts longer? Hahahaha.

      1. Well considering your body emits heat which is a battery and processor’s worst enemy, it’s not necessarily wrong. Leave your phone in a cold room and you’d be surprised how long the battery lasts. I don’t consider myself particularly old, 29 that is. I’ve just dealt a lot with repairing computers and tweaking my phone till I get the battery life I want.

        1. I don’t know about the cold part, as batteries behave well in temperate climates. Cold makes battery life suffer, and heat can cause other problems, mostly related to frying surrounding components.

          Unused batteries can retain a charge better in a cold environment, but when a current is being generated the process by which the battery discharges takes a hit in performance. The best temperature is a moderate one in which the battery can function without extremes. Cold will not make your battery last longer in your phone.

  11. Sounds like some cheap as jeans, I mean seriously bleeding jeans?!

    1. It’s not really a being cheap issue.

      People that wear new jeans of all prices with white shoes know this problem well.

      I’ve had new, $200 Ralph Lauren jeans bleed into white shoes. It a regular and common issue when you mix new, never been washed jeans with white items, whether the jeans are cheap or expensive

    2. you have go to be really poor to say that

  12. White is overrated anyways.

  13. HEY! James G. Next time you feel like you just have to open your mouth and try to poop all over the author, get your facts strait. It’s not at all plastic, it’s actually a form of latex. Over time even if you dont stick it in your jeans if. will be nasty yellow shade of yellow from the oils in your skin. I owned a X and a X2 and I work in a clean room, as t work I where gloves all day, I was originally wearing latex gloves and it was turning the phones yellow. I switched to blue nitral gloves and no staining.

    1. You know your poly’s O_o

  14. clear plastic slim case. Problem solved.

  15. White power!

  16. Girl look at dat body..

  17. Gosh that camera lens is soooo dorky looking!!! That girl has nice legs though!!!

    1. Her name is Lana. o_o

      1. i want her O_o

  18. nice body…both.

  19. Well the EvoLTE won’t have this problem

    1. Too bad it’s ugly, just my opinion. It looks like a franken-phone. Half matte, half gloss (I’m sure someone will sell aftermarket matte tops, but still), random metal edge, etc. Taste is subjective though.

    2. I would take the Evo over the One X. They had me at microSD.

  20. White One X with slim-fit white case. Keep in jeans pocket with screen facing leg (of course). No marks.

  21. Why Blame ONE X for Cheap Jeans which bleed in colours

  22. free phone , who cares.

  23. I’ve had this problem before on the galaxy tab with a fabric case that was transferring dye – the fix for this was simple – Retr0bright! – http://retr0bright.wikispaces.com/

    Basically it’s peroxide + vanish/oxyclean. I used a creme peroxide that you get for bleaching hair, mixed it with some vanish and left it on for a while – wipe it off and you get your lovely clean white finish back!

    1. Disclaimer: The galaxy tab has a glossy polycarbonate case, different to the white matte finish, so please test this on a small inconspicuous area before using this all over the phone.

  24. Gosh! Cone on! That is a cheap $5 jeans! That’s why!

    1. expensive jeans bleed as well

      1. when you don’t wash them…to be perfectly honest if you are putting your phone in your BACK pocket the least of your concerns is it turning blue. Front pockets are made of poly and cotton so how about not being an idiot and putting your $200 phone in your front pocket and not the one you sit on all day

  25. Jeans typically have white cotton pockets in the front. Back pockets are usually jean material. Just buy quality jeans that don’t bleed color, and/or keep the phone in your front pocket.

  26. I don’t like anything in my pockets besides money, ID and bankcards so I rock a holster/case combo. Problem solved.

  27. I don’t see why anyone would want a white phone anyway. Sure they look nice when they’re clean, but they get dirty really fast and look terrible real fast. And if you have to put a case on it, what’s the point of it being white? And if it’s a clear case, what’s the point of it being thin?

  28. To get the rest of the Blue tint off from the Phone, try using an Eracer from a pencil or those big individual ones.

  29. Anyone else automatically thought Lana Del Rey + her song blue jeans?

  30. Considering my jeans are always faded, won’t be a problem for me.

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