Quad-core LG LS970 headed to Sprint with 4.7-inch display?


What we have here is our first look at the “G” from LG, a handset said to be destined for Sprint’s airwaves. But it’s not just any old G, the LG LS970 is a quad-core powerhouse with a 4.7-inch HD display and Ice Cream Sandwich. It is even said to couple LTE connectivity with its 1.5GHz CPU, which means we are likely dealing with a newer processor platform. Currently available quad-core chips don’t have built-in LTE support, but silicon available later in the year will support the next-gen network tech. This makes the TI OMAP5 a likely candidate.

Unfortunately if you are an LG fan and these specs sound like just the answer to the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III, the LG G LS970 isn’t slated for release until the last quarter of 2012. But will its power look so abundant at that point in time? Don’t miss the boat, LG. We’re pulling for you.

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  1. Wow! Hopefully this has 2GB of RAM like that other LG phone announced the other day.

  2. And maybe a true HD (1080p) screen

  3. cant be TI, they already announced that they have no plans for a quad core variant on their OMAP 5 series.

    My best guess would either be a quad core variant of the qualcomm s4 chipsets, which would explain the LTE compatibility, as well as the release date at the end of the year. if its the s4, it’ll be the first quad core chipset on the market running Cortex A15 based architecture, which will, more or less blow away the competition until either sammy comes out with their quad core Exynos 5, or TI comes out with their OMAP 6.

    Equally likely would be the nvidia tegra 3.3. I do believe nvidia said they were planning on baking in LTE to the 3.3 variant, not sure off the top of my head, and that SHOULD be coming out near middle end of this year…

    1. Wrong, the first OMAP 5s will be dual core but the later ones could be quad.

      1. giant mutant space hamsters could come down and destroy the human race tomororw, but Im not couting on it.

        m projections are based on the fact that TI has made it very clear that they would not be offering a quad core variant of their OMAP 5 chipset line anytime in 2012.

    2. and again, no A15 cores in S4. Krait is their own arhitecture.

      1. The Qualcomm Krait Architechure is not a stock Cortex A15 core, but it is based on the A15 architecture with various customizations from qualcomm, since they have a license which allows them to modify the existing A15 architecture. This is why we call the krait architecture “A15 based”, whereas similar offerings by TI, nvidia, sammy, etc. can be called A15 cores, as they utilize stock A15 cores, as their license only allows them to incorporate the stock cores into their respective chipsets.

        similarly, the forerunning qualcomm scoprpion is “Cortex A8 based”… interestingly enough, their cutomized version of the A8 core outperforms stock offerings of the A9 architecture, which leads me to believe, qualcomms quad core S4 variant willoutperform similar chipsets by a significant margin…that is all speculation however..

  4. Don’t feel like waiting until the end of the year for this…

  5. IMAP 5 will wipe the floor from early tech demos but last quarter seems closer to Tegra 4 as well.

  6. OMAP 5 * powerful cpu

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