FlipBoard for Android pulled from Galaxy S III, available for all


FlipBoard for Android sure looked good while on display at Samsung’s Galaxy S III launch event. The social feed reader is locked down to launch on the new flagship handset, but that didn’t stop one sneaky member of xda-developers from pulling the APK from a Galaxy S III demo unit and making it available for all Android users to download. User Valecho is the man the responsible for bringing the once iPad-exclusive app to all a bit early.

FlipBoard combines Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader streams to create a “social magazine.” Even though it is created on the fly from sources of your choosing this “magazine” still manages to make thing visually compelling. If you want to see how it looks for yourself, the XDA link below has what you need.

[xda-developers via NetbookNews]


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  1. lol isn’t that illegal?
    no wonder why people dont like devleoping for Android.. you can virtually take anything so easily….:(

    1. True. You either have to make your app free (so it doesn’t matter) or use a ton of DRM (market check and custom).

    2. what exactly is illegal ? nothing.

      1. Well the makers of the Flipboard probably have some sort of agreement with Samsung. Flipboard should remain GS III exclusive for some time. I don’t know if it’s illegal, but it’s not fair. Remember Shadowgun? It was Tegra 2 exclusive for few week prior to the rest of Android devices. Sort of Killer app ;-)

    3. It’s no different from all the other DRM issues. The game has changed, the power and control is no longer with the sellers, it’s with the buyers, and the companies pushing this stuff need to change their business model to accommodate that change. One of those changes is no exclusive deals that prevent most people using the product purely for marketing reasons.

  2. twitter? no thanks.
    failbook? nope.
    google reader? i use other rss readers.

    sounds like a magazine full of short-attention span garbage for tweens.

      1. “nuh uh – you are”

        1. Hummm you lose, it’s a pretty awesome rss reader too.

    1. Jason has no friends..

      1. Jason my homie! just dont agree with ya on this one man! :)

  3. It’s awesome

  4. Haha XDA rules

  5. This must be majorly annoying for Flipboard as they it looked like they were going for the instagram route of building hype for the android offering.

    I imagine there’s will be fall out for this and I assume this is only the beginning of a longer story.

  6. That can only blame Flipboard! Why make it only for S3! Serve Flipboard right up its anus! It’s a big FlipFLOP marketing…

    1. Imagine Samsung “loans” its android engineers to Flipboard to help it write an android client. Samsung only asks for a short-term exclusivity (one month? Two?) Flipbook gets to to expand into android. Samsung gets a new app and publicity for the exclusive access. Both sides win.

      The customers win too. Had Samsung not offered the coding help, it might have been much longer of a wait.

  7. Actually, Flipboard can make it easy for itself by just charge a minimum fee of, let’s say; $0.99 for all Android users. I’m sure everyone will purchase it without a blink!

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