HTC MediaLink First Look [CTIA 2012]


HTC’s MediaLink is another entry into what seems to be all the rage these days: wireless 1-to-1 mirroring. Using HDMI and WiFi (and a proprietary wireless technology for when you don’t have access to WiFi), the HTC MediaLink will allow HTC One users to to watch any of their content, play any of their games, and use any app on the big screen without having to tether your phone to the TV using an HDMI cable.

The unit is a smallish device that has a USB port for charging and an HDMI port. Wireless receivers inside will bring the video over and push it through that HDMI cable. It was a really smooth and easy process. To activate it, all I had to do was swipe up with three fingers. Conversely, swiping down with three fingers will disconnect the device from MediaLink.

The device was mirrored onto the TV within a second and everyone could see what I was doing (definitely SFW). If you do it while watching the video there may be a bit of delay for buffering, but even on the demo’s WiFi network, which don’t always work nicely with all the signals whizzing around in the air, it resumed playback on the television in a reasonable amount of time.

What was even cooler was the ability to continue watching the movie on the television as you go back to your device’s homescreen to use other apps. The accessory truly is great. I wish we could get this on all phones, but it’s exclusive to HTC One devices and chances are that not even HTC’s older phones will ever be able to take advantage ofit. As for pricing and availability, details haven’t been given just yet but HTC assures us the accessory will make its way to store shelves for under $100. Watch the video above.

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  1. Sharing across devices is getting easier and easier. This is exciting and I hope this technology comes built into the TV’s and phones of tomorrow.

  2. Better yet, I wish we could get a standard so this could be included in all TVs/Monitors. Allowing any phone to be linked with any TV.

  3. I concur with itchy robot it would be nice to see all phones, tablets and notebooks adopt the same standard like WiDi or something similar. Barring that I’d like to see a head to head between Media Link HD and All share cast from Samsung.

  4. Proprietary HTC = FAIL
    Things that only work on one manufacturers phones don’t succeed, unless your apple.
    We need an open wifi video streaming standard for android devices

    1. I can see this being hacked and opened up to other phones. And I shall await for that very thing to happen.

    2. its called wifi display, the standard is still being worked on expect to hear about it soon, the Wifi alliance said mid 2012. Expect it to work on the Galaxy Nexus

  5. $99.99 is below $100. But I don’t think I have to worry about HTC doing something sinister lyk that. Seems pretty nifty. Wonder if this could be hacked to allow me to use it? LoL!!

  6. An HTC rep came by the T-Mobile call center the other day showcasing one of these. Very impressive.

  7. If it doesn’t work on the Rezound and Vivid at least then that is a major FAIL. It should work on all recent HTC devices really..

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