Google Play Store Reaches 15 Billion Downloads Milestone (Weeks Ago)


An independent UK newspaper ran a story on Sunday reporting that the Google was fast approaching 15 billion apps downloaded from their Google Play Store. As it turns out, it was actually old news. A Google spokesperson reached out to TechCrunch, letting them know that they had actually reached that 15 billion downloads milestone “weeks ago.”

It was only back in January when Google proudly announced 11 billion downloads in their then “Android Market,” followed by a discounted app sale. In comparison, Apple’s App Store reached 15 billion app downloads in July of last year with the most recent number hitting 25 billion downloaded this past March.

When it comes to actual revenue from app sales, Google expects to make around $35.9 million this year, as revealed in documents from their Google trial with Oracle. We’ll still have to wait and see what Google’s updated figures are at a later time.

Now, I think it’s time for another 25 cent app sale. Whose with me?

[TechCrunch | Gamasutra]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Im all about it. Discounted apps for all!

  2. “An independent UK newspaper” I see what you did there, it was the Independent on Sunday

  3. I stopped reading Techcrunch after they posted an article saying Android was on it’s last leg and iOS was going to dominate without competition. The ifanwannabejournalist based the entire article on 1 quarter worth of data, which has been shown recently to have been only a momentary spike in sales.

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