Android Overload: Google Calls For Mistrial In Oracle Case, Another Leaked ICS Build For HTC Rezound and More


CTIA is in full effect and along with that came droves of industry and app/developer related news. Since we couldn’t possible feature it all on our front page, we left the questionable ones here, in the Android Overload, for you guys to give the final verdict. If you find a gem, let us know!

  • Verizon’s 4G LTE “Double Data” promo will end on June 3rd. [DroidLife]
  • MasterCard introduces new PayPass Wallet Services. A slap to Google Wallet’s face. [Engadget]
  • Sony open sources music player and 8 Game extensions for Sony SmartWatch. [Sony]
  • More Facebook users visit the site via their smartphones vs computer. [Reuters]
  • Google controls which which AT&T devices receive updates? No. [SFGate]
  • State of Nevada approves Google’s self-driving cars. [Reuters]
  • HTC Rezound gets another leaked Ice Cream Sandwich build (3.14.605.5). [AndroidPolice]
  • Sony Hayabusa (LT29i) leaked in blurry pics. [PhoneArena]
  • US carriers want to move away from subsidies — but it will likely never happen. [WSJ via Reddit]
  • Verizon and Color sign exclusive HD video chat deal. [TalkAndroid]
  • Angry Birds made Rovio $106 million in 2011. [BGR]
  • Google calls for mistrial after jury says Android stole from Java in Oracle trial. [Wired]
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  1. Really? Non working links AGAIN? How hard is it to make sure 10 or so links work? Both of the Reuters links don’t work, and neither do the last 3 links. Seriously, I’ve noticed with every single one of these Android Overload articles, there’s at least 1 link that never works because you’ve affixed the url to the link immediately after the url for this page. Every single time. I’d be more than happy to do 1 minute of your job to make sure the links work properly, cause all it would take is 1, maybe 2 minutes.

    1. ” I’d be more than happy to do 1 minute of your job to make sure the
      links work properly, cause all it would take is 1, maybe 2 minutes. ”


      Well, I guess 2 minutes for a 1 minute job is better than it not getting done at all… ;-)

  2. I’m fine with carriers getting out of the subsidy business if they get out of the hardware business at all and just cater to unlocked phones and lower the prices of their monthly plans accordingly. But I’m guessing they still want to control what phones run on their network and they still want to charge what they’re charging now.

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