Sprint’s Galaxy S3 Pops Up In User Agent Profile – Packs Dual-Core Processor and 16GB of Storage


It’s pretty much a given that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be arriving on all 4 major carriers in the US in some form or another. I guess the big question is exactly which “form” or — how many cores, rather — can we expect to see the device launch with stateside? Well, when it comes to Sprint, a user agent profile may have the answer to that.

PocketNow was able to dig up this UA string showing a mysterious device running on Sprint and their all new LTE network with the codename SPH-L710. From the listed specs, the device shares many of the same specs as the international Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) with only with one small difference… the inclusion of Qualcomm’s dual-core S4 processor. What’s interesting is the profile is also showing 16GB of internal memory but, can support up to 64GB of micro SD storage.

In case you were keeping track, the US score board is now showing Verizon and Sprint, possibly becoming home to the dual-core variant of the Galaxy S3. Things aren’t looking so hot for AT&T and T-Mobile. I guess the real winner in this is Qualcomm who, honestly, makes one helluva dual-core. What say you? Disappointed? Or are the amount of cores even an issue to you?

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  1. Sad, but expected. I don;t care about the CPU, but Exynos GPU demolishes everything…

    1. Would rather have the Qualcomm S4 chipset as the integrated LTE uses less power and the integrated Qualcomm chipsets tend to get better CDMA signal. I have an SGII (Epic Touch) and it’s already fast enough but the signal is not as good as my old HTC Evo. In very weak signal areas, 3G doesn’t work often for SGII but works fine with Evo – have tested it many times between the two phones.

      The S4 is nearly as fast as 4 core (faster than Tegra 3 in some cases) and is a better compromise overall. Would rather have a phone that lasts longer and gets better signal than faster than what I really need. The dual core phones are fast enough, chip makers need to start focusing on battery life and radio quality, not on cores and Ghz.

      Now for tablets, different story.

      1. EXACTLY!!

        1. S4 performs pretty much on par with Tegra 3 4 core and not much slower than Exynos…


          What apps do peoples need to run faster anyway? My SGII already runs as fast as I need, even games.

          1. Um…? The Gamecube emulator is getting ready to come out. Dohye!! LoL!! Oh my gosh imagine a Gamecube emulator.

      2. Agreed.

      3. How can you even compare or comment on the Exynos? Its not even out yet!

  2. disappointing, everyone is raving about the S4 but all the benchmarks show that it’s marginally better then the dual core exynos that is currently in the sgs2, aside from battery life. Granted, it will do everything you throw at it but I don’t want a marginal upgrade. Maybe snag the international version and check out simple mobile? Sprint’s data is down right horrendous on Long Island anyway for the most part.

    1. it is a huge upgrade from the dual core exynos in the gsII. IT is only marginally better than the tegra 3 chip.

      1. Wrong

        Sent from my Galaxy S II

        1. No, YOU are wrong. You might want to go back and do more research.

    2. No issues with my data on Long Island, but I am a little curious where people are getting this false info that S4 is only marginally better than the Exynos.

    3. Huh, most benchmarks I’ve seen show that S4 is much faster than SG2 and pretty close to quad core, beating Tegra 3 in some tests. SG2 is already pretty fast, what app do you need to run faster?

    4. No synthetic benchmarks support your fallacious claim. The benchmarks split between the S4 and the Tegra 3, and leave earlier dual cores far behind. And barking “wrong” at people doesn’t make you right. Wanting a thing to be true does not make it so.

    5. S2 has a 480×800 screen, that does make it perform higher. If it was a 720p screen like the One X or GSIII it wouldn’t have performed as well.

  3. I wonder how hard it would be to have someone port that software to the galaxy nexus? I would probably even donate to it.it would just make it really interesting

    1. You mean, you actually want TouchWiz on the Galaxy Nexus? O_o

      1. Why not? Some of us enjoy Touchwiz, especially with all of the new features they have added in the GS3.

        1. Touchwiz is most disruptive mod ever. People complain about Sense, but it was much more innovative and less “me too” than touchwiz. Plus, now Sense is super minimal. Also, Samsung totally aped HTC’s camera features, and did them worse.

          I’ll never buy Samsung, as long as they keep acting like a cloning facility. They are a cancer in the Android community

  4. Kinda disappointed but if the S4 chip does the job, then ill be fine.

  5. Guess that Quad-core Samsung does not support LTE, after all.

    1. It definitely supports it, just not the US’s weird LTE/HSPA/CDMA combo apparently. =/

      1. Or they’d have to throw in a separate LTE chip, which is probably not worth the effort. The S4 is hardly a slouch.

    2. How can it NOT support LTE when Korea has one of the fastest networks on the planet..

  6. Disappointing but understandable.

  7. At this point for my use, the only “tangible” differences between the GN and this are Gorilla Glass and an SD card expansion slot. I think I can deal with the glass issue and 32GB is a lot of music. lol IDK…Looking like a GN for me.

    1. Well, there’s also the Wolfson DAC in the S III which is pretty important for audio quality. That was a major reason I skipped the S II.

    2. Better processor in the SIII, and a much, MUCH better camera… Samsung really dropped the ball on the GN’s camera. Plus, there’s going to be a 64gb model, which will leave you with 128gb after expansion… thats just a bit larger than 32.

  8. I’d like to see the actual difference between a dual and quad core device. Do apps open faster? Can you multi-task faster? I assume quad core uses more juice?
    My gnex is pretty darn quick so I don’t see how the speed increase would justify the decrease in battery life.

    1. More cores doesn’t equal less battery life. Most of these newer quad core processors, consume less power than most single or dual core processors.

  9. If T-Mobile was smart, they would get the quad core version on their shelves as soon as humanly possible. That would be an amazing coo for them to get arguably the more desired version and to do so well before the competition.

    1. I imagine that the US GSM users will be purchasing the unlocked SGS3 models and having them imported.

      1. Yeah, I am sure that is the plan for the smartphone power user, but not the average joe. They would be the only carrier in the country to offer a subsidized that would hit all the buzz words… Quad Core! 4G! Huge freaking screen! $200!…. this is something they could do potentially months before others could get the S4 devices out the door.

        And lets be honest, most smartphone users do not care about the distinction between HSPA+ and LTE… all they see is 4G and they are happy.

        1. Of course. The same goes for ‘quad-core’ and all the other buzzwords that you mentioned. It’s purely a marketing scheme, but only the techies are the ones who pay attention to all the added details. Unfortunately for us – we’re the extreme minority.

          1. Yes but I could get an actual use out of a quad-core. Using HSPA+ on T-Mobile and LTE on At&t, other than in speedtest, I can’t tell a difference. I’m pretty sure most intelligent people would prefer the Exynos Quad-Core with HSPA+ over an S4 Dual-Core with LTE. But in America, their are so few inteligent people, it’s no wonder that we get tossed a stripped down Galaxy S III (which should be called the Galaxy S 2.5 with the downgrade in the SoC)

            T-Mobile, you are our only hope. Bring over a True Galaxy S III and not the stripped down Galaxy S 2.5 that every other carrier is getting.

  10. Wow I’m so mad that Sprint will get a S4 dual core rather then Exynos quad core, really not happy bout that Sprint let me down again.

    1. That isn’t Sprint’s fault (not directly, anyway). The Exynos doesn’t support the necessary wireless bits of Sprint’s network (i.e. LTE/CDMA combo). Therefore, they have to use the S4. The S4 is a great chip though. Of course, this also means that the HTC Evo 4G LTE is a much, much better phone on Sprint than the GSIII

      1. Strange, I thought I had seen that Samsung had already confirmed the Quad-core LTE enabled exynos for South Korean telecom companies and they supposedly use LTE/CDMA. I have not confirmed any of that though.

        1. I believe it has more too do with all the different bands the US carriers are using for LTE.

  11. I really wish they could fix this whole lack of quad core support in the US

    1. Tmo could do that if they stay with HSPA. That’s why a lot of ppL are wanting them to keep their HSPA. I for one think that’s a smooth idea. Though as of ryt now, I don’t see no reason to NEED a Quad-Core. I mean, the S4 seems to be on par with the Quad-Core. So…?

  12. some of these responses make me think a 12yr old posted them lmao..

    1. A 12-yr old probably did post it lol

  13. What a joke. looks like im keeping my sgs2 for a long time. That dual core article just totally burst my bubble. Way to go samsuck.

    1. Is your SG2 too slow? My SG2 is as fast as I need, even for gaming. S4 may not be quite as fast as 4 core but it’s close and far faster than SG2, which is hardly a slouch.

  14. Just as a rom I would. The features on the s3 seem pretty nice, also seems most are just software as well.

  15. Also you’d be able to switch to aokp Rom or stock if you got tired of the touchwiz.

  16. No quad core? No thanks

    1. What app do you use that would need it?

  17. In my opinion, and not to start anything with samsung lovers.

    Who cares? Until they drop that s amoled fake color screen and step up to the much better SLCD’s they can keep those phones. quadcore dualcore zibillioncore all crap while viewing fake colors.

  18. “In case you were keeping track, the US score board is now showing Verizon and Sprint, possibly becoming home to the dual-core variant of the Galaxy S3. Things aren’t looking so hot for AT&T and T-Mobile.”

    I’m confused–didnt they say at the top its likley coming to all 4? What isn’t looking so hot?

    1. If ATT plans to release SG3 with LTE, then it will likely use S4 chip. Is not worth adding an extra dedicated LTE chip.

  19. disappointed and a bit taken back to be honest. Sprint went with the dual core Exynos on the SII so why go “all qualcomm” now? Not to take anything away from the snapdragon…..but really? No Exynos magic?

    1. Because Sprint is going LTE and the current Exynos doesn’t have integrated LTE. It would be more expensive and a battery sucker to have a separate dedicated LTE chip – compared to S4 anyway.

      1. oh ok, i wasn’t aware of the lack of integration. thanks for the clarification.

  20. I’ve always liked htc sense, but would just like to see how these new features stack up . Be nice to see a one x variant on Verizon with a 4.7 inch screen.

  21. so, if you google the SPH-L710 model number, you’ll see that it gained wifi certification back in february (as reported by engadget here: http://www.engadget.com/2012/02/18/mobile-miscellany-week-of-february-13th-2012/). if they were getting their ducks in a row that far back, perhaps the phone will really be coming sooner rather than later. june release ftw!

    i love this stuff! it’s like a veritable scavenger hunt.

    1. truf

  22. I say show me yours Sprint and maybe I’ll show you mines.

  23. I can’t stand it when carriers have to mess up a good thing! Release the GS3 “as is” and stop f’ing with it! It’s a QUAD core phone, leave it as a QUAD core phone! Those of you bitching about battery life need to get over it and buy an extra battery or two and some extra power cords. I’ve rather have speed and performance over battery life ANY DAY!!

    1. And maybe you should get over it and realize there are actual reasons to why the US carriers are using the S4…

  24. I think its going to do just fine the fact of the matter is quad core has issues on the US networks. Snapdragon processor is a more than efficient processor, and honestly I think a lot of you phone users are asking for too much out of a phone. Theres nothing wrong with this phone and personally IMO theres nothing wrong with the screen either it just you being overly picky.

    1. Yeah I have no problems with the S4. No lag on my One X and my battery lasted 38 hours on light-moderate use but not on LTE.

  25. Yeah I’m gonna be getting the GSM Model. I’ll take HSPA+ since I’m on Tmo and we won’t be getting LTE till next year anyhow. The gain of the Exynos and GPU is way more than some stupid idea of LTE.

  26. I don’t understand – if the problem is with CDMA/LTA, why wouldn’t the GSM companies (AT&T and T-Mobile) be able to use the quad-core? Or is it just LTE in general?

    Anyway, if it comes down to it, I’ll import – HSPA+ is hell of faster than the iphone 3GS I’ve been using for 3 years.

  27. And so the fragmentation begins…why oh why Samsung!

  28. If I was Sprint, I’d avoid the Galaxy S 2.5 (as it should properly be called, after being neutered) and get the virtually identical HTC Evo 4G LTE. You’ll get a better screen, better build quality, and identical internals to the Galaxy S 2.5.

    1. i think everyone needs to calm down. We don’t know what the s3 will be in the u.s. everyone can post links to all sorts of sights and name all sorts of really great sounding reasons as to why the s3 will have a dual core and not the quad…but all those same people claimed they knew the s3 would have a 12 mp camera and so on. I hope everyone can have a little patience and hope for the best. If you don’t like it when it gets here…don’t buy it.

  29. I guess I will go with the HTC one x. I hope pocketnow is correct.

  30. You’d think this was an actual important topic based on all the dramatic comments. SMH

  31. Based on benchmarks, it doesn’t appear people will really notice much difference between the S4, the Tegra 3, and the Exynos… I’m more disappointed that the US continues to get only 16gb versions of new Android phones… The cloud storage bs isn’t good enough. I can’t be on wifi all the time and the cloud is basically useless when not on wifi because of data restrictions on all carriers. I would kill for a 64 gb SIII with a 64gb card in it.

  32. Why would one get the GS3 and not the GS2 skyrocket when they share similar specs but the GS2 skyrocket looks better..?

  33. Iphone 5 will probably be the first quad core LTE.

    1. quad GPU core? we all know how Apple loves their GPUs and keep their 800 MHz processor under wraps. lol.

  34. The quad core processor is incompatible to run on HSPA LTE spectrum which att & t-mobile use.

    Korea runs on CDMA LTE which is comparable to Sprint and Verizon’s spectrum so possible those carriers may get the quad core but nothing official at this time.

    1. It’s official, Sprint’s SGS3 is getting the dual core S4, because of modem issues. Not all LTE is created equally.

  35. So Sprint won’t be offering a choice between the 16/32/64gb S3’s? That’s a shame!!!

  36. I don’t care if it comes with a quad-core or a dual-core processor. If it’s going to come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset then, i will definitely buy it.

  37. Where does it say Qualcomm, S4 or the speed of the processor?

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