Juror accused of discussing trial temporarily halts Oracle v. Google deliberations


Today information came to light that a jury serving in the Oracle vs. Google trial may have discussed the case outside of the courtroom over the weekend, a big no no that caused deliberations to be suspended temporarily after signs pointed to a conclusion coming this week. The juror made mention today of discussions with her husband over the weekend involving patent law. A concerned member of the jury brought the issue to the presiding judge’s attention who in turn spoke to the accused juror. It was originally believed that the juror’s husband may have been an attorney but she confirmed to the judge that this was not the case.

In fact, the husband was only marginally schooled in patents based on the filing of a few of his own, and the information he gave his wife in regards to patent law over the weekend was apparently false. Despite the discussions between the juror and her husband, she told the judge that she had already reached a decision on the case last week.

After clarification the remaining jurors concluded that the snafu would not have an effect on their ability to reach a verdict and returned to deliberations. A decision is expected to be reached as soon as later today.

[via The Verge]

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  1. Follow this guys twitter for live updates on the proceedings!/CalebGarling

  2. regardless of conversation….what part of “don’t speak to anyone outside the case” don’t jurors understand?

    it’s easy to tell a self-reinforced lie after the fact

    1. I don’t get how they found out. Did the husband call the member of the jury? Was the wife bragging about how smart her husband is about this?

      Just lie and say “No, of course I didn’t talk to anyone…let’s get this case done!”

      1. And risk going to Jail? Better to tell the truth and get stuck with a fine worst case scenario.

  3. no spousal confidentiality ?

  4. Reality is that if GOOGLE actually gets a stiff penalty, which they probably won’t, now they have a solid basis for overturning the judgement. Legal 101

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