May 6th, 2012

While the matter of choosing between an Android phone or an iPhone is a case of personal choice, with a significant number of people preferring each platform’s implementation of key features (that’s me at my diplomatic best). However, there is one area where the iPhone just can’t match the flagship Android phones: 4G LTE.

And based on this report by CNN, it seems like this key offering available on devices such as the Droid Razr/Razr Maxx and the LG Lucid is enough for the Verizon employees to suggest potential customers choose one of those over the iPhone 4S. As the author of the source notes, he spoke to 10 Verizon reps, telling half of them he wanted to buy a new smartphone, and the other half he was interested in the iPhone 4S.

In the former case, he was always directed to the Razrs or the Lucid. In the latter, they gave him the information he wanted on the iPhone, but once he asked if it was the best smartphone available, he always met with a “no”.

Although the next iPhone would almost certainly feature LTE, Android has a significant advantage here thanks to this scenario. By ensuring that users enjoy their experience, they might not be tempted to switch to the iPhone in the future.

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