May 6th, 2012

During the football season, my Sundays are reserved for watching football, and what glorious days those are (except for my team’s pesky bye week). With the draft complete and 3 months until the start of Preseason, we couldn’t help but share a little 2012 Football Schedule app we made in preparation. There weren’t many clean, polished, lightweight schedule apps out there, so we thought we’d make one ourselves: check out Football Schedule 2012 on Google Play.

In addition to being a nice little app for football fans, Football Schedule 2012 serves a few additional purposes. As you may know, last year was Neverstill’s first year of running our Football Pickem contest (through where we gave away $2,200 in prizes plus a Grand Prize of tickets to The Big Game. We’ll be running the same contest this year, and in preparation, wanted to revamp the app and get feedback from users. Football Schedule 2012 is our way of beta testing, so we’re eager to hear your feedback.

How it works

The first time you open the app, you’ll be asked to select your favorite team. You can change this selection at any time, and your favorite team’s schedule will then get a reserved screen on the left panel of the app. The middle screen provides a full schedule in collapsible list form.  Stars on the right side of the list allow you to highlight key matchups throughout the season, easily viewing all of the important games on the app’s right panel.

I’m guessing a lot of fans will be starring Denver and Indianapolis games thanks to Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. I’m also especially excited to see some Washington games; their long drought at the QB position may finally be over. Besides watching my hometown BMORE boys, I never pass up an opportunity to see Michael Vick tear up the turf.

Future Features: Live Scores & Theming

We’re strongly considering adding some features for the season’s start, including live scores and customized colors based on your favorite team. But once you add live scores, shouldn’t the apps title convert to “Football Scores 2012”? It’s also a slippery slope: before you know it, we’ll be motivated to add standings, stats, and the whole 9 yards (pun intended). What would you like to see in the perfect football app?

Notice The Ad? Case Study Time!

Another reason we created Football Schedule 2012 was to perform a case study for developers. While mobile is definitely the tech world’s hottest topic, how to launch, promote, and monetize mobile apps is still uncharted territory for a large percentage of developers (especially indie devs). We’re hoping to document the life of Football Schedule 2012 and publish our findings in a case study on Phandroid.

You may not particularly enjoy ads, but it’s one of the primary reasons developers are able to bring awesome apps and games to our Android Phones. Sure, there are other ways to support development (paid apps, in-app purchases, etc…), but in-app ads are one great way to keep apps free to users, and we’re eager to test the results.

Developers: if there is anything specific you’d like to see in a case study, please share your thoughts in the comments below. We’ll be as transparent as possible in the case study.

Make your predictions

What are your predictions for the 2012 season? Who is going to go all the way? What rookies will stand out? Will Peyton return to his superstar form or be a shell of his former self? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!