Samsung takes the Note to the streets – Have you seen one of these around?


AT&T and Samsung have really gone all out with the Samsung Galaxy Note. Advertisements are everywhere, but apparently they feel like that isn’t enough, and they have taken it to the streets. Google+ user Amar Rajvanshi has recently posted a few pictures of some Samsung representatives just going around the streets showing off the device.

The pictures were taken at South st. in Philadelphia. They are riding around in a truck that has Samsung ads posted all over it. I was a bit confused by the fact that the cars in that street were not circulating, and seem to all just be parked. Maybe a special street or some sort of event?

Either way, it was just interesting to see that Samsung has decided to do brick & mortar advertising. Hey, maybe a few of the people that check it out will actually buy it! I have never seen anything like this in person. Have you guys ran into any of these trucks around?

[Source: Google+ Via: Reddit]

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  1. It’s a one-way street in that area, and traffic usually moves very slowly, thus it looks more like a parking lot in those photos.

  2. nope, havent seem one yet. but i saw galaxy nexus once.

  3. Bring the note to Verizon, and i’ll put those stickers on my car

  4. I saw the “Be NOTEworthy Boys” in my local AT&T affiliate store just outside of Dallas, TX. Friday and Saturday only. I did not see a vehicle in the lot like the one you show here, but there were two Reps in Galaxy Note Oxford shirts with a special display and table setup that’s not usually in that store. I hit the store at noon on Friday to see the new HTC One X, and there they were. They said they had sold two Notes that morning.

  5. I want a Galaxy Note so badly!

  6. Mine is in the mail now :) I wish it were white but I had to get the black one :( It’s going to hold me over for a couple months until I’m ready for the one x :)

  7. 5.3in is wayyyy took big for a smartphone!!! Imagine holding that up to your face for 40+ minute phone conversation!

  8. Not parked cars…thats just south street. Trust me…if anyone has a parking spot theyre a lucky mofo…

  9. ya where’s the love for big V

  10. I most likely will get the S3 on the Sprint network (for the unlimited plans), but honestly would not mind getting the Note if it was out already. Though if they stick in a quad-core Exynos processor I wouldn’t mind waiting for 2 or 3 weeks for it to come out after the S3. Samsung’s advertising with the SUV’s looks nice; however, why don’t they just release the daym phone on other networks already!!!!

  11. Jay…Jay…its simple…DONT GET ONE…just stay with your little small screens guy damn!!!

  12. 4.3-4.8 isn’t small! But it’s not huge either! I’m certainly open to the GSIII.
    Like I said, imagine holding this huge thing up to your face for a 40m+ phone conversation.

    1. Never heard of a bluetooth headset?
      I’m using my Note with one and keep the Note in my pocket ;)

    2. I did with my Streak. Bluetooth is the way to go though.

  13. I love my a Note and I couldn’t see myself going any smaller. It does amuse me people who state ‘the phones way too big!! ‘ like it’s a scientifically proven fact, each to their own I say,.

  14. Lol seinfeld episode. Is he SPONGE WORTHY? Now its Note worthy lol

  15. I’m getting a white note tomorrow until the GS3 comes out

  16. I wouldn’t touch a Samesung POS with a 10 foot pole unless they gave them away for free so I could put it on CL ASAP.

  17. I saw one at the National Harbor in Maryland. There was a Wine and Food Festival and they had a tent setup and were demoing the device. They were asking people if they wanted to send their mother’s a Mother’s Day Postcard with the phone. Also saw the same SUV on the way out.

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