Latest Facebook app update gets rid of those camera and messenger shortcuts


Well, that was fast. About two weeks ago, Facebook updated their Android app to version 1.9 which brought along, amongst other things, new Camera and Messenger shortcuts in the app drawer. While it was understandable why did that, understandably a lot of people were annoyed to find their app list further congested (including me).

Edgar had even posted last weekend of a little hack that allows you to get rid of those shortcuts, but thankfully enough, you no longer have to put any effort in to achieve that goal. In a minor update, Facebook have booted those shortcuts by default.

A little question at the end of all this: how many of you found those shortcuts helpful? And are you generally OK with an app having multiple entries in the app drawer, if it were to provide genuine advantages?

Thanks, Aaron!

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  1. No if they are useful to some they might not be to others. So just make them separate apps and advertise them on your original application. I never used either of them so I couldn’t say if I liked them

  2. Thank goodness they are gone. No app should install extra icons unless there is a legitimate reason to which I have yet to find. If an App wants to add extra icons, it should prompt when running the main app for the first time (or first time since update if the update now has extra icons), for permission to do so.

  3. So, what did the second-last update add to the app, seeing as the icons are now gone?
    Is it faster? Does it have new features? Any bugfixes?
    Basically, I am wanting to know if there is any reason to upgrade to the latest version

  4. I’m pretty sure they only removed them because they just updated their messenger app and they realized they now had two messenger icons for Facebook on users’ phones.

  5. I never used them either.

  6. I just used the camera one 5 min ago. i actually liked it because I wanted a comment and post on FB quick without using FB itself.

  7. it should be an option. i can see a facebookfanatic liking it. photo upload from picture snap is faster.

    1. So there is an app lyk the Facebook Camera app? Picture Snap you say?

  8. I actually used the Camera app. It’s way more convenient than taking a picture, going to my gallery, finding the share button which changes in lyk EVERY ROM I use. then finally uploading the picture.

    The messenger app was so stupid. All it did was open Facebook and take you to Messages. It was so redundant to have that and an actual Messenger App.

  9. I hide those apps for the time being using nova launcher prime.. I was able to hide apps from my app draw.. Had no use for them at all. I don’t no why Facebook doesn’t put that in the settings to turn those shortcuts on and off.. That would be the smartest thing to do!

  10. All this facebook hate, but Google themselves have done this for years with Maps /Places etc. You dont have to like it but you dont have to install the app (although I am personally glad they have been removed on this occasion)

    1. There’s no hate here, just wasn’t the right decision on FB’s part and I actually commend them on getting rid of it pretty quickly. I personally agree with Google’s decision to offer Places and Maps with separate launcher icons, since they offer very different (though related) functions.
      I do wish they’d remove the Messenger shortcut icon which comes with the Google+ app though, since I’ve never used it ever.

  11. It was so stupid !

  12. They should make it an option. Or at least separate Google play app downloads. The shortcut to getting pictures straight to face book is handy. I personally never used it in the past 2 weeks however I didn’t mind the extra icons in my app drawer. I install so many apps and really dont spend my time wondering weather to download it or not just because it may cause my app drawer to appear congested… I mean really?

  13. I found them great!! If I want to upload a photo on Facebook and tag people directly on the spot, I now have to start the application and make my way through the camera apply. Honestly, why on earth do you mind having two more apps on your drawer? Don’t you use shortcuts to access them normally? This is crazy.

  14. The Facebook app always has and always will suck. Slowest thing ever.

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