Annoyed by those pesky new Facebook icons? Here is how to get rid of them


The latest Facebook app update may not exactly be that re-design we have all be waiting for, but it definitely has some new stuff. Apparently, the guys over at Facebook HQ thought it would be great to give us two new icons that work along with the main application – Messenger and Camera. And we have found a way to get rid of them.

These apps work directly with the social network and allow you to chat it up with your buddies or share your images quickly with Facebook’s very own camera app. Said shortcuts may come in handy for some, but we noticed many of our readers were quite upset about this. We don’t need more bloatware, right?

If you have been looking for a solution to this issue, developer Cory Charlton has come up with a handy app for root users. It will get rid of both applications. More exactly, it gets rid of the icons, as these services can’t exactly be completely taken off the phone – They are part of the main Facebook app.

Facebook Icon Remover pretty much does the same job as many custom launchers. It hides the icons from your app drawer. This can also be done with most Android 4.0 devices, but manufacturers have the ability to disable this. If you don’t like launchers, and don’t have the ability to natively hide your apps, this may be your best bet. But remember, it is only for root users.

It comes without saying that the usual disclaimer is applicable here. Rooting, flashing and tinkering with your device in any way may void your warranty and/or harm your device. Be careful, and don’t go blaming anyone if something bad happens.

With that, head over to the Google Play Store if this is the app you need. How upset are you guys over Facebook adding these icons to your app drawer? Have you taken any measures to get rid of them?

[Source: XDA Developers Via: XDA Developers]

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  1. I was extremely happy to see that Facebook was not an included app on the Galaxy Nexus.

    1. Even if it was you can just disable it lol 

      1. Yeah but it would still be there taking up valuable real estate that can be put to better use. I’m already pushing it as it is.

  2. How about they just make it work! Been nothing but problems since the update! It will only open half the time, can’t post, can’t open comments the list goes on. I’ve come to expect this from Facebook though.

  3. “This can also be done with most Android 4.0 devices” – No, it can’t…

  4. Users of GO Launcher EX already have the ability to hide icons of their choosing…thankfully, in this case.

    1. smh at people that use go launcher on ICS

      1. What’s so bad about Go Launcher on ICS? When I upgraded to ICS from ADW on Gingerbread, I tried ADW, Go, Apex and Nova and I like Go the best. Why are you bad-mouthing it in a couple of threads?

        1. nothing is really “bad” about it, its just that you lose the whole ics experience with it. It doesnt look anything like ics at all.

          1.  +1

          2. I actually could care less for the ICS feel. I really don’t lyk how ICS rolls. Lyk one thing that I really hate is how Phone and Contacts are now 2 different apps. 

            I’m saying this and using Apex over ADW. LoL!!

          3. They’ve always been 2 apps. But if you go below your favorites, all of your contacts are there in that pane. It took me a little while to find that out. 

          4. Well actually, in Gingerbread, if I open phone, I have the options to place a call, view phone logs, and view contacts.

            In ICS, in phone, I can place a call and view logs. I can’t view contacts. I HAVE to open “People” or “Contacts” (It’s dependent) to view contacts and edit them.

            It gets confusing since I’m so used to opening phone to view and edit contacts.

          5. Is that exclusive to Go Launcher? Is that not the case with all launchers? My alternative was TouchWiz, not stock, so perhaps I don’t know what I’m missing. I could presumably put some ROM on to give me stock but I’m happy with Go.

          6. Right.. and losing 1/4 inch of real estate around every border on my tablets with EVERY ICS launcher is so appealing :(  I’ll stick with Go Launcher and it’s great dock bar that can be mounted where your thumb can use it thank you very much. Function over Form any day.

      2. No ICS here…Gingerbread (2.3.7) on an HTC EVO 4G.

  5. Facebook app, lol. 

  6. For “root users” uh huh, what a great help that is!!!

    1. Yep. Running an unrooted Android is like running a iPhone. 

      1. that’s a pretty ignorant statement to make.  There is a stark contrast between running iOS and nearly any version of Android.  

  7. Please put root users in the title or at least the first paragraph. Reading a third of the article before finding out it doesn’t apply to me is annoying as hell.

    1. I second that motion.

      EDIT: Use Apex Launcher Pro to hide unwanted icons.

      EDIT #2: Apex Launcher Pro does not allow widgets to be used if the phone is not rooted :(

      1. It doesn’t allow widgets to be taken out of the drawer, but the drawer is still there and widgets still work using the Gingerbread longpress method.

    2. Is your life so precious that you couldn’t spare the extra 15 seconds it took to read 2 paragraphs?

  8. Why is the simplest solution is to root? Just erase the shit, use the browser and get text or email alerts.

    1. Text and email alerts? That’s not simple at all. -_-

      Actually, a custom launcher can hide the apps. No root required.

    2. …simple as hell O_o

    3. hahahaha like we didn’t even think about it ? :D

  9. Why are people so concerned about the extra icons… I mean really does it bother you that bad seeing the icons in the app drawer?

    1. I have a Messenger app for Facebook already. Now with this, I have 2 Facebook icons that say Messenger and are for Facebook and were both by Facebook. The Messenger app that comes with the Facebook app is retarded. It just opens Facebook and goes to Messages.

      The other Facebook Messenger app actually opens a Messenger UI that I lyk better. It helps with the confusion. That’s a waste of 25Kb. LoL!!

       Though I lyk the camera one. 

    2. My main annoyance was Facebook’s decision to give them the same name as existing stock apps. In a hurry it’s easy to click the wrong ‘Camera’ app. Besides, my app drawer is full enough already without bulk I’ll never user.

  10. I kinda like them, they look good. Good looking icons are sadly rare on Android.

  11. Just use a custom launcher like GO Launcher and hide those icons!

  12. I hid the icon on my stock, unrooted, Epic 4g Touch.  I put it in my “unused icons” folder. Problem solved.

  13. Why is everybody crying about a few extra icons. Since the update I know can get rid of the stand alone messenger app and my notifications now work all the time. The only thing they still need to fix is how painfully slow the app still is. They need to fix that. As for a few icons in the app draw. Waaaa! Waaa stop crying.

  14. The camera app is for the instagram integration that will probably happen by years end. The messenger im guessing is because G+ does the same thing..

  15. what FB needs to fix is the absurdly horrible BATTERY DRAIN for the fb app… well over 15% of battery usage… by far the worst battery draining app… only the screen sucks more juice… this is on a GSM/HSPA unlocked GNex…

  16. @Johnny989 yes it is and if it isn’t you, get one!

  17. So i have to insall an ap/icon to remove 2 icons. :) i can live with that. Seams this would have been better handled by a widget instead of an icon.

  18. Here’s how to get rid of them: uninstall Facebook, then install FastFacebook.

  19. Yes i visit all the cool car mod sites but I dont actually mod my car..

    makes sense..

  20. @Markus Finster Thank you sir for a great suggestion. It works great and is really fast :-)

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