Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Protector Reveals Display Size and Shape – Compared Against The Galaxy S2


Okay, last Galaxy S3 leak for the night, I promise (maybe). Seems the boys at Unwire HK got a hold of a screen protector made in Korea, specifically for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3. The laser cut “Ultimate Screen Guard” clues us in on the shape of Sammy’s next flagship, as well as gives us a good idea of what to expect in terms of size. Wouldn’t make much sense to make a screen protector without first knowing the exact dimensions of the device you’re cutting it for either with a dummy unit or screen template.

Unwire HK even compared the screen protector up against the 4.3-inch display of the Galaxy S2 and you can see from the provided pic that the rumored 4.8-inch screen display is holding true. You’ll notice the screen protector almost fits in perfectly with the width of the GS2, with only a little excess in the length. That should be relatively good news for those of you who didn’t want a gargantuan device in your hand. A long home button cutout also makes an appearance but we expect Samsung to do away with that in the US version of the device.

Samsung’s unveiling of the Galaxy S3 is only a few short days away and it’s official — I’ve got butterflies. Not that I’m expecting the phone to change the world, I’m just a tech geek who’s super excited to see the follow up to last year’s solid Galaxy S2 hardware. That being said, leaks, rumors, and speculation is all in good fun (for me anyway), and something I love bringing to our readers if for no other reason than spurring up some good conversation. Cheers.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. ugly nooooooooooooooooo

    1. Woah, what? The screen protector is ugly? Lol

      1. It hideous! You can practically see right through it!!!! 

        1.  It doesn’t even fit teh phone !!!!111eleven

  2. sexy. awesome!!

  3. Chris! Time for you to go to bed now, bud.

    1. No. Sleep. Til May 3rd. O_O

      1. No showering either. You made some bet about eating your shorts. :)

        1. That’s right! How’s that underwear marinating, Chris? 

          1. @JasonFarrell:disqus @google-3fa4b1b03ac57d604679bcf5ed564966:disqus Lol!!! Wait- what was that bet over again? xD

          2. haha you said you’d eat your underwear if it didn’t….hmmm….dang it, i have to go look it up now!

          3. 1080p screen…I don’t think shorts are in season this week.

          4. I believe it was over a 1080p resolution screen ;) thats what you get for not posting my Tips I send you lol

          5. You agreed to wear the same underwear for the whole week prior to the announcement. If it turned out that it did have a 1080p screen, you were gonna eat said underwear. 

  4. Galaxy S2 display has 4.3″…

    1. Good catch, bruh. 

  5. T – 1 Day, 14 Hours until MEH-letdown or OMG-eddon.
    if OMG
       maybe spring a ton of $ for the available and non-gimped international version
          start new ~5-month countdown clock for U.S. version on contract
    else if MEH || no microUSB || non-replaceable-battery
       get the “old” GNote instead

    1. Solid programming style

    2. lol @ “OMG-eddon”

  6. Looks To Have That “Case” Exterior That Everyone Says Will Come Off.. Hmm.. Interesting None The Less

    1. Thats what ive been saying all along, yet there are some people that cant put two and two together from all the provided leaks, freaking out over the square corners. Maybe now everyone will settle down and stop panicking! The case at the end of the day, was to deter from the final overall look before its official release.

      1. I’ve said the same thing man…

  7. I can’t wait its like Christmas :D I hope to gawd it has a 4.8″ 720p or higher screen and 12mp camera and good battery life. Anything beyond that is just gravy. My S2 is already amazing but a larger, better screen would be awesome.

    1. Why do you want something higher at 720p? At the screen sizes we have now there’d be no discernible difference other than greater battery consumption and the fact that it’ll need a much more capable GPU than the mali 400 to process all those pixels. You’re going to get 720P. 

  8. Considering the GSII there is 4.3 in, the screen protector is probably for a screen a bit smaller than 4.8 in. 

    1. Yes, the SCREEN of the GSII is 4.3 inches, not the whole device.

  9. All i saw in the title at a quick glance was,  Samsung Galaxy S III Screen “PROJECTOR” Revealed…..I Was like WaAAHhT?
    Unfortunately have to wait till may 4th for news of the reveal here in Australia, due to time difference -_-

  10. just made this meme

    1. Man I’m so glad we don’t have this Frequency Problems over here in Germany. This really would piss me off, when my Phone would only work with some of the Networks. The Phone Manufacturers need to build radios which work with all US Networks and sell them OFF contracts.
      Then everyone would get the phone he wants. And if it was about the subsidized phone, get it, sell it in the original Box, get your off contract phone.

      I feel ya fellow american friends. I feel ya.

      1.  Umm… “Culture of Credit”…

        For many, smart-phones are “supposed to cost”: $0 – $300.

        (With 2-3 year “plan” of course.)

      2. The crappy thing is Verizon and Sprint are CDMA so they control what phones work and don’t work on their networks. Even if a phone was built with all the right frequencies for every carrier, they wouldn’t work on Verizon or Sprint without their approval and their own proprietary software. My unlocked GNex, however, can run on either AT&T or T-Mobile because they use more open GSM networks. It would be awesome if everybody were to ditch CDMA for one of the GSM networks. That would put Verizon in a tough spot lol. 

  11. It will look like a G-Nexus, but will be better i’m sure. Even the SGS2 is better than my G-Nexus

    1. Opinion. Don’t let benchmarks fool you

      1. Not just benchmarks. CPU, GPU, SAMOLED+ instead of SAMOLED-HD. Camera will be better for sure, and possibly battery.

    2. What do you mean? How is it better?

      1. Better camera, Better processor if you got the Exynos.

      2. better CPU, GPU, camera, battery.

  12. Ugh, that shitty looking home button.  What a turn off :/

    1. It would be dumb of Samsung to use the home button there alone, and then software buttons for the others.

  13. Taller and wider than the s2 bad mistake.

    1. Probably the same size as the galaxy s2 epic touch.

      1. That’s my thought. I have the TMO SGII and think the size is perfect. If the SGIII is that size but a little more screen real estate…then great!

  14. I wish they had went with software buttons like the Nexus. Oh well….

  15. way too big imo. I’m sorry but the G Nex is pushing it for me and i have big hands. I think 4-4.3 is the sweet spot. 

    1. That’s what she said! But in all seriousness anything over 4.3 just seems almost to big. 4 to 4.3 is perfect size for me at least.

    2. i thought 4~4.3″ is the sweet spot at first but now i disagree with you guys i’ve been using 4.0″ screen for awhile and i think it’s too small for me i think 4.5″ is the sweet spot for me (but everyone has their own opinion so i respect your comment as well!!)

      1.  5.3 on the note is my sweet spot…for my eyes…
        I’ve never seen anything more glorious, i love the galaxy line but i think im forever locked into the note sequels now. The only thing that ruins it is data caps. You have all this screen real-estate so you’ll want to be using desktop mode while browsing and you’ll probably seek out videos to watch more often.

    3. Agreed. I think 4.0″ is my ideal size. I have that now and I think it’s a good mix of usability and pocketability/comfort. I could probably go as high as 4.3 but anything more than that is a deal-breaker. I hate this “bigger is better” trend in Android.

      1. 4.3″ on the Rezound is very sweet!

    4. When I had my Samsung Galaxy S4, I thought the 4″ screen was perfect. Then I got the HTC Amaze and thought the 4.3″ was perfect. I know have the TMO SGII with the 4.52″ screen and think its perfect. I’m sure the 4.8″ screen will great.  Actually thought about getting the Note

  16. am i the only one that likes the home button in the middle? i think is nice.

  17. Does this come with a satchel for a screen that large. winkwink 

    1. Just include some straps so I can wear it like a backpack.

  18. The Galaxy SII, Epic 4G Touch, has a 4.52″ display..

    1. edit:

  19. Sigh at hardware buttons, I hope they offer software buttons for the U.S. versions or I’m buying a phone in the Fall instead, it just doesn’t make any sense to blur the line between Tablets and Phones and then dedicate the placement of the controls to horizontal mode when you’re going to be using it in landscape half the time. And it’s ugly and iPhonish, bleh.

  20. Have to wait little to be hit in US.. Hope I was in UK to use the S3 galaxy series..

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