May 2nd, 2012

Okay, last Galaxy S3 leak for the night, I promise (maybe). Seems the boys at Unwire HK got a hold of a screen protector made in Korea, specifically for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3. The laser cut “Ultimate Screen Guard” clues us in on the shape of Sammy’s next flagship, as well as gives us a good idea of what to expect in terms of size. Wouldn’t make much sense to make a screen protector without first knowing the exact dimensions of the device you’re cutting it for either with a dummy unit or screen template.

Unwire HK even compared the screen protector up against the 4.3-inch display of the Galaxy S2 and you can see from the provided pic that the rumored 4.8-inch screen display is holding true. You’ll notice the screen protector almost fits in perfectly with the width of the GS2, with only a little excess in the length. That should be relatively good news for those of you who didn’t want a gargantuan device in your hand. A long home button cutout also makes an appearance but we expect Samsung to do away with that in the US version of the device.

Samsung’s unveiling of the Galaxy S3 is only a few short days away and it’s official — I’ve got butterflies. Not that I’m expecting the phone to change the world, I’m just a tech geek who’s super excited to see the follow up to last year’s solid Galaxy S2 hardware. That being said, leaks, rumors, and speculation is all in good fun (for me anyway), and something I love bringing to our readers if for no other reason than spurring up some good conversation. Cheers.


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