Easy Root Guide For LG Optimus 3D Is A Great Resource For Wannabe Custom ROM/Kernels Flashers


If, by either choice or force, you’ve found yourself with the dual-core powered LG Optimus 3D and were looking for ways to breathe new life into the device, often times, there’s no better way to do that than through root.

Usually a complicated process, an XDA user by the name of Manbearpig69 (best user name ever) has thrown together a really nice rooting guide that, not only showcases the insanely easy 1-click root method for the phone, but provides for a plethora of custom ROMs, kernels, root-apps and the like for all those willing. This awesome resource for LG Optimus 3D users can be found via the source link below just be careful, and good luck.

[XDA | Via XDAPortal]

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