User Agent Profile Shows Possible Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 3 With Qualcomm S4 Processor


Possibly not the kind of news many of you were hoping to hear today, but interesting none the least. A user agent profile popped up online today which could confirm suspicions that the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (unconfirmed) may not come with Sammy’s quad-core Exynos. Instead, it seems Samsung could be opting for Qualcomm’s dual-core S4 processor.

A handset with the model number SCH-I535 showed up in a UA string boasting specs worthy of Samsung’s next flagship, namely a 720p HD display and running on Android 4.0 and a Qualcomm MSM8960 processor. The device also follows Verizon and Samsung’s traditional naming structure, for example, the Galaxy Nexus (SCH-I515) > Droid Charge (SCH-I510 > Galaxy S Fascinate (SCH-I500).

We’ve heard talk before that the US version of the Galaxy S III wouldn’t come with their quad-core Exynos because of our unique combination of LTE and 3G bands and this news only reaffirms that rumor. I wouldn’t classify this as bad news — the S4 has shown in benchmarks and real world speed to be more than a capable chipset — but for those really hoping for a little extra kick out of their GSIII, this may not be received well.

[Pocketnow | DroidDog]

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  1. not excited about having a dual core in the galaxy s3. if that’s the case then i might consider going with the g-nex. 

    1. That makes absolutely no sense.  You bashing it for being dual-core, and then your going to get a far weaker, outdated dual core phone?

      1. yes it does…given that they are both dual cores, and the fact that the omap processor is optimized to run ics, not to mention the fact that it’s aosp and will always be the first to get updates unlike US carrier bloated galaxy’s, i think i justify my reason that the g-nex is a better phone to get. the only thing that would make me consider getting the gs3 is the quad core exynos. 

        1. The OMAP is also using a PowerVR SGX 540…yes, the same GPU, in the original Galaxy S.  The S4 will be able to stand its ground quite well against the quad core Exynos, especially now that its only A9.  Qualcomm has been serious about proper driver support and ICS, so either way, an S4 phone is a far better choice that OMAP4.

          1. i think we have to wait on seeing how much the US carriers rape the gs3. i owned both the gs2 and vibrant and tmobile sucks at updating. and i’m not the type of person to spend everyday on xda downloading and flashing roms every minute. 

        2. And it doesn’t have an ugly home button…AND it’s available right now…You really can’t lose with the g-nex.

  2. shits weak

  3. It’s good that it’s coming to Verizon….but this is very disappointing news … :/

    Doesn’t seem like SGS III will be able to compete with future top-of-the-line handsets, as the SGS II has done after its release.

    1. How often are cell phones able to compete?  Especially with Android, your never on top long.  Like everyone says, if u keep waiting for the next best phone, it’s a losing battle.

      1. Well technically the international version of the S2 was the top dog from Feb/March to October or whenever the iPhone 4S was released, and even afterwards they were still comparable phones.

        S2 is still technically better than the Galaxy Nexus that came out after it as well. Hopefully the S3 will be good enough to stay on top for a while too.

  4. I am not getting the sg3 b/c I hate touchwiz, but I would personally prefer s4 over the quad exynos. Krait will have better battery due to the A15 like architecture, and better performance(at least that’s what is said). I will be buying a galaxy nexus from the play store for T-Mobile, when my dad gives me money :D. Then depending on the next nexus, I’ll buy that too

  5. Does the Exynos work with any carrier network in US or not at all. 

    1. Won’t know till Thursday, but most likely just AT&T and Tmo

      1. I REALLY hope that’s not true.  It’s bad enough Verizon is currently losing out on the HTC One X to AT&T and Sprint, but if we lose this too… I will be really tempted to get the EVO 4G LTE.

        1. I’m referring to what the international version would be compatible with, which would be other GSM carriers….ie ATT or Tmo..

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      2. ATT won’t get quad core either if Sprint and verizon dont as its an LTE issue which ATT uses as well

        1. I didn’t say it would GET the Quad-version, but the international version would be compatible with ATT, like they always are.

    2. No it doesn’t which is why US carriers will be using the S4.

      1. You keep posting things that are obviously not true

        t-mo may keep the quad core exynos depending on how they want to market the phone

  6. Everyone who is crying about it being Dual-core should actually research it first before whining. Better yet, look at this review.

    1. I guess once the phone is out we can get some direct comparisons between the two processors. I’m betting on the quad-core but I could be wrong. 

      1. The link shows a direct comparison between the S4 and Tegra 3 which would give you a good idea of what to expect.

      2. Search around the web. There are already HTC One X with Tegra 3 vs HTC One X with S4 comparisons.

        1. Most show the S4 keeping up but a slight edge to Tegra 3.

          1.  You didn’t read it. It’s the other way around bro.

          2. So what am I missing. All the benchmark show “winner – Tegar 3” but their close.

          3. As Cowboy said, all the CPU benchmarks favor the Tegra3. As for graphics benchmark, they’re pretty much on par. Altough, in real-life use you’d be hard-pressed to see any difference.

          4. Oops what did I read…sorry bro my bad.

    2. It’s still last year’s tech in this years feature phone and is STILL disappointing.

      1. How do you figure the S4 is last years tech???

        1. If it is using that 8mp camera from the Galaxy S2, it is last years tech.  Also, if it uses the Exynos 4412 as opposed to the S4, the Exynos 4412 uses the same gpu as the previous Galaxy phone of last year.

          1. comparing a camera and a cpu is like comparing a toaster and a refrigerator.

            comparing an A15 to an A9? really? Not to mention the Mali 400 in the 4412 is clocked higher than the one in the Galaxy phone of last year.

          2. Obviously you did not read what I said well, I didn’t compare a camera to a cpu, I simply pointed out that the camera is the same camera as the Galaxy S II from last year.  Also Krait is not A15, it’s built by qualcomm and it’s based off of A15 Architecture but it is not true A15, wait until Omap 5 and Exynos 5250 come out, it should be at least twice as fast as Krait (Snapdragon S4).  I was saying that the international version may use the Exynos 4412 which is last years tech.  The Snapdragon S4 is nothing to boast about.  The GPU in all these upcoming phones is still weaker than the GPU in the iphone 4S.

          3. Not sure what you’re saying here, but I wanted to clarify that the 4412 is an A9 while the S4 is based on A15. If anything the 4412 is last year’s tech.

          4. @Monsieur Africain No, apparently you can’t read. Can you comprehend english? We’re talking about CPUs, not cameras. Why you even brought a camera into this discussion is idiotic, which is my point.

          5. The Samsung Exynos 4412 is built using Samsung’s 32nm  High-k Metal Gate low-power process technology, which offers twice the processing capability using 20% less power that the Exynos 4 Dual which is built using a 45nm process. This is the same process used by Samsung to make the new Apple A5 chips. The GPU is the same Mali 400 used on the Exynos 4 Dual although the clock speed has been increased from 266MHz to 400MHz. According to some leaked benchmark scores, when it comes to graphics the Exynos 4412 should outperform the NVIDIA Tegra 3 and the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4.

          6. The Snapdragon S4 is built in 28nm process.
            It will almost certainly outperform the Exynos 4412 in all but the most synthetic benchmarks. Also the S4 is using um much less energy compared to the Tegra 3 according to xda reports.
            I want to see battery life reports of the Exynos 4412, as it is a Quad A9 like the Tegra 3 and unlike the Tegra 3 does not have a fifth companion core for energy saving.

          7. Unlike other A9 designs, the 4412 will feature asynchronous clocking and independent cpu voltages like the S4, so it ought do very well on power, in general.

            Finally, everyone is bringing their A game to increase power efficiency rather than rely on us to slap on bigger batteries. Finally! :)

          8. Keyword, IF, it may be 8MP but I bet it’s not the same 8MP as the GSII. The GPU is also clocked higher so not the same.

        2. because it IS.

          if i wanted a dual core phone, i’d buy a GNex or a SGS2

          1. Number of cores has nothing to do with how well a phone/computer will run.  The ARM cortex A15 completely outperforms the Tegra 3 (quadcore A9) look it up and do your research.

          2. Did I say that? NO. I DIDN’T. Christ people. Learn to read. Tegra is a crap processor. Also the S4 and Tegra 3 are pretty much neck and neck. Doesn’t really impress me at all.

          3. Please try to make your point without berating people for reading comprehension. If someone misunderstood, how about just clarifying? I think that will make it more fun for everyone, you too. ;) :)

          4. @facebook-824324361:disqus yea you did say that lol… “if i wanted a dual core phone, i’d buy a GNex or SGS2”

            implying number of cores is all that matters to you, even though the S4 is twice as strong as a GNex and on par with quad cores available. your justification is simply choosing number of cores. you are arguing with yourself

          5. Tegra is nice, my toshiba thrive had it, speedy little bugger

          6. And what available phone has the A15 in it?

          7. Or the droid 3 lol

          8. You shouldn’t have your ignorance on display like this Robert.

          9. But it’s not.

      2. again you don’t know what your talking about as mentioned above. the S4 is certainly NOT last years tech… dual core maybe, but there is more to a CPU than core count… its the first 28nm CPU, making it more than last years tech. also this dual core, is far more capable and feature packed than any previous dual core. 

        you have no clue what tech is if you truly think the S4 is last years “tech” just because it has two cores instead of 4… if samsung came out with a dual core that was 2x as powerful as the S4 would you claim its still last years tech because it was 2 cores? 

        technology is implementation, not a numbers game

        1. No stupid. Never did I say it was last year’s tech because it is dual core. Maybe you should learn to comprehend english before posting this dribble. 

          also you’re just butthurt about my reply to your post. grow up.

          1. yes i’m very butthurt… please explain how this top of the line CPU is last years tech then, and use technical facts to back up your claim please, as an engineer i would really like to hear your understanding of a CPU

          2. please name a singly CPU that topples the S4 available today? please… if one of the best offers available can’t be considered top of the line, than what is? 

            that would be like saying a veyron isn’t one of the fastest commercially available vehicles when it obviously is.

            i think you just really have something against the S4 and you just don’t know how to justify it so you make false claims against it. just my opinion

          3. The 4412 is already slated to be faster and better than the S4. Do some research if you’re such a smart guy.


            All the name calling instead of just saying that?

            I think that it’s excellent that the 4412 will have independent voltages and clocks for each core, as well as a wider NEON execution unit, all standard features on the S4. The quad A9 class cpus will no doubt show the same advantages as the Tegra 3, but only for heavily threaded applications. Otherwise, the S4’s A15-class Krait processors will do better. If it does contain the MALI-400, gamers ought find that quite pleasing.

            If Samsung comes through with LTE silicon against expectations, then we may see its widespread adoption.

            Given that it’s built from a 32 nm process, it ought hold similar power savings to the 28 nm S4.

            See? That wasn’t so hard, now was it? :)

            BTW – I think that we’ve all heard quite sufficiently of the unnecessary name calling. ;)

          5. @facebook-824324361:disqus slated……. as in NOT available yet

          6. Yes you did, and I quote, ”
            It’s still last year’s tech in this years feature phone and is STILL disappointing.”

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  7. SPRINT!

    1. Sprint now pushes only LTE. Say goodbye to that Exynos too.

      1. I’m not one of the ones whining and bitching about the S4, I do my research. :)

  8. Nexus > GSIII

  9. I say who cares. The curremt batch of phomes are capable enough. I say OEM,S should concentrate on optimization. Battery life, SCROLLING!, camera software, and most importantly updates. The S4 is a powerhouse and this is coming from a die hard qualcomm hater. I love android but a little optimization would go along way.

  10. I just expect, if US carriers will be picky, Sprint to opt for a Exynos A15 Dual-core LTE version (Exynos 5250).

    1. Wouldn’t that just make it a Galaxy Nexus which Sprint just got. 

      1. Are you sure?
        Galaxy Nexus has an A9 Dual core processor, completely different to the A15 Exynos.

        1. That’s true but Samsung doesn’t have any devices with A15 yet. I would expect that to come in a new device later rather than a substitute for S3. Thursday needs to come so all this speculation can end.  

          1. They started the Exynos 5250 production in Q2/2012, I read a dual-core clocked at 2GHz could be used on a Galaxy Tab model and a 1.7GHz on smartphone.
            We already are in Q2, so Samsung has time to launch a S3 version with this processor even on June.

  11. Ugh, if this ends up being the case then I will be EXTREMELY disappointed. Come on Samsung. Come on… I own a Fascinate and I was hoping to upgrade to a Galaxy S III variant on Verizon, but I don’t know, this will make me second guess my choice if true. And if it takes 5+ months for it to come to US carriers like the previous Galaxy S phones, then this phone may be pretty outdated by the time it releases. *sigh*

    1. why is that? this CPU is more than twice as powerful as what you have currently? not enough? 

      1. why do people feel the need to justify this? just stop already.

        1. people feel the need to justify, because other people are unnecessarily “upset” and judging a book by its cover.  

          1. who are you to judge someone’s feelings on something? if it is how they feel, it is how they feel. leave it be. you don’t always have to prove everyone wrong.

          2. yet that is what you are trying to do? lol. There’s a difference between trying to prove someone wrong, and trying to cheer them up with facts. Guy A: “There there, its not so bad, the S4 is actually just as good if not better!” You: “Leave him alone and let him sulk”

        2. why do people such as yourself keep miss understanding what makes a CPU better and generally how they work? 

          would you rather have a V12 with 600hp or a V8 with 800hp??? cores doesn’t mean crap, how it handles in the real world and how much power it packs, regardless of core count, is what matters

          1. V12 with 600hp, more cubes, more potential to grow. You want to talk engines now? I build them as a hobby.

            Also you seem to have this impression that I said more cores = better. Get this out of your head, and get your head out of your… well you know.

          2. lol okay, you really don’t know what your talking about now, a V8 wins hands down in that comparison, there is nothing that the V12 in that comparison can beat the V8 in all while being slightly more compact and user friendly, if the V8 (read S4) cylinders (read cores) are bigger (read more powerful) then fewer cylinders (read cores again) are needed to produce more power, trust me i do this for a living.

            V8 will get better mileage, more power, more torque… more everything, the V12 simply has more cylinders…

            im just going to let you live in your fantasy world of imaginary numbers.

      2. It’s not the CPU I’m worried about, it’s the GPU. Snapdragon chips almost always have bad GPUs compared to competing chips. I mean, look, it doesn’t even compare to the iPhone 4S, a nearly year old phone. Look at the GPL benchmarks.

        1. the GPU in the S4 somewhat breaks qualcomms trend, it’s not THE best GPU but its a damn good close second. check out some of the comparisons to the T3, its a pretty close battle, the T3 wins in graphics but only slightly

          the GPU will still be a major bump from your SII

          1. Honestly, who cares about Tegra? It’s not like Tegra chips have ever set the bar for anything. Other Galaxy S III variants will have a quad-core Exynos chip. Tegra 2 didn’t have anything on dual-core Exynos chips, and Tegra 3 has nothing on quad-core Exynos chips, so it just makes the S4 look even worse when you’re comparing it to a Tegra 3 chip and it doesn’t even beat that. I don’t understand why you’re bringing up Tegra 3 so much. If you’re fine with the S4, then that’s fine, but personally I’d much rather have the Exynos.

            PS: Fascinate = original Galaxy S, not SII

  12. The S4 has been proven to handle Tegra 3 games. So there you go doubters!!!

    1. But we’re talking about Quad Core Exynos not Tegra 3. I would take any Exynos over Snapdragon.

      1. I wouldnt take 3g over LTE speeds though.

        1. As an LTE user, I don’t much care for it. I’d take a 3G phone if it was good enough. Like the international Galaxy Note, I like that phone.

          1. you’d take 3G “if it was good enough.” I’d take 2G if it was good enough. but it isnt. So i’ll rather take 4G, and have the processor that is used in the “snappiest android device” than to have a
            potential minuscule increase Ui speed at the expense of 10-50x the internet speed. I guess, you’ll just be importing the international version?

          2. You need to relax. I was saying if the phone was good enough I’d take it. LTE speeds isn’t at the top of my list when buying a phone. I’d take the GSM Galaxy Nexus or the International Galaxy Note over any LTE phones available. That’s just my opinion.

          3. how am i not relaxed i just thought that one line was amusing. i was also expressing my opinion and ended it with the i assume you’ll be importing the international version question.

          4. You need to relax. I was saying if the phone was good enough I’d take it. LTE speeds isn’t at the top of my list when buying a phone. I’d take the GSM Galaxy Nexus or the International Galaxy Note over any LTE phones available. That’s just my opinion.

    2. Most Tegra exclusives can run just fine on other chips with the proper translation layer. They usually simply use a texture format not found in other chips to guarantee exclusivity.

  13. Does the fact that there is a user agent sheet for the S3 indicate there won’t be a 6-8 month delay compared to the rest if the world?

  14. you really are confused… they wouldn’t substitute for S3… they would do S4 and samsung has NOTHING with A15 yet, so why not do an overclocked dual core A15 if they can’t do a down clocked Quad core A15… 

    your mind is very confusing to follow

  15. All I know is that I have a GNEX and will NOT buy another phone until there is 2 gig of ram and quad core with at least 64 gig of storage. 

  16. So when do we get the fake galaxy s3 in the US? LoL.. Samsung could make the us variants with exynos soc, but the carriers rather prefer to have lte, hspa+ on their own versions to boast their fast 4g data speeds… Why couldn’t samsung modify the soc to complement the carriers’ bands this time around with the gs3? Maybe it wouldn’t be as easy?

    Whatever, id still get it..

  17. With the first generation galaxy s, only the design was changed for the US carriers, with the gs2 and this sequel, it’s the design and the cpu were altered.. Is it gonna be like that for the rest of the galaxy s versions for the US?

    Oh only the tmobile gs2 one was changed with an s3 chip for hspa+..

  18. I really dont care about benchmarks i only want a good display, great camera a powerful batery life.

    1. Agreed

    2. Exactly. Toss in great call quality, GPS, and fast response when I web surf, and you’ve got my list.

      1. Then buy the New Evo on sprint

        1. He said “fast response when I web surf”.

          He just eliminated sprint completely.

  19. Without reading through the swath of comments here.  I think the good news everyone needs to take away here is the fact that the US will probably get the GS3 at the same time as the rest of the world.

    1. Not sure why you believe that. The US versions will come 6-8 months later as they always do.

      1. That isn’t known for sure.  Nothing here is certain, but I find it hard to believe Samsung or the American carriers would really chose to drag their feet on releasing this phone, and potentially missing out on loads of money.  

        1. Some people just love to drag others down…I’ve said it before and he’ll prove it again…’Ol Patty is a glass-half-empty kind of guy.

  20. Quad core / Dual core…I couldn’t care less about the difference in raw computing power. Its going to run all the apps I want it to either way. What I am interested in was that I thought the quad core chips were more battery efficient and that means something to me.

  21. I guess they were right…the SGS3 will just be an upgraded SGS2.  

  22. Everyone here’s all tangled up with the S4 vs Exynos debate, but ya’ll missing the point: IT’S A MOTHER*******G Galaxy S3 ON VERIZON!!!!!!!!!


  23. Galaxy s 3 as weak as a one s meh

    1. except.. for the micro sd slot, removable battery(probably) , 720p screen..

      gs3 is still a win

  24. Can someone explain to me what a “User Agent Profile” and what, if anything, this may say about the release window for the US Galaxy S3 variant?

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