LG to focus Android efforts, no plans for future Windows Phone handsets


Windows Phone has had its share of ups and downs as the operating system struggles to gain a foothold in a smartphone market dominated by iOS and Android devices. It is this dominance that has LG backing away from Microsoft’s mobile OS in order to refocus efforts on Android development. Speaking to the Korea Herald, an LG spokesperson said, “the total unit of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure.”

LG hasn’t necessarily experienced smooth sailing on the smartphone seas, but committing to a single operating system should allow the company to get the most out of their mobile division. The Korean manufacturer showed off a number of new handsets at this year’s Mobile World Congress but has yet to make the sort of global splash that competitors Samsung and HTC have enjoyed.

Did LG abandon Windows Phone too soon? The argument can surely be made. With a major backer in Nokia and a fair amount of positive buzz, Windows Phone might yet have its day in the sun. It’s just not today, and LG is making the safe and sure bet with Android.

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  1. “the total unit of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure.” 
    Ouch!  You hear that MSFT?  Your OS is meaningless.

  2. That’s a smart move by LG, why wasting money and time into something that just isn’t selling

    1. exactly, some businesses do actually have business acumen. not that we can say the same for Microsoft.

      1. Yes, because when the XBox 360 wasn’t selling, they should have bailed… Oh wait… I forgot… 3 years later and it’s the biggest selling game console. Don’t second guess Microsoft. They know how to sit at the bottom of the pool until they come up with a winner. 

  3. It’s disappointing because I’d like to see more competition from windows phone.  I love Android, but good competitors will only help.  I was really sad to see webOS go, and Windows Phone now seems like the only viable alternative.  That said, LG isn’t in a very strong position in the Android market, and focusing all their energy may help them create more interesting devices. 

    1. Well said. I want Android (and other OS’s) to get better so we consumers have more choice, of better quality. 

      I think LG decided to go with the OS that they found was most profitable in the end. Also, it may well have to do with the fact that Android lets them have more control as evidenced by their recent ‘LG Cloud’ announcement. I don’t think that would be allowed on WP7.

  4. I think it’s in every manufacturer’s best interest to produce at least 1 Windows device, to provide customers with an option and to position themselves better in the event Windows 8 takes off.  The integration between desktops and mobile devices in Windows 8 is rumored to be spectacular.

    1. Maybe manufacturers don’t like two simple words: “proprietary system”. The world is changing….wake up!!!

    2. Why? Do you think that they need to learn the lesson of how to lose money?

  5. I think I hear tapping in the distance. Sounds like a nail being driven into a coffin. 

  6. Us OG windows mobile guys remember when we TOLD microsoft! petitioned microsoft and did all kind of things to get them to take mobile seriously. o well!

  7. It’s what, close to two years since WP7 first hit the scene and it’s gone downhill since.  It’s time for MS to get a grip on reality and make some serious changes, integration with tablets isn’t going to save this train wreck, nor is Nokia.

    It’s essentially a two horse race, Android and iOS.  Our only hope is BB can get some traction with their new update, but doubtful anyone outside of RIM is holding their breath on that.  Two horses makes for one boring race.

    1.  lol….some ppl keep saying its brand new…you are right, its been close to 2 years since it launched.

      But…there was an article about it getting 1% market share for something…lol. Hey, its better than nothing.

      And ppl keep talking about it being a brand new product….its not the same as  iOS and Android. They both are really brand new. MS has been doing mobile OS’s for many, many years before them 2.

      Although Apple did have tablets and PDA’s from years ago…but they didnt do too well.

  8. “Buzz” has not successfully translated into actual sales worldwide.  Sure, WinMo looks cool, but I won’t buy a smartphone with three year old specs and no apps.  This is the same reason why I never bought a webOS phone.

  9. Next up: Samsung and HTC. 

  10. I think things might change when Apollo Windows 8 comes out this fall. Where Windows fails is lack of App choices. 

  11. Amazing how some people are still defending Windows Phone.Nokia isn’t doing any better with WP either so why trash LG for trying to focus on Android more.All this crap I hear about WP8 is a game changer and yet that was the same crap I kept hearing when WP7 was released and look where it is.And didn’t AT&T commented on how they where going to do mass marketing for the Lumin 900? and yet I have not seen any type of  “mass marketing”  for the Lumia 900 from AT&T.So why predict WP8 will be a game changer before it’s even released.Just wait until it’s available and then will see if WP8 will or will not go the same road as WP7 did.

  12. I like competition and it does spur innovation….

    At the same time, as a company, why waste time and money on something that isnt making you any real money? I got a feeling if the next few years dont see WP7 growing, selling they way they want, MS might wanna start thinking about doing the same thing….

  13. @ Tim Bennett: I think your right. At least offer 1 device. Maybe, just maybe the new BB10 will appeal to consumers. Doesn’t seem as though we’ll know much of anything about BB10 for another 5mo’s or so though!

  14. I was hoping for windows phone to succeed. I am using Windows 8 on my PC waiting for when Windows 8 on PC, tablet and phone all come together. I think that would be great to have all of my linked together by the same OS.

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