CyanogenMod 9 makes its way to the HTC One X


Arguably the best custom Android ROM has made its way to arguably one of the best Android handset with a build of CyanogenMod 9 reaching the HTC One X. The early take on CM9 for the HTC flagship phone surfaced over at the MoDaCo forums and is a relatively complete build offering a stock Android 4.0 alternative to the One X’s Sense 4.0. In its current state the ROM does not support the handset’s camera or mobile hotspot functionality, which should keep most from using it as their default choice until a little more work is done (the One X’s camera, after all, is one of its biggest selling points). But for those interested in getting a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich on a quad-core handset, this is the ticket.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Of course if you want a ‘taste of Ice Cream Sandwich on a quad-core handset’ you could just leave it stock…

    1. haha thats what i was thinking..maybe he just meant AOSP ICS

      1. Arguably

        1. LOL.  Who knows what he meant.  I’ve all but given up reading anything but the headlines on this site, the details are almost always effed up.  At least this “article” didn’t end with the ubiquitous “what do you guys think?”.

          1. if you don’t read the articles and obviously think its all rubbish than why do you bother posting mate? just go else where for your android news. 

          2. I do.

    2. Leave it stock where its ICS AND the camera works.   Geez; if you’re gonna cut and paste “articles” at least read them first to see if they make sense.

  2. Crazy how no camera works on CM9, but MIUI has fully working camera and hotspot.

    1. ICS MIUI has fully working cam? (what device)

      1. The one in the article lol. HTC One X

      2. nexus s as well. and gnex. and htc desire hd. 

    2. The HTC Sensation has a working camera on CM9, but then it has an official ICS release to work with.

  3. Can’t wait for ASOP on the galaxy nexus ;-)

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