T-Mobile’s HTC One S experiencing poor battery performance during WiFi calling, patch inbound


There has been little chatter among early adopters in regards to battery performance issues with the HTC One S, but that isn’t stopping T-Mobile and HTC. The pair is pre-emptively prepping an update for the newly released handset that should address excessive battery drain occurring during WiFi calling.

WiFi calling is one of the few unique features T-Mobile has to entice customers considering their carrier options, so addressing any possible drawbacks to the service is high on the totem pole. There is no expected delivery date for the patch, but given the expediency shown in jumping on top of the reported issue we expect it won’t be too long.

[T-Mobile via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Nice to know HTC tested these phones for a valid amount of time before releasing them into the wild. No problems about these HTC One’s have been reported on this site before…

    1. I know, just like every other single phone it’s perfect…

      1. Nearly every other phone thus far seems perfect compared to this. Problems with the screen, flicker issues, freeze issues, and now this battery issue.

        1. You need to own more phones then.

          1. I’ve owned 3 different smart phones. All very well received by ctitics. Maybe its just me. Maybe I’m just smart enough to know what to buy. I said “nearly every phone” because, while plenty of others have their own problems, a lot of them don’t seem as wide scaled as the HTC One’s.

            The only other one I can think of is the iPhone 4, where you couldn’t even make a successful, simple phone call if you held it the wrong way (seriously, that problem just took the biscuit).

          2. iPhone 4 had problems, 4s, the original galaxy (gps), verizon galaxy nexus had signal problems, and I could go on. When you buy a phone right when it comes out, you’ll get problems. JamesS was right, you need to try more phones then, 3 isn’t much.

          3. wifi calling is a t-mobile issue not htc one, this is one of the app of t-mobile, stop your dumbass trolling. You don’t even own the phone so why are talking like you know what the issue are.

          4. Its a HTC issue in my eyes. It doesn’t seem to have enough power left over amongst tasks to carry out Wifi calling for T-Mobile.

            Quote: “You don’t even own the phone so why are talking like you know what the issue are.”

            Maybe its because these issues are brought to us by various Android websites. I don’t know. Just a guess…

            P.S Basic grammar goes a long way. I’m not one of those grammar police or anything, but both of your sentences didn’t make sense until I read through it a second time.

          5. Ah, and I have just learned that one of the HTC One’s now has some sort of voice mail notification problem…

            Its the simple things you’d think would have been fixed before it was released.

  2. My One S has been running on battery power for almost 3 hours, but it’s at 64% (started out at 100%). Granted, I’ve used it frequently over the past couple of hours. Should I be concerned, or is this normal?

    1. Im guessing since its brand new you’ve been using it pretty much the whole time for 3 hours straight. I would consider that pretty good battery life.

  3. If you buy a HTC phone go ahead and buy a extended battery or wait and they will send you one…LOL, everyone that I know that has a HTC phone bitches about how the phone battery sucks, I am on 4g where I am and as I type this my phone’s battery is on 51% and that’s since 5am, some at work either carries an extra battery, charger or has the extended battery on their HTC phone which in my opinion takes away from the phones looks with that hump on the back

    1. My old G2 with the proper radios had a day and a half of battery life even with heavy use.

    2. The battery life on my Droid Eris is fine, and it has a 2+ year old (standard sized) battery.

    3. The new htc phones have worked on battery life. And like all new phones, things are still being ironed out. The LTE One X has been great with battery life for example.

  4. Ya will c when that update comes just like ics is coming who knows when that is. tmobile sucks when it comes to updates so dont keep ur hopes up. Tmobile will have buy a new phone before they put out any updates.

    1. The first sentence is almost unreadable. Are you being sarcastic about ICS also being promised?

      1.  I understand gibberish and nonsense.. Allow me to translate the first sentence.

        “Ya, we’ll see when that update will come out… It’s going to end up just like the Android 4.0 updates that are supposed to be coming to the rest of the phones… who knows when that will be…”

        You’re welcome.

      2. Your first sentence had me lmfao!!!!!

  5. So many phones have problems when they get released, it’s the nature of the game at this point. Even the iPhone 4s people freak over had issues, yellow screen and poor battery life that needed an update. 

  6. This explains it… I have been receiving really bad battery performance… ok about the same as my old Motorola Defy but no where near what others are getting. Today I just competed almost 50% tower and 50% wifi calling (enabled) and my phone lasted about 12 hours with 14% left. 

    According to posts here, and major reviews, I should be getting darn near twice that much. Some claim to be getting 12 hours by the time they hit 40% 

  7. here’s the support page from tmobile addressing the battery drain while using wifi calling: 

  8. ATTFail was gonna axe wifi calling too. Its a great feature and very useful. Viva TMobile!

  9. poor battery… which htc arent? 

    1. Exactly and they used what 1800? On their latest One series? With no battery door? Suicide

  10. news flash for anyone that has ever owned an HTC phone.  The battery life is pitiful. Better hope they come out with at least a 2700mAh soon. 

    1. News flash, many Evo 3D and Evo Shift owners have had great battery life. Probably other models as well.

      Opinions don’t trump facts..

    2. I’ve had my htc one s since last friday. I’m a heavy user (3~4 hours of screen on time!) and I still get around 10 hours of battery life. 

      1. 10 hours isnt good. Especially since its supposed to get 9 hours of continuous video playback.

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