Software update in the works for reported Sprint Galaxy Nexus connectivity issues


The Sprint Community forums have been receiving complaints of connectivity issues with the recently released Samsung Galaxy Nexus — aside from the fact that no 4G LTE network currently exists for the device to connect to, that is. Users are reporting that the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint is having a hard time acquiring a connection to the carrier’s 3G data services. Some have returned their device to be issued a replacement, but others have been turned away as a software fix is apparently in the works.

A moderator on the forum says that Sprint and Samsung “are trying really hard to get [the update] released early next week,” but could not commit to an official date.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. It’s about [moderated] time. This week has been especially bad regarding connections!

  2. Sprint, smh.

    1. The Verizon G-Nex had connection issues too.

      Should be Samsung smh

      1. Maybe a CDMA issue??? Has the GSM one had them also?

        1. 4.0.4 caused some signal issues (which have since been fixed I think), but I don’t think there has been long term issues.   The Verizon version has software issues to “fix” some connectivity issues but it definitely seems that it is a hardware issue.

  3. I have a Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch that is always losing connections.  I can’t seem to stay connected and when I am I would be better on dial-up than my Sprint 3G.  Any advise on this too?  Please help.. i’m dragging………

    1. Yeah my gf has that phone and I agree, sprint 3g is slower than dial up.So slow. And we are in Houston, full bars. I hope its not an indication of what their lte will be like

    2. Switch. Carriers. 

  4. Haha! Sprint Gnex owners get a taste of what vzw Gnex owners have lived with for the last 6 months.

    1. Holy crap, really?

    2. Yea but their geting a fix, and were not soooooo….. hmmmm yeaaaa

    3. Only been out for four months. Mine works just fine.

      1. I’ve only read the first half of the comments and I have see you post this repeatedly. 
        why do you keep posting the same thing over and over again?

        1. The same reason people keep posting the same Verizon BS over and over…

          1. you must be what? 12? I cant imagine a sane adult acting as immature as you have… unless you’re just going to great lengths to be a troll.

          2. So, I’m a troll for trying to get a bunch of drama queens to stop trashing every thread about their update. This is an article about Sprint’s Nexus. It is beyond me why people with the Verizon Nexus want to crash it with their bitc*ing

          3. Let it go. :)

          4. Nahhh : )

          5. lol. So, you’re going around sticking up for VZ? Do you really think that VZ gives a crap about you? I sure hope they are paying you well for you extensive efforts of sticking up for them. lol

  5. Isn’t this a theme with samsung phones?

    1. Yes it is

  6. Really? Are you sure you guys arent looking for the LTE that isnt even turned on yet….It sucks to be a owner of Sprint Gnex

  7. What i want to know is wtf is verizon doing ? I mean realy they have had their phone for like 4 days and their already geting the connection issue fixed on top of having 4.0.4 while we have had the nexus for nearly 6 months and none of those problems are solved.

    1. 4 months. Mine works just fine.

    2. My phone works fine also bro.Had my Nexus since day one on VZW but I will admit when I first got it I had problems connecting to 4G but it went away and now my phone connects just fine. I am disappointed how Verizon has yet to update to 4.0.4 or .5 or whatever the latest one is. 

  8. Funny they can get a fix out for sprint but not VZW and we been waiting 5 months

    1. Only been out for 4 months. They connect just fine. Sprint’s won’t connect at all.

      1. He rounded up 2 weeks, you rounded down 2 weeks…. how lame of a correction is that?

  9. Seriously though, you guys want to start a petition or something so verizon recognizes the issue cause at this point i think they forgot all about us.
    Edit : What should i title the petition?
    Edit dos : forget it i have to write a fricken description >.>

    1. Verizon Nexus phones connect just fine.

      1. at times yes but other times it drops connection randomly

        1. Mine never drops connection.

      2. ok guy we get it yours works fine other peoples dont. my spint Galaxy Nexus has no issues but some others do. 

        1. That’s my point. Not all phones are affected.

          1. nobody said all were so do u have to comment that yours works fine everytime someone says theres isnt cuz thats what ur doin phriend

          2. And everybody comments that it’s an awful phone, because a few are having issues. The whining gets old.

          3. If people want to share their common experience, why not let them do that in peace?

            A campaign to answer to every problem post with a reply that you’ve had yours for 4 months without issue helps no one, honestly.

            It doesn’t matter how many people are getting good results to the community having valid problems.

            And lots of folks have had issues on Verizon. It’s not a sin to just come out and say it – all of the phone makers, regardless of brand or OS, really need to step up the game in QA. The makers find it cheaper to ship defective units and replace them than to step up QA. Meanwhile, carriers find no advantage in handling returns. The consumer is left stuck in the middle.

            How about we come together and defend consumers, because that’s all of us, rather than defend Samsung, HTC, Moto, etc etc?? ;) :)

          4. Bitc*hing about it on every thread isn’t sharing experiences, it’s trolling.

          5. I never said it was an awful phone im just saying they should fix the buggz

  10. Ive had cell phones since 1991….galaxy nexus is the WORST one and last one i ever own

    1. im pretty sure its a lot better than my palm pre, or any of my nextel phones lol

  11. A newer build already leak (FD01) but the build was done April 01 so it may not be the final update

  12. Typing this on my GSM Galaxy Nexus on AT&T and I have experienced zero connectivity issues. Must be a CDMA issue.

    1. I’ve experienced zero issues on my CDMA/LTE VZW GN. Must be faulty device issues.

      1. Man…..
        Why are you trolling people that say they are having problems citing that you not having one.

        Why not just let it go?

        1.  He does the same thing on droid-life

      2. Verizons LTE network goes down every other month.

        1. 1. It hasn’t gone down since January. 2. That has nothing to do with the phone.

          1. Oh really? 10 seconds to google it says otherwise.

          2. 1. That was sporadic. 2. You missed number 2 earlier. So, I’ll give it a number 3. Verizon outages have nothing to do with the connectivity issues some experience on their Nexus.

          3. Please stop arguing for its own sake. You said one thing, it’s been rebutted, it’s done.

    2.  No its a sprint issue there network blows.

  13. battery life on mine sucks…anyone else have the problem

  14. I have the Verizon galaxy nexus and the rezound. The nexus is a very nice phone but the signal on that is much weaker than the rezound. I always use my rezound and I get 4g everywhere even my break room at work. Hopefully they issue some kinda fix to the nexus but it seems for some reason the cdma nexus have that issue. When I had the droid charge last year it had great signal so can’t be all Samsung CDMA but maybe most.

  15. Also battery life even with extended battery on galaxy nexus kinda sucks. But rooting has helped.

    1. does it suck just on 4g or does it suck even when data is turned off

      1. There is no 4G yet for the Sprint version.  But it kills the battery on VZW LTE.

  16. guys there is a major VZW issue concerning Reception. If you don’t believe me take a cruise through the forums here on phandroid. Of course not everyone is affected by it. I know several people personally that have no issues at all. However i would say it’s almost a 50/50 split between the people that do and the ones that don’t. Hopefully a fix will come soon. 

    1.  Not according to Tim242, because he has no issues so everyone who reports having issues is just trolling or bitching according to him.

  17. Interesting.  The Nexus S 4G and Galaxy S had gps lock issues, and my Nexus S 4G doesn’t pick up signal as well as my wife’s og EVO.  I like Sammy’s phones, but this seems to be a recurring issue with some Sammy devices.   I hope they get it resolved.

  18. I would be the first to complain if i had issues ‘actually i would take the phone back’  But no issues on Sprint Nexus or Epic Touch.  Epic touch did have LOS when i rooted it the first week it came out.  But went back to stock for a while.  Now both phones are rooted. Signal bar shows one bar or sometimes none at all but both make calls without issues and 3g works fine  “that’s my story”   But understand the people who continue to have issues….That must suck. 

    1. i have the epic touch and just switched to sprint.  my 3g sucks.  so slow.  i would be better in dial up.  you have any issues with this?  any suggestions or advise?

      1. Sprint is upgrading its network to end that problem. Call them and complain, find out when the Network Vision upgrade is coming for you.

      2. If you’re in one of the cities in the link below, your slow data issues should be coming to an end in the near future.


  19. Worst failure in android history…gnex….

  20. This is bad mojo. They should have let LG make the Nexus 3. Now Google is being haunted. I can imagine LG coming out with this…  bump that!! Motorola should have made the Nexus 3. The next Nexus should be a Moto phone with a QWERTY keyboard. I’d cry.

  21. No issues here in utah , i know i get slow 3G speeds but enough for streaming HQ music from Google Play 8 hours a day at my job and around 45 mins of Netflix during lunch and still get almost 50 % of battery life …I’m loving my GNexus and cant wait for some 4G LTE speeds

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