Leak shows several Verizon devices will complete Ice Cream Sandwich testing in early/mid May


It seems we have an idea of where some Verizon Wireless devices are in the process of receiving Android 4.0. A new leak has revealed dates for the conclusion of testing for the HTC Rezound and the Motorola DROID RAZR and its MAXX cousin. The former will complete testing on May 7th, while the latter two are scheduled for May 17th.

While these time frames may already account for the time needed for testing any unexpected bugs, these days could change at any time. Naturally we’d expect an OTA to come out shortly after testing is complete, but anything can happen.

As you can see in the image above, the Motorola XOOM 3G and 4G finished testing about a week ago, and its updates are being held waiting for Google’s green light. In related OTA news, the LG Revolution, HTC Rhyme, LG Spectrum, and DROID Bionic all have updates either in testing or on hold and ready to be rolled out, but these sit under a list different from the Ice Cream Sandwich list. Expect little more than bug fixing updates from those, for the time being. [via Reddit, thanks Kevin!]

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  1. how about… 4.0.4/5 for the fake galaxy nexus!!?!

    1. That will be arriving mid June……………………………………………………..2013  

  2. No Incredible 2 :(

  3. How about them ever giving the Galaxy Nexus an upgrade.  Competitors are launching their versions with 4.04 while VZW customers are stuck with the 4.02 that was available at launch.  It might not sound like a significant update, but when it’s been MONTHS with a couple nagging issues… random rebooting, spotty multi-touch support, horrendous battery life…  those issues have been addressed in 4.03/4.04.  But instead of having the issue dealt with because it’s been months, they happily ignore it and tout all the NEW devices that are getting ICS (probably 4.04 knowing them…)  So considering jumping carriers when my contract is up in a year and a half.  The level of support on my last three VZW phones has been crap.  I figured the Galaxy Nexus would SURELY get support.  Little did I know Google would say (immediately after launch) “Yeah, those CDMA drivers aren’t open source, we can’t distribute those… you’ll need to talk to VZW”  Grrr…

  4. When it come to Verizon updating their devices, all us customers are on the same boat too bad it has to be the titanic  

  5. They didn’t post the full update schedule on this article. The Incredible 2 has another update incoming b4 ics. Full article is in the Incredible 2 forums.

  6. Root your Verizon nexus and put 4.0.4 on it I recommend eclipse ROM with 007 kernel.

  7. Breakout??

  8. Sweet!  With ICS around the corner, I’d be satisfied with the Razr till next year.  Especially since it’s looking like the U.S. is getting shafted with a dual-core GS3.

    1. We don’t actually know that yet, i wouldn’t take rumors too literal. the device is being introduced next week, being as close as you are to a update i would wait just one more week to see whats what. 

  9. Rezound love please! Yeah we shall see…

    1. Hopefully!  But u know it’ll have bugs right??  I remember when my OG Evo got Gingerbread… That was a horrible experience!  Had to replace it twice and then finally I just decided to keep Froyo until I left Sprint!

  10. I said it before and ill say it again. i’m done with motorola when my contact is up. this long for a bionic ics update is absurd. as long as the iPhone 5 has a bigger screen, i’m outta here.

    1. Are you sure the bionic is even getting ICS ? I mean the droid 3 is a lot newer then the Bionic but not even that device is getting it

      1. It was announced at some point that the Bionic will be getting ICS.

        I personally abandoned the Bionic because I had horrible experiences with my first one and almost as bad with my replacement Bionic. If not having ICS is the complaint, then that phone’s last software update must have been like magic.

        1. Well i would prob bet it will happen around july considering the razr isnt geting ics till end of may and that phone is top priority for the update

        2. Yup I sent that shit right back to Amazon and told them to send me the Rezound.  Thank God they have a 30 return policy instead of 15.

    2. I am so with you.
      They have jerked Bionic users around.. I will never buy Motorola again.

  11. one answer for the galaxy nexus on verizon… “root” But i agree that you shouldnt have to.

    1. Rooting isn’t technically the problem, most ROM’s out there actually cause more bugs then they fix for the CDMA Nexus like phone reception and for me personally using my phone as an actual phone is more important then a faster screen rotation or smoother web browsing. I as a customer shouldn’t have to chose between which bugs i like more or which ones i can live with.

  12. Ya nice to see the nexus will finally get its update….. oh wait you mean it won’t? It can’t be that hard for them to go from 4.0.4 when it is already running 4.0.2 . Verizon really is terrible with this sort of thing

    1. They test things into oblivion for quality assurance (supposedly). 4.0.2 to 4.0.4 is probably almost as long of a testing process as 2.3.6 to 4.0. 

      The Samsung Fascinate demonstrated to me just how long Verizon will hold a completed update and prevent it from going out to users.

  13. Me and my Atrix are patiently waiting…

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