Show your love for Android with this ridiculous hoodie


New in the Google Store (not the Google Play Store, that’s the Galaxy Nexus) is this $50 hoodie that will let folks know from a mile away how much you really dig Android. It’s green and fuzzy, but the giveaway is a set of antenna and eyeballs atop the hood, placing your head somewhere in the gaping mouth of the mobile operating system’s mascot. We never said it would make you look cool.

Quantities appear to be pretty limited so you will want to jump on this one now if wearing the pelt of an Android is your sort of thing.

[via Google Store | Thanks, Jason!]

Kevin Krause
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  1. sorry bro but that’s kinda douchewear.  It’s something someone who watches UFC would wear.

    1. What, no. Those guys have Blackberries.

      1.  nailed that… I never even thought about it.

    2. Slammin the ol UFC? C’mon man, WWE is the real joke. UFC is 30x better than that.

      1. Professional wrestling is a form of art! It’s still real to me, dammit.

        1. Professional wrestling is the sport for people who find the rules of NASCAR too confusing. 

          1. Yea how many lefts do they have to make before those people understand

  2. But I might get shot wearing that hoodie! And not by a racist neighborhood watch guy, but by an enraged iFan! :)

    (and, btw, no, I’m not the “Jason” who sent this in)

    1. run in the apple store, they’ll call in the SWAT

  3. awesome hoodie hahhaaha, Stacy’s comment seems like a spam msg

  4. That hoodie might look good on me if I was a small asian girl. 

  5. Shrek?

  6. If it was a little better fitted I would so buy it

  7. You can be a dork, but do you really need to advertise it?

    1. yes! :D  and i totally bought one.  to be fair, it helps being a 5’0″ girl to pull it off ;)

    1. Go ahead. $51.75 and it’s yours

  8. FUGLY

  9. Looks like shrek

  10. I really personally think you should drop the hoodie shit um everybody in this country is sick and tired of hearing about ray vaughn martin and his damn hoodie thank you this crap is really on isley getting really old

    1. what is this I don’t even

      1.  I just accidentally all over the place…

  11. I love Android, but that’s not something I would want to wear :P

  12. They gave these away at SXSW. I think my wife has one.

  13. It looks like that green telitubbie more than anything else

  14. That shit is hideous, couldnt pay me to wear it 0_O

  15. I do have a bunch of tees, purchased after Phandroid posts (Andy Exploded and Wrong Droid) and some I bought directly from Google store, all to show off my Android support.
    This POS isn’t even funny. I think iPhans would buy it a lot for the next Halloween, just to ridicule us.

  16. I wanna see Chris wearing a blue version of this, trying to mimic that unnatural wink of Phandroid’s.

    1. He can’t do this… it breaks his hair contract.

  17. damn, that’s $51.75 too much…

  18. I really only want one so I can walk around apple stores and the apple head quarters in it

    1. Would be perfect for an interview at Apple.

  19. No. Just no.

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