Apr 24th, 2012

In an unexpected Vince Russo-like swerve, it appears Google have rebooted their device sales ambitions. The Android team have just announced that the Galaxy Nexus is available for sale on the Google Play Store.Wait, what?

Never mind the fact that the device, which comes unlocked for use on both AT&T and T-Mobile, comes at a very attractive price point of $400 (though we’re still very excited about that) — we’re excited that Google’s taking another chance with this online store thing.

Google’s failed experiment with the Nexus One and google.com/phone seems to have taught them some lessons and inspired them to do better. Google Play Store appears to be the perfect platform to reintroduce this sales model.

While it failed once, we have a feeling Google will keep it around for the long haul this time. Selling devices for carriers probably proved to be a huge pain, logistics wise. With unlocked models only, Google doesn’t have to deal with the carrier.

Google also had problems with customer support the first time around. Considering the Google Play Store now has a 24 hour customer support telephone number, it appears they fixed those issues up, as well.

And the Galaxy Nexus will probably be joined by another device soon. This would be the perfect platform to offer the “Nexus tablet” that we’re all expecting Google and ASUS to bring. While many may prefer the brick and mortar experience, there’s nothing like getting a device straight from the horse’s mouth.

Without a middle man to worry about, this may have very positive effects on the cost of devices. We may already be seeing those positive effects with the amazing $400 price tag of the Galaxy Nexus, and Google’s alleged $200-$250 price range aspirations for their tablet will be even easier to fulfill.

This is probably the best deal you’re going to find on a Galaxy Nexus this year if there are no on-contract options available to you. T-Mobile and AT&T customers who want this device will want to head to the Google Play Store right away. Note that this is the 16GB quad-band version with HSPA+ 21 radios. Unfortunately this service is US only, at the moment.

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