Google now selling devices on Google Play Store; Galaxy Nexus first to bat for $400


In an unexpected Vince Russo-like swerve, it appears Google have rebooted their device sales ambitions. The Android team have just announced that the Galaxy Nexus is available for sale on the Google Play Store.Wait, what?

Never mind the fact that the device, which comes unlocked for use on both AT&T and T-Mobile, comes at a very attractive price point of $400 (though we’re still very excited about that) — we’re excited that Google’s taking another chance with this online store thing.

Google’s failed experiment with the Nexus One and google.com/phone seems to have taught them some lessons and inspired them to do better. Google Play Store appears to be the perfect platform to reintroduce this sales model.

While it failed once, we have a feeling Google will keep it around for the long haul this time. Selling devices for carriers probably proved to be a huge pain, logistics wise. With unlocked models only, Google doesn’t have to deal with the carrier.

Google also had problems with customer support the first time around. Considering the Google Play Store now has a 24 hour customer support telephone number, it appears they fixed those issues up, as well.

And the Galaxy Nexus will probably be joined by another device soon. This would be the perfect platform to offer the “Nexus tablet” that we’re all expecting Google and ASUS to bring. While many may prefer the brick and mortar experience, there’s nothing like getting a device straight from the horse’s mouth.

Without a middle man to worry about, this may have very positive effects on the cost of devices. We may already be seeing those positive effects with the amazing $400 price tag of the Galaxy Nexus, and Google’s alleged $200-$250 price range aspirations for their tablet will be even easier to fulfill.

This is probably the best deal you’re going to find on a Galaxy Nexus this year if there are no on-contract options available to you. T-Mobile and AT&T customers who want this device will want to head to the Google Play Store right away. Note that this is the 16GB quad-band version with HSPA+ 21 radios. Unfortunately this service is US only, at the moment.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I would have been spending my $400 right now if it was available for Verizon.

    1. I would have seriously considered this phone if S3 wasn’t on the horizon.  To those who did purchase this phone what was your justification in light of S3’s imminent arrival?

      1. Maybe the fact that it hasn’t even officially been announced yet. Then there’s a few months to after announcement before EU release, and then historically we have eight months before it comes to the US.

        1. Thanks for the reply.  I really hope it’s not that same 8 or whatever month cycle before it gets to US carriers.  May 3rd is right around the corner so i’ll keep my fingers crossed.  Thanks!

      2. $400 is the price for a mid-range phone. The S3 will be around $700 at launch like the S2 and Nexus.

    2. I would have jumped at it if it would work on Verizon.  I’m getting tired of my Thunderbolt and have no upgrade available on any of my lines till October.

  2. Now that Sprint is launching LTE would this device be able to run on Sprint LTE? Is Google going to launch other models if not, or is it because Sprint and Verizon already have the nexus that they wanted a tmobile ATT version?

    1. This is just a GSM version, no LTE radio included. So, to answer, no dice on Sprint.

      1. But it has HSPA+ which is uberfast on Tmobile. I don’t care what you call it, 20Mbps in NYC is faster than most peoples home internet.

    2. Sprint and Verizon use proprietary CDMA technology. This device isn’t LTE enabled and can not work with Sprint or Verizon as it’s not CDMA. They are compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile because their networks use worldwide GSM standard.

      1. Why every carrier doesn’t use worldwide GSM standard at least for 3G is beyond me.

      2. Isn’t LTE gsm tech?  Didn’t Verizon agree to open network as a condition of their last FCC bandwidth auction

        1. LTE is a gsm tech but Verizon and Sprints use CDMA and now LTE along with it. Verizon phones will not work on Sprint nor will Sprint phones on Verizon.

          AT&T use GSM and LTE which is tech still GSM and T-Mo uses straight GSM and their devices can be used on any GSM Network by mearly inserting a sim card.

          The open network agreement Verizon and AT&T agreed to or should I say being forced by the FCC, allows smaller competitors use their network for Internet Service.

  3. GSM Galaxy Nexus are penta-band… thus works well on both T-Mo and AT&T.

  4. Just bought it. Freaking awesome.

    1. Shipping notice went out last night!

  5. That is a crazy good price. I think if google could do that for all versions gsm and cdma for the next nexus and price it around this off contract they would get a lot of people to buy. I mean especially with verizon charging $299( well $200 now on contract)

  6. I just went to play store and realized that it says “Shop Devices” that means that there are more than one so that makes me think that the Nexus Tablet may be closer than we think!!!

    1. I changed my mind. I am getting this next week. 

  7. Hmm… This may get me to jump to AT&T

  8. Too bad it isn’t Sprint’s recently released CDMA version.  For that price I’d buy it on the spot even if it’s already “outdated”.

    1. It has unadulterated ICS with updates directly from Google. It will never be “outdated.”

      1. This is why I am confused by everyone who says “too late, I am waiting for X device..”, they seem to not really grasp that all those “other” phones are not long term support. We should think of the *Nexus* phones from Google to be like the Ubuntu LTS release every couple years. It will be supported much longer than these one-off phones with 20 models lined up after they are purchased. 

        I would say the only other manufacturer who puts out a device and really supports it is ASUS. I have the Transformer 1 and I just got another update 2 days ago. 

        I am pretty sold on getting this phone now I just have to figure out if Tmobile or ATT is the better option.

        Btw, for anyone else thinking of the Sprint or Verizon version. One huge thing that is unique to the GSM tech (TMO/ATT) vs CDMA (VER/SPR) is that if you use the phone as a hotspot and are dishing out data to other devices and get a call the CDMA phones will put your data connection on hold and the GSM will let you do both at one time. This is huge for me!!

  9. Wait….Does this device have a removable battery? 

  10. So, wait, for the same price or a little bit more I can get this off-contract with anyone? That is awesome Google! Pure win!

  11. Would this work with T-Mobile wifi calling?

    1. Not at the moment.

  12. Time to sell the Sensation!!

    1. Arrrgghhh!! You are making it hard for me not to follow you and get it!! 

  13. Woo hoo! Bought! While I’m not big on the no microSD card slot, I think for that price off contract and being a Nexus device, I’ll just suck it up.

  14. Is this for desktop only? Can’t find on the store on my phone

  15. I really hope this shakes things up with the whole industry. Carriers should just be ISPs at this point in the game. Although they need LTE on these phones to really be a hit, but that can’t be too far off. 

  16. i wish they did this when the phone was released. i would much rather purchase directly from google than sign the verizon contract. i was happy with simple mobile. hopefully the sell it at launch with the next nexus. on a side note hurry up with the nexus tab i need a tablet already and can use a stock jellybean.

    1. Chuckles, I agree with you that this should have been available in November. I hope Google learned a lesson never to give a carrier an exclusive to a Nexus device.  I bought an import on Daily Steals for $572.

      I wish Google would have given us Americans the unlocked version in November when they released it internationally.  It was BS the way Verizon handled this device.  I am sure it would have been higher than $400, but considering Verizon was selling it on contract for $300 with a 2 year contract even $535 (price of original Nexus One) would have been fine too.

  17. Saw it earlier from the Horse’s facebook. After I peed my pants I got it.

  18. props for the vince russo comment lol! glad hes gone from tna

  19. This is sooo tempting. I still have my faithful Samsung Vibrant. Man oh man. What to do.

  20. I’m scared. If I read about this enough, I’m going to spend $400 on one of these Play Store devices!

  21. i’ve owned both the vibrant and currently the s2 for tmo. and honestly while i’m sure the s3 will be a great phone, waiting on updates is horrible. this is so tempting to be my next phone right now. 

  22.  More high-end phones should be this affordable. Hats off to Google for not overpricing the Galaxy Nexus.

  23. Time to sell my Nexus S and get this

  24. I would’ve jumped on this had they did this from the freaking start.
    Not anymore.

  25. Ugh why don’t they sell a CDMA version too

    1. You can get a CDMA version for Verizon or Sprint which also has twice the memory.  The reason they can sell GSM unlocked phones is that GSM carriers have to accept any GSM device.  You just pop a carrier SIM card and you are good to go.  You can’t do that with a CDMA device.

  26. why does it have the gingerbread status bar?  lol

  27. Google,,,,,come on start with Asian countries which are more conservative
    You have to think different sometimes to beat the big fish (APPLE)
    this is great idea of selling unlocked galaxy nexus on GOOGLE PLAY

  28. So, for those who are purchasing the unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus. 

    T-mobile or AT&T for coverage, dropped calls, voice quality? Has anyone used both?

    I would rather choose T-mobile just because I hear so much better things about them but I have to weigh all the factors.

  29. waiting for the Google Play 7″ tablet but will it only be available to U.S. customers?

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