Samsung Introduces UNPACKED 2012 App – Access Live Stream, Maps, Press Releases and Full Product Details



Anticipation for the Samsung Galaxy S III has just about reached its climax. And whether you’ll be attending or watching the unveiling event from home, Samsung Mobile has made it easier than to keep up with all the happenings from London with their new Unpacked 2012 app for Android devices.

If you’re one of the lucky few who will actually be on hand for the GS3 unveiling (and possibly other devices), you’ll find that Samsung has provided an event schedule to make sure you’re never late and a map to make sure you wont miss a single announcement when in London. For those of us playing along from home, the Unpacked app will let us watch all the festivities live from our Android device with press releases on anything and everything announced from the event. Pretty much an instant download for all you Samsung fiends out there as we countdown the days until Samsung Galaxy S III Day.

[Play Store Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Check the app description, it lists the Galaxy S 3.

  2. lol, looked at the reviews on play store, sammy [moderated] up again xD

  3. WHAT 2102! phones from the future are debuted early! WOOT

  4. Headline fail, 2102. Haha

    1. No, that’s the year that the SGS2 will get ICS.

      1.  parmalink :) 2102

  5. By some odd coincidence I happened to look this app up right before seeing this post… It doesn’t seem to work for anyone. I get an FC. A lot of people seem to be blaming it on the Nexus… It isn’t working on my Evo 3D either. Hopefully Samsung will fix this soon.

  6. why dl an app to waste some space… just wait for that day to come and the whole internet will broadcast that for u….. 

    1. In case you’re at work? Or dancin’ in da club? Disneyland? Who knows! Lol

  7. Ok, 2 things : the developer email address : [email protected] doesn`t look legit and the fact the app force closes on ICS devices. Thinking this is not legit fellas

    1. Google still allows anyone to create an app with any name AFAIK.

      “com.samsungmobile” in the name doesn’t guarantee where it came from.

      Just loaded it on my Galaxy Note running ICS Stunner ROM and it seems to work, more or less. Selecting the Teaser video crashes it though.

  8. It´s working fine here, Galaxy S i9000B with stock 2.3.3, all menus are working, but “Press Release”, “UNPACKED LiVE” and “New Product” shows a mesage that it will only be available on may 3rd.

    1. Working fine here on my SGS1 Captivate too. running ICS CM9.

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