Hidden Gem: Unofficial Google Music Desktop Player For Windows


If you’re a heavy Google Music user, having your tunes confined to your web browser may not always be ideal in every situation. But, did you know that that an unofficial application has actually been available for Windows 7 users for quite some time now? A DeviantArt user by the name of Vhanla is the man responsible for the unofficial Google Music desktop application and even though it hasn’t been updated since October, seems to be doing trick as-is. The app gives users the ability to access and control their music stored in Google’s cloud using either their multimedia keyboard, taskbar buttons or even a sidebar widget. Here’s some a list of the features:

  • A notification splashform
  • LastFM Scrobbling
  • Free RAM after song end
  • Uses Webkit Engine
  • Supports Multimedia Keys [PlayPause, Stop, Previous and Next]
  • Windows 7 Taskbar support [Buttons for: Play/Pause Previous and Next]
  • MiniPlayer
  • Metro UI Like with Aero Snap support (it was kinda difficult to make a windows’ form with Metro design like from scratch)
  • Since the music stored in Google Music online service is of our own, I added a download entry on popup menu to get back our music as mp3 download
  • Fixed bugs about popup window
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Updated WebKit engine

That’s pretty much all there is to it. If you want to give it a spin, you can download the program via the download link below, and if you want to keep up on development and/or send your thanks by way of a donation to the developer, hit up the source link to DeviantArt.

Download Google Music Desktop Player v1.5

[Deviant Art | Via Reddit]

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  1. i got the message, “your version of windows is too old” =[

    1. You know, it might be time to move up from Windows for Workgroups 3.11  … just sayin’

  2. It keeps wanting to install Flash Player, but I already have it installed.  I am running Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit.

    1. Same here.  Can’t get it working because it wants to install “Flash Player Plug-in”, but the plug-in won’t install.  I have Flash Player installed separately, though.  Weird.  Win7 Pro 64bit 

      1. go to get(dot)adobe(dot)com/flashplayer and “install flash player for other browsers”. The flash that you have installed is probably just the plug-in version for IE. You need the one for webkit.

  3. Works great. 

  4. woot! works great

  5. Don’t get it… It’s the website build in an app… Why is this better then a normal browser?

    1. So you can use keyboard shortcuts!

  6. nice.. but can we have an itunes-like program for google play?

    with videos,music,photos management and play store integration so we can buy directly from within the program.. we don’t need to get OS updates from it as that would be through the carriers or oem’s..

    no it’s not copying apple, it should be a generic type of program , yah? heh

  7. wait… so i put my music into google music from my pc and then use this play to play my music which original from the same pc…. 

    1. No. You upload it to Google Music from one PC and then stream it from your work PC. Your old Linux laptop. Your buddy’s Mac. Your phone. Your tablet. Eventually you use your phone to control streaming to your Android@Home system. 

      I recently got the car dock for my SGS1 and I dock my phone to stream my Google Music in my car since it scans all my folders and auto uploads. My Google Music is always my latest music where as I would have to take my USB stick out of my car and add new music to it or burn a CD.

      1. everything u said will never happen on my end. :/ 

  8. Awesome! This has been a great improvement! Thank you! As my work allows me to become much more better.html5 music player,html5 music player.html5 music player,Thank you for your continuous upgrades and improvements.

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